31 Aug 2001

Mailbag by David Dayton

David Dayton

Got something you want us to answer next week? Send it to

    Something just came to me... Why does the Magic Mushroom look very simular to the Devil's Boulet( a poisonious Mushroom that kills anyone who eats)?

David Dayton: Uh oh. He's onto us...

    First of all, your site rocks! Second, why have the release dates for Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee been moved back to November 18? Has the launch date for the Gamecube itself been changed?

David Dayton: Yeah. The system was pushed back to the 18th. Sorry.

    Just to let you know,SSBM will not be a launch game and is scheduled to come out December 3rd.
    - Kurtanglefan200

David Dayton: Yeah, I heard that. Deezer hasn't, it appears...

    Hey TMK, great site! Anyway I'm a Waluigi fan and I've been to a lot of Mario sites but some of them make fun of Waluigi mostly because of his name. I think they should stop it! I don't think there's anything wrong with his name. Would you agree with me on this one?
    -Alexander MacMillan (Waluigi's #1 fan)

David Dayton: Of course I agree with you. We should make fun of Waluigi because he's ugly, has bad breath, and only appears in two games.

    Do you know if Nintendo is going to release anymore Mario games for the N64? Or possibly any Kirby or Link games for N64? 'Cause with all of the hype for Gamecube, I haven't heard about any (good) new releases for the 64...

David Dayton: I hate to say this, but I think the answer is no. The N64 is dead in Japan, and all but dead here. Nintendo will probably release at least two more games for it over the next year...maybe... but what those games are is anyone's guess. Dr. Mario appeared out of nowhere, so there is still hope.

    hello deeezer, d.d. megabyte or gay gay. this isn't really a question, but in the last mailbag you said, and i quote "bowser is probably one of those badguys that turn out to be hundreds of years old." wrongo! bowser was just learning to talk when the bros. were born, thus he would be around 31/32.

David Dayton: That's a good point, except that we don't know how old Bowser was in that game. Being a turtle dragon, he might have a very long life span (some land turtles can live more than a hundred years), but we don't really know. He did have the Koopa Kids sometime between the birth of the Mario Bros. and SMB3, and they looked older than he did in SMW2:YI, but it's tough to say.

    So you do this whole thing bout mario how bout give like a little page for luigi you know for respect.

David Dayton: Sure. You spell his name with a lower case "l" and ask for a page about Luigi, eh? Do you think we're made of pages?

    Are there going to be new Mario sports games coming out for the GameCube? I mean, I'm pretty sure they're gonna have Mario Golf 128, maybe a Mario Tennis 128, and a Mario Kart 128 (pardon all the 128s, but I don't know what else to call them). Maybe they'll debut a new Mario sport, like Mario Soccer, or Mario Volleyball or something? I don't know. Would you know if they have anything like that in the works?
    -The Doc

David Dayton: Mario Dodgeball is high on the wishlist of the Nintendorks (may their souls rest in peace), but nothing at all is confirmed yet. Camelot, the sports guys, are bigtime Nintendo developers now, and Mario Kart for the 'Cube has been promised, but all else is just wishful thinking. Now, Mario Party for the 'Cube might contain some sports minigames...

For anyone that cares, I've added my answers after each question in italics for this next message.

    I am disappointed that Nintendo rejected Squaresoft last January. There is a petition on the situation at The petition's address is I prefer the Final Fantasy series to the Mario series. My other all-time favorite game series are the Zelda series and Enix's Dragon Warrior (AKA Dragon Quest) series. I will buy a new TV, PS2, and FF10 as my first PS2 game next year. Here are some questions that I want you to answer:
    1. List my all-time favorite game series from most popular to least popular.
    Mario, Zelda, Super Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and others... I do like FF, though
    2. What are your all-time favorite games of
    a. Mario series -Super Mario Bros. 3
    b. Zelda series -Split between Majora's Mask and Link's Awakening
    c. Final Fantasy series -Final Fantasy 3 (aka FF6 in Japan)
    3. What are differences between Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior games? You may want to read (not Final Fantasy is a rip-off of the Dragon Warrior/Quest game, which came first? DW is more popular than FF in Japan?
    4. Which Zelda games have Mario references and vice versa? Check our cameos dept.
    5. a. Have you ever played a Dragon Warrior game? If yes, which ones did you play?DW1 and 2
    If no, do not answer 5b or 5c. b. Do you like the Dragon Warrior series? It's okay
    c. What are your all-time favorite Dragon Warrior games?I don't know. I didn't like it all that much
    6. Do Nobuo Uematsu and Koji Kondo know each other? Explain.Yeah. The both live in Japan and work in games... and those music concerts that Nintendo did must have helped them get to know each other
    7. What is your favorite character from?
    a. Mario series (My favorite one is Luigi) I agree
    b. Final Fantasy series (My favorite one is Kain Highwind) Hmm... the guy that throws cards in FF3/6?
    8. How did you react when Nintendo rejected Squaresoft?Gee, that seems foolish...
    9. a. What Mario games do you own?All but the Philips CD-I one.
    b. What Zelda games do you own?See question a
    c. What Dragon Warrior games do you own or have played?DW 1 and 2, and the GBC version
    d. What Final Fantasy games do you own?FF1,3/6, and 8
    10. If there was a Smash Stadium battle among a character from each of my all-time favorite game series (Mario, Zelda, Dragon Warrior, and Final Fantasy respectively), which character would win? The battle will be held in the Hyrule Castle stage. (For example, Mario vs. Link vs. Erdrick vs. Cecil.) Here are some clues: Mario is the fastest and has many moves. Link has the most weapons. Cecil Harvey (from Final Fantasy) has the highest strength, defense, and best equipment, but he is the slowest. Erdrick (from Dragon Warrior) is well balanced on equipment and is more powerful but slower than Link. Cecil has the longest sword, the best armor, and largest shield. I'll be Cecil and David Dayton will be Erdrick.Erdrick would win, because I would be playing him. Duh.
    I have been a Mario fan since the original SMB. I have been a Zelda fan since the original Legend of Zelda. I have been a Final Fantasy fan since Final Fantasy VI. I have been a Dragon Warrior fan since the US release of Dragon Warrior I. I laid off of Dragon Warrior until the Gameboy remake of Dragon Warrior I and II in 2000. My favorite Mario game is SMB3, especially the Super Mario All-Stars version. My favorite Zelda game is The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. My favorite Dragon Warrior game is Dragon Warrior II. My favorite Final Fantasy game (also my favorite video game) is Final Fantasy IV. There is a Final Fantasy reference in Super Mario RPG. Culex's Theme was originally the boss battle theme of Final Fantasy IV. When you defeat Culex, you will hear the victory fanfare from Final Fantasy.
    -Richard W. Hill

David Dayton: That was unique. Any other message that long goes into the trash bin.

And to finish this whole mess off....

    1. The first thing I ever tried to send to you guys was this dumb SM64 Luigi "code". Boy, that was ignorant. Well. Now I finally have something worthy to contribute. I think. I live in Tulsa, OK, and the Arkansas River flows right through, you know, down at Riverside Drive. Anyway, there are plumbing access pipes (I guess) encased in cement down there. They let people paint these sometime about 10 years ago, I guess, and this is painted on one of the shortest pipe enclosures. There are some of Mario enemies as well as Frog Mario, including: Cheep Cheep (I think), Jelectro, and a Lava Lotus. Then, there's some wood blocks and a pipe.

    2. You guys rock.
    3. Where are you located on the map? Up north somewhere?
    4. I was going to ask, "Where do you get your N64 ROMs?" but then I figured you probably wouldn't tell me. But if you will, where?
    5. Will Deezer ever put onto the site codes/bugs/tricks/whatevers I have sent? Have I sent them to the wrong place? I have another weird one: In SMW, if you touch an enemy when small and are on Yoshi eating it, you will die and Yoshi will fly off the screen with you. (Works best with Wigglers. You have to gain a lot of speed.) I have a Zsnes movie if you want to see in more detail what I am talking about. (Did that sound annoying?) That's it.

David Dayton: Hmm
1) Nice pic
2) Thanks.
3) I'm in California. Deezer is somewhere else, as are the rest of them. I don't keep track of them.
4) What N64 roms? All shots I got were taken with a video capture card.
5) Send codes to Deezer's e-mail, generally. This mail is for the mailbag questions...
Wow... no GameCube Zelda or Mario questions... I'm impressed.

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