29 Jun 2001

Mailbag by J.J.

Not gay gay

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Before I start this mailbag, let me make a follow up to one of MEGAߥTE's questions. Someone wanted to know if the X-box really did crash during an E3 demo. Well, as several (one) astute viewers pointed out, this did in fact happen. In front of a huge audience, the machine broke down, and instead of showing the intended footage, broadcasted a huge image of Bill Gates with a big arrow pointing to him that said "Satan."

Microsoft is still trying to frantically recover from this PR nightmare.

    Hey TMK, great site blah blah and all that, question time:

    1. My freind said that baby mario appears in a secret level in Super Mario World, is this true? and if so, can I see a screen shot or instructions on how to find him?

    2. I've seen Link in SMRPG, and its cool, but how do you see the Samus cameo?

    3.I saw this freaky movie at (your affiliate, actually) It was an SSB Melee video. It featured a character info screen, it had about 20 characters, like Dixey Kong, Kiddy Kong, Paper Mario, the SMK Go-Kart, Kid Icarus, Rick the hamster, Meta Knight, King DeDeDe, King K.Rool, Goomba, and Koopa Troopa!!! Whats up with that? from what I see I am going to LOVE THIS GAME!!

    And while you are at Rainbow Resort, check out my Kirby flash movies in the Fan Movies section, what do you think? want me to make a TMK movie?

1. My friend says that he's the President of Northern Ireland, that doesn't make it true.

2. It's difficult. You more or less have to go to Peach's room sometime before visiting Star Hill. No one is exactly sure if this is 100% correct, however. It hasn't worked for me a few times. [Deezer's note: The SMRPG guides at are misleading. You can find Samus slumbering in Peach's room after you beat the second Belome, before you go to Nimbus Land.]

3. Sorry to burst your bubble of ignorance, but the things shown in that movie are not playable characters, but rather Nintendo memorablia that you can "buy" within the game to learn about Nintendo's past. In addition to your list, I spotted Raphael the Raven, Balloon Kid (from another long-forgotten NES title), some of the F-Zero vehicles and drivers, Waddle Dee, a Metroid, Plum from Mario Golf, Ridley, Misty, Stanley the Bugman, a driver from Excite Bike, The vehicle from Pokémon Snap, Andross (twice), and a couple characters that were too obscure for even me to identify.

PS- Your flash movie is very cute. Make one for TMK.

    Dear Mailbag,
    It's Someone From Australia again.
    1. Is there any point in picking up extra lives in super mario 64? This may sound like a dumb question but you can still return with the same amount of stars at the same pont in the game whether you die or get game over. The only difference is that when you get game over you end up going back to the title screen and return to your saved game again. But its exactly the same. I havent played the game for a while yet so i could be wrong but Ill ask anyway.
    2. Is it me, or do the computer players in Mario Kart 64 cheat? No matter how good or how crap I am, they always catch up in moments. I really think this ruins the game completely for me.
    3. Is there are shortcut guide for Mario Kart 64 on your website? Because I cant find one anywhere. If not can you put one up? Thanks. 4. Why dont you put some reviews in for some older games not just the newer ones?
    5. I know asking you whats your favourite Mario game would be a boring and cliched question, so instead I would like to ask you whats your most hated Mario game? Surely theres got to be at least on game you dont like.
    Oh well thanks for listening to me waffle on.
    -Someone From Australia

J.J.: It's always nice to get mail from our many Australian fans. We all love Australians. Watch me make an Australian in-joke: "Is it just me, or do John Howard's eyebrows look like two dead Dingos covered in vegemite?"


1. For exactly the reasons you stated, there really is no point to getting extra lives in Mario 64. Yoshi's "gift" at the end of the game was a really stupid idea.

2. They do cheat to a certain degree in terms of catching up, but after playing the game long enough you'll develop cheating tricks of your own, such as...

3. ...shortcuts, a complete list of which can be found at -

4. Reviews take a long time to do, so there aren't many on this site, old game or otherwise.

5. I don't really hate any of the official, Nintendo Mario games, but I do hate most of the "fake" third-party edu-crapment titles (Mario is Missing, Mario's Preschool Fun, Mario Explains Communism, etc.)

    I have a interesting reference in Tenchi Universe! After Prince Yosho resurrects the Legendary Knights, Azaka & Kamadake, Kamadake and 10-year-old Princess Sasami play a Mortal Combat style game. And then it shows a front view of Sasami, and lo and behold, it's a Super Famicon! By the way, Sasami won. She played as Dorimi. And Mr. Face, what do you think about Tenchi Muyo!, Tenchi Universe, Shin Tenchi (Tenchi in Tokyo), and Pretty Sammy(The Magical Project 'S')? See ya!

Mr. Face say "These so-called 'Mario references' are getting more and more absract. MR. FACE NE-VER WRONG."

    Hi Whoever is answering this week,
    1) Do you think it is fair thaat there are so many characters from the Mario games? Mario, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, and maybe Luigi.
    2) Will Princess Zelda appear in the game in her princess form of her Shiek form? Thank you for your time.

1. Peach and Bowser have appeared in over 20 Nintendo games, so I guess it's only fair that they were included in Smash Bros.

2. She appears in both forms.

    Just wondering, but who made the staff member pictures that have been displayed in the most recent mailbags? I think they're nifty pics!

J.J.: They were drawn by a very talented and gifted artist.
Naw, actually I drew 'em.

    There are many theories about wario and waluigi. I'd just like to know what and who is waluigi. Are wario and waluigi related to the Mario bros. in anyway?

J.J.: Here is the Mario family tree:

    Mario's Parents
      /          \
    Mario    Luigi
Now here is the Wario family tree:
    Wario's Parents
      /            \
    Wario   Waluigi
The two trees are not connected in any way.

    Dear Mailbag answerers,
    I forgot something in my first letter. I used to own a super nitendo with SMW. When my sister moved to utah my parents made me give it to her since I had N64. I am now dieing to play that classic 2-D Mario game, but the ebay auctions are usually to expensive. Do you know of a place that sells SNES with SMW new or used for $20.00 or under

J.J.: Oh sure, just go to Pete's Pawn Shop at the corner of Hastings and Main. My dad's a friend of the owner, just say "Jake says 'hi'" and I'm sure Pete will give you a good deal.

    Dear Mailbag answerers,
    I love the site! In your opinion, what is the best mario game ever created? Since you are the experts I want to be sure I've played it. Also do you own all the Mario games for every system? Last of all, I know where mario's name came from, but where did nintendo get yoshi, luigi, peach, and bowser?

J.J.: Best Mario game ever? Paper Mario. I only own six Mario games, but Deezer owns almost all of 'em, except some of the stupider titles for the SNES.
"Luigi" was chosen because it's a generic Italian name, "Peach" was chosen because in Japan all the Mario characters are named after different foods, and "Bowser" was simply made up by NOA as a generic, mean-sounding monster name.

    The Javascript is cool. However, it takes a bit longer to load the page because I am a 56k user.

J.J.: Did you buy your modem in the Van Buren administration or what? Get with the times!

    Hey Deezer, JJ, SOMBODY! In the last mailbag Megabyte has disgraced Mr. Face by saying:

    " Mr. Face: Mr. Face is always right! "

    It is supposed to be:

    " Mr. Face: MR. FACE, NE-VER WRONG!!!


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