24 Aug 2001

Mailbag by Deezer

Shy guy

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    we've all heard of Super Mario but what about Super Kid? I have a 20 games in 1 cartridge for the NES that features MB and SMB1, but thats not what the game calls them. Instead they're Super Kid 1 (MB) and Super Kid 2 (SMB1) other than the title screen the games are exactly the same. I could get u the title screen shot if u haven't seen this already or if your actually thinking of adding it to the NES games page. (yeah right!)

Deezer: Yet another rip-off hack. I've also heard of Skate Kid... but I think that was just in the arcades.

    Will there be a Matrix game for Gamecube? If so will it be like the X-box version? Please respond.
    -Matrix Boy

Deezer: I was too busy wondering why you asked a Mario site this question to research this.

    Do you guys ever read Coro Coro Manga? They have the funniest Mario Manga, I can try and scan some pages if you like.

Deezer: I've heard of it, but I do not know where to get it. Scan away! Please. :) You could at least scan the covers for our Mario Mania section...

    In Friday 17th's mailbag, 'Hirozaki' said that one of the Zoras in Majora's Mask plays SMB3's Underwater level music.. that's not true. The Zora actually plays the original dungeon music from the first Zelda game!

Deezer: Thanks for the correction!

    Yo mailbag!

    1. I herd Sonic may be in super Smash Brothers Melee. Is that true?
    2. Sonic will be in one of the first releases for Gamecube. Some soccer game. How do you like that idea?
    3.How old are Luigi,Mario, and Bowser? And Princess Peach.

Deezer: Yo Nman202!

1. No.
2. I'm okay with it.
3. We can only guess. I'd say mid-30's for the bros. and late-20's for Peach. Bowser is probably one of those bad guys that turn out to be hundreds of years old.

    Did they ever bundle SMB w/ World Class Track Meet or Duck Hunt w/ World Class Track Meet? Or was that game only bundled with all 3 together?

Deezer: You could buy SMB, Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet separately. The only two combo cartridges they had for those three games were bundled with the NES system: SMB+DH (Challenge Set) and SMB+DH+WCTM (Power Set).

    I just started the eighth grade and was looking through my American History book and noticed that there was a picture of Super Mario Kart in it (page xvi). The name of the book is The American Nation. The publisher is Prentice Hall. The book has a copyright of 1995. I'll try to scan a picture of it in if you would like.

    Thank you for your time and love your site!
    -Mario Gaming Fanatic

Deezer: Scan it! Please. :)

    Why don't you guys ever update the links page, if you don't want to updtae it then you might as well delete it because it has so many broken links!

Deezer: I'm working on it...

    I just read a letter asking if there were anyother moves for Tanooki Mario. Well if you turn to a statue in mid-air you can easily crush most enemies with a hit the strength of the boot(and you don't have to worry about knocking the goomba out of it.
    -Sean Kelly

Deezer: You are correct, sir.

    Hey mailbag anwserer, I was watching tv, and saw this comercial fro what i thought was Mario Tennis. The commercial featured two kids playing Mario tennis at supper time. The mom had to carry the tv with the kids still playing to get them at the table. Then it turned out to be for spagetti or something.... Still, it was cool that Mario was in it!

Deezer: I hate commercials that fake you out like that. Still, I have to give them props for using Mario Tennis.

    Hi! First, some clarification: King Fret and Prince Pine (or is it King Pine and Prince Fret... No, its King Fret...) of Yoshi's Safari fame are NOT Princess Peach's relatives. King Fret is the King of Jewelry Land, far, far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. Pine is his son. Peach is no relation. Although, she says that they are 'friends'...
       The "Who is Princess Peach's Father" question remains unanswered. My theory is he died before the game "Super Mario Bros."

Deezer: First: You are right about King Fret and Prince Pine. I don't remember anyone saying they were related to Peach, though.

    Dearest TMK people, I guess I wrote a letter so nice you used it twice. Let's see if I can repeat the performance. First off, a reply to one of MEGAߥTE's comments about the Kid Icarus games. ("The second NES game was reportedly pulled because one of the enemies looked like a breast squirting milk") Are you serious? If so, using that same reasoning, shouldn't they ban the phallic pokemon, Diglet?
    Secondly, why are all the Mario Advance games remakes of old Mario games? I have played all the old Mario games to death. At one point I could beat any of them without dying once. They're great fun, but why can't we get some NEW Mario games? Are they just lazy and trying to make more profit off the same old stuff or what?
    And finally, that picture in [this] mailbag wasn't nearly as old as the one I have. However, I cannot reveal it in all it's glory because Dan has an even worse one of me.

Deezer: First off: Get your mind out of the gutter. ;)
Secondly: Preach on, sister! I prefer to think that they are lazy, and trying to make more profit off the same old stuff.
And finally: Bwa ha ha! True, true.

    I was just wondering if u new how to fix the bug that stops a few pics being displayed in super mario bros. deluxe's photo album if u have already done it?

    I can't seem to even erase the save data to do it again (Not that I really want to:))

Deezer: That glitch sucks. Call or e-mail Nintendo, and they'll fix your SMBDX cartridge for you (if they still do that).

We do not know of any way to delete the save data either...

    This isn't really a question, but the nintendo gamecube abbriviation is GCN, not NGC, I am not sure why, but that is just how it is. So you should probabally change that on the upcoming games list

Deezer: If people can get away with calling the Game Boy "Gameboy" or "GameBoy," we can use "NGC." ;)

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