11 Jan 2004

Mailbag by David Dayton
David Dayton
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Mailbag by Sapphira
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Mailbag by Lizard Dude
Lizard Dude
Mailbag by Deezer
Mailbag by MEGAߥTE
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Mushroom Boy
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    What happenend to the WTMK playlist? All it seems to play now is Yoshi's Safari, Mario No Super Picross and Super Mario Land 2, plus a couple of commercials. Where did all the other songs go?

    - Eternal Phoenix

David Dayton: It's a temporary playlist change. Every time we add new tracks to WTMK, we try to emphasize the new additions for a bit. The last batch of tunes were primarily from those games, so the playlist was modified to contain a random sampling of tunes from other Mario games and the entire soundtrack for each of those games. Don't worry, a new WTMK playlist is coming soon. Right, Deezer?

Sapphira: Do I look like Deezer to you? (I hope not...XD)

Chupperson: What's this? Another mailbag?

Lizard Dude: Zounds! I'll get to work immediately!

Deezer: So I hear there's another mailbag going on...

Mushroom Boy: *slaps everyone around a bit with a large trout*

    I love the mailbags. Any news from your place?
    I have the same doubt from Mario Golf 64: I can't unlock Metal Mario. How can I do it? My version is the Japanese one.
    What does [sic] means?

    - Ana Carolina Teruya

David Dayton: No real news here. How is life in Brazil? I'll let someone with more Mario Golf 64 experience than myself tackle the Metal Mario question... but I can tell you that [sic] means that a grammatical mistake in a message is there because it is a direct quote. In other words, if you see [sic] in a message sent to the mailbag, it's usually found right after a spelling mistake or grammatical error. It's just there to let you know that we aren't the ignorant ones.

Sapphira: Ooohh... Looks like David found his flirting buddy again... ;P BTW, [sic] stands for "spelling incorrect."

Chupperson: Apparently no one knows the answer to your question.

Lizard Dude: What is this golf stuff? Tennis all the way.

Deezer: Get all 108 Birdie Badges to unlock Metal Mario in Mario Golf 64. Just thinking about finishing that makes me feel "[sic]."

    This is esl2005 here just wanting to tell you to keep up the good work. Anyway I was wondering if you could post a picture of Mario Segali on the mailbag. Or if ther is a place I could go to see his picture. I've been wondering exactly what he looks like. Thanks!

    - esl2005

David Dayton: I don't know if anyone has a picture of Mario Segali. Perhaps someone in New York could try to track him down? He was a landlord in the 80's, so someone should be able to find either him or his family.

Chupperson: I looked. Nothing.

Lizard Dude: M-m-m-Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaario!

Deezer: I bet he changed his name.

MEGAߥTE: Who, Mario Segali or esl2005 AKA Trainman?

    This is trainman again. I was wondering on MG:TT if they should have a secret code to where after everybody has hit the ball you race golf carts similar to MKDD. Instead of shells and stuff the guy in the back chunks golf balls, clubs, etc., trying to get to thier ball. Wouldn't that br funny?

    I was reading the latest mailbag and was wondering if you could elaborate a littl bit more about that Famicon game, "Kart Fighter" please. I've never seen it and it looks pretty awwsome. May I comment on how horribly crappy the artist drew everybody, i.e. Yoshi is a deformed lizard and DK or DK Jr. looks like he's high.

    While looking at that game I remembered something else. Why on some Mario games is it where the charscters have blue outlines or they're a shade of blue whem you are playing like on the NES version of SMB2.

    Also, in some other games Mario looks extremely weird. On some games that I can't name it look like he is kinda leaning back and his arm is huge. I can't really describe it so nevermind.

    - Trainman

David Dayton: 1) Yes, a Mario Golf Kart game would be interesting. I'd expect it to appear in a Mario Party title if it were to appear anywhere, though. 2) It's a bizarre pirate NES game... and rather good, for what it is. 3) Palette limitations? 4) Oookay.

Chupperson: Yes, palette limitations. The NES is restricted to 4 colors per sprite, and Mario's pants are blue, his hair is brown, his face is ... "flesh" color and shirt and hat are red. So, since Mario's pants are blue...

Lizard Dude: ...his outline is also blue. But didn't the SMB2 sprite have something weird with the eyes?

Deezer: I'll let MB explain the SMB2 eyes.

MEGAߥTE: 2) What more is there to elaborate on? It's a Street Fighter-style game (there are tons of these on the Famicom) with the Mario Kart characters.
3) In SMB2 they decided they liked Mario to have blue pants and outline, whereas in SMB3 they decided to make both of those black. If you've played the unofficial Super Mario World for Famicom, you'd see they did a pretty good (but certainly not perfect) job keeping the black outline for the head and the blue outline for the body. Though it would have been possible in Nintendo's official games, they did not choose to attempt this for whatever reason... (this game is the one that proved the NES could handle Mario riding Yoshi as well). The NES is restricted to 64 colors, with 16 colors on a screen, and 4 "colors" per sprite, but only 3 of those colors are visible because one of them counts as transparency. If you look at Mario's head, you'll notice that their are five "colors": blue, red, flesh, clear, and white. What happened here is that the eyes are actually another layer behind the head, allowing the extra white. Mario, Luigi, and Princess have these extra tiles. What I've done to show them below is to completely remove the tile that partially covers these other tiles.

This layer was an addition from DDP to SMB2. SMB2 also introduced animated tiles. The eye tile also happens to be an animated tile, though they never put forth the effort to make the characters blink. Additionally, it looks like they could have easily given them black pupils, but they didn't bother to do that either. Unfortunately, adding this extra layer did have consequences. If you notice the flickering of the eyes in front of doors when you open them, that's due to conflicting layer priorities between the eye sprite and the door. All in all, it was an interesting addition that arguably made Mario look better in SMB2 than he did in SMB3.
Oh yeah, here's a shot of the unlicensed Super Mario World for Famicom, released in 1995:

4) Sounds like you're talking about Somari, yet another unlicensed Famicom game.

Sapphira: Whoa. Freaky. @_@

    I am a HUGE fan of the movie THE WIZARD, my first VHS copy of it wore out a LONG time ago, and my copy that I taped off Nickelodeon is about to expire also. What I was wondering was if the movie will ever be re released on DVD. I know that over in Germany, they have the movie, but I want to know if it will be released in the U.S.A. If not, then do you know any place that would sell it on VHS or Laser disc, because I really want to own that movie unedited again. Thanks a lot for you time!

    - Phantaz

David Dayton: You can get a used copy via Amazon for about $15.

    hi guys i wrote in a frw past mailbags and i wanted to ask if you have any very detailed boss guides to paper mario thanks

    - Aragorn475

David Dayton: I don't check GameFAQs, though.

Sapphira: Boss guides, no... But if you're ever looking for all the dialogue in the game... well... *cough*

Lizard Dude: ...then come to me! XD

Deezer: *gives Sapphira a cough drop*

    I noticed that one of the mailbags say that in Dexter's Lab, when Dexter comes out of the teleporter, he has something like a raccoon tail. Actually, it was a bee stinger! I don't think it should be a cameo.

    Have you noticed that the balloon in the SMBSS episode Raiders of the Lost Mushroom looks like the one in Super Mario Advance 2? You know, at the beginning?

    Does one of the power-up E-Cards for Super Mario Advance 4 have a Jugem's Cloud?

    Hi, I just tried your "rom" an it said I was an idiot. Ha ha, nice one (No really, it was funny), but could you make another one and make it say Megan Jindra is an idiot? She's my sister, and she is a PAIN!

    1. How can Mario swallow a Mushroom if it's bigger than his head? Wouldn't chewing take too much time?

    2. How many characters can you play as in Mario Tennis for the GCN?

    3. How much does it cost total for all the NES E-Reader cards?

    4. If you're a little jealous, I have the SMBSS Mario's Greatest Movie Moments DVD.

    - Bobby

David Dayton: Yes, the balloon is balloon shaped... and, as of now, there is no Jugem's Cloud SMA4 eReader card. I know as I have all of set 1 and 2. However, Nintendo has announced two additional SMA4 eReader card sets. As far as the mushrooms go, Mario bites them. No information on Mario Tennis has really surfaced so far. You can get the NES eReader card packs for as little as 99 cents each, if you know where to look. No, I'm not jealous.

Lizard Dude: Mailbag Motto: I don't think it should be a cameo.

Deezer: 1. Magic. 2. Unknown. 3. Depends on where you buy them, I guess. 4. Not jealous.

MEGAߥTE: 0. I hope your sister finds this page in Google cache in about 5 years. 4. Remember, I'm the one who sold 6 of them on eBay...

    I'VE FOUND IT! I-I-I'VE F-F-FINALLY F-F-FOUND IT! Okay enough drama. I hear that on Beta Super Mario USA (Or something like that) You've found that litgtle boxes with character heads come and flash two frames of animation. well I've found out what they are. If you get a frame of a good guy, It means that a good event Is about to happen. If you get a frame of a boss, It means that a bad event or a boss battle is about to happen. Also you said that you've only seen Mario Luigi Peach Toad Birdo and Mouser, Well there's also Mad Peach (Wierd) Cool Luigi (Wierd) A King from SMB3 (Even wierder) Red Birdo, Green Birdo, Tryclide and Clawgrip...Clawgrip?!!!! I thought that Clawgrip wasn't in Super Mario USA! I thought they replaced him with a white mouser. Did they change it for Beta?

    - Bob Smith

David Dayton: I will pretend I understand this.

Sapphira: Clawgrip was in SMB2... Right? Oh, and I think I've seen these things you're talking about before... Hmm...

Chupperson: You mean BS-X Super Mario USA? I've seen all those faces pop up, but never given it much thought...

Lizard Dude: If you shink thash weird *hic* you should she the Alpha!

Deezer: I'll have what he's^ having.

MEGAߥTE: Yeah, he's talking about the BS-X version, which has nothing to do with a "beta" version and actually came much later. Clawgrip is in SMUSA (1992) because he's in the US SMB2 (1988). He is not in the original DDP (1987). I'm not sure how the events work in BS-X SMUSA, but haven't put any time into trying to figure them out. BTW, the WTMK logo actually comes from this game as well. So, you've seen these Sapphira? I thought ROMs were EVIL :-P

Sapphira: Ha. I've seen sprites and screenshots of them. Nya. >:P

    On the WTMK: Mario Radio, which i listen to all the time, there is one song that my Winamp says is called Adventures Through Gaming. its the one that has the Mario saying "Itsa me" then some unknown voice going "who?" and then it continues one with some more of that, but i was wondering if you have it up on your download music part as a different name or something, or if you even have it for downloading, if you do, can you tell me its name and what section its in, like the MIDI, and if not, could you put it up?

    - Cool106698

David Dayton: It's from some weird CD Nintendo of Europe put out. We can't let you download it, as that's copyright infringement.

Deezer: See Nintendo Sound Adventures and N64Y2K Millenium Trax.

    This is going to that _______ from super mailbag 128. You think your so cool because you have a PS2 and Final Fantasy, and you were the one with the _____ (not that you have any) to flame a great site known as TMK & it's fanbase. Hello ____ for brains your messing with a fanbase bigger than your ____ _______ You sold your Gamecube JUST because you didn't like LM and SMS? You are a bigger ______ than I thought. I think you need to ___ ___ your ___ and stop being such a _______.You only kept your GBA for Sonic? ________! oh ,by the way, Sonic & Final Fantasy is better than Mario? "I have a _____-___ email that'll sicken you all? Guess What? NOBODY CARES OR GOT SICKENED _______,SO WHY DON'T YOU ____ ___ AND __ __ ____!!! (I remind myself of JJ) I had to get that off my chest thanks fine people of TMK.

    - Unanymous

David Dayton: Play nicely with each other, please.

Sapphira: My, my... Soapy-time! *Washes Unanymous's mouth out with soap*

Lizard Dude: I love the third clause of the second sentence of that.

Deezer: My favorite part was when it ended.

MEGAߥTE: Swiss cheese...

    sup, tmk. your website rocks. the best mario website ever. ok. i was surfing ebay when I came across some mario toys and one of them includes a Yoshi PEZ dispenser! Dod they use to make Nintendo PEZ dispensers? that's so cool if you have a picture of some, can you show it? thanks guys

    P.S. J.J.-your mean

    - Cubeskater16

David Dayton: The PEZ dispenser were only in Europe and Australia, I've been told... however, ages ago, there was a Donkey Kong Jr. PEZ dispenser, given away in boxes of Donkey Kong Jr. cereal.

Sapphira: Umm... How can one own "mean"?

Lizard Dude: J.J. did it. And what hasn't been made into a PEZ dispenser?

Deezer: Before I die, I want a PEZ-shaped PEZ dispenser.

MEGAߥTE: If anybody would ever work on the merchandise page *cough* we'd post the PEZ pictures for sure.

    Yeah, I was watching "Life as a Teenage Robot" and in the episode where Jenny finds her prototype sisters they fight these two mustachioed italians who look like Mario and Luigi. They jump off a dam they are plotting to destroy complete with Mario-esque jumping noise. I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU GUYS LIKE MARIO REFERENCES.

    - d3 chain

    In the new Nickelodeon show, "My Life as a Teenage Robot" (Which I like, IMO) there is a big refrence to the Mario Brothers. In the episode where Jenny (XJ9) meets her 8 other sisters, near the end of the episode two suspicious characters enter, named "The Jackhammer Brothers" One is short and fat, in red overalls with a mustache like Warios, and one is tall and skinny with green overalls that resembles Waluigi. There accents are exactly like Wario and Waluigis, with the the "Im-a-gonna kill-a-you!" and some evilness in the tone. They are obviously modelled to look like Mario and Luigi, but to act and sound like Wario and Waluigi. Accident? I think not.

    - NocturnalGrk180

David Dayton: How interesting! Thanks, folks.

Sapphira: Lizard Dude has some serious work to do...

Chupperson: This guy likes it in his opinion. Does that mean I can think you don't like it?

Lizard Dude: *does serious work*

Deezer: I'm so glad we hired Lizard Dude.

    So Fire Emblem has come to North America. I prefer Final Fantasy, SaGa, Seiken Densetsu, Dragon Warrior, and Fire Emblem far over Super Mario. Final Fantasy overtook Super Mario as my favorite video game series in 2001. I notice that TMK has some new staff members. There are Wikipedia articles on many Super Mario games. I started the Wikipedia article on Super Mario All-Stars. I also went to GameFAQs and downloaded the Super Mario All-Stars changes .txt document. One other thing is that I am studying Japanese. It sounds very interesting to me. However, I heard a rumor that the Super Mario series will retire. Here are some questions: 1. Is everyone operating the TMK site male? (Is the staff is all male? This question was previously asked on the October 5, 2001 mailbag, and the answer was previously "Yes, we are all male."). If no, which ones are female? 2. What is your favorite Mario character? (Mine is Luigi.) 3. What is your least favorite Mario character? (Mine is Yoshi.) 4. Do you prefer Luigi over Yoshi? (I say yes myself.) 5. What is your favorite non-Mario Nintendo character? (Mine is Siglud of Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu.) 6. What is your favorite Super Smash Bros. Mle character? (Mine is Marth.) 7. Can you speak Japanese? (I am studying the language.) If yes, how fluently? 8. Do you want to go to Japan anytime soon? 9. Has anyone at TMK bought Fire Emblem for GBA? 10. For the games remade for Super Mario All-Stars (SMAS), do you prefer the SMAS version (for Super NES) over the original NES version? (I prefer the SMAS version.)

    - David Hill

David Dayton: 1) Sapph, you want to field this one? 2) Luigi. 3) Any of those Square ones that people seem to want in every game. 4) Yes. 5) Not sure. Pac-Man, perhaps? 6) Peach is pretty good. 7) No. 8) Hahah... as if that had any chance of happening. 9) Yes. 10) Usually, although there are small things I prefer in the original versions.

Sapphira: 1) I'm certainly female... 2) Yoshi. 3) GASP! How COULD you! *slaps David (Hill or Dayton...hmm) around a bit with a large Yoshi egg.* Probably Jr. Troopa. 4) No. Yoshi will always rule. 5) Princess Zelda, maybe? 6) Peach. 7) Do "konnichiwa" and "sayonara" count? 8) Not really; I'd rather go to a bunch of other places more. 9) David, apparently. 10) SMAS

Chupperson: 2) Hmm... 3) Hmm... Wario. 4) Not necessarily. 5) Krystal. 6) Mario or Peach. 7) I speak more Japanese all the time. 8) You bet. 9) I guess so. 10) Yes, for the most part.

Lizard Dude: 1) She's certainly female... 2) Yoshi. 3) Toadsworth. 4) GASP! How COULD you! *slaps David Dayton around a bit with a large Yoshi egg.* 5) Knuckles the Echidna. 6) Captain Falcon. 7) No, sir. 8) Yes, ma'am. 9) Yes. 10) I prefer original SMB and SMB2 because of the physics changes in All-Stars, but the updated versions of Doki Doki Panic and SMB3 are fine by me.

Deezer: 2) I'll give you a hint: his name starts with "M" and ends with "ario." 6) See previous mailbags. 7) I forget more Japanese all the time. 9) Not I. 10) See LD's answer.

MEGAߥTE: 1) When I first read Sapph's answer, I thought she said "I'm currently female..." 2) Mario? 3) E. Gadd or Waluigi 4) No. 5) Link or maybe Terra (FF6) 6) Pikachu 7) Not yet; check again next year 8) Is that an offer? 9) I have not 10) SMAS in general, but I don't like some of the new things like the bonus music for SMB/SMBTLL.

    I'd hate to ask for a map of every single Mario game to help with my compilation of the Mushroom World (the entire Mushroom World), so I won't. I'll be content if you could show me the map screens from Super Mario Bros. DX, and all the maps from SMB3 (and if any new ones come with the SMA4 edition, I'd like to see those maps as well at some point). Other than that, what can I say? Great site, long live Croco.

    - Jonathan Jones

David Dayton: I would do that for ya, but my capture card and game systems aren't currently wired together.

Sapphira: I've sketched out a drawing of what the Mushroom World looks like... Believe me, it's more complicated than it sounds. Hmm... maybe I should get a scanner... And, yes, I would like to see these, also... Pretty please...? ;P

Chupperson: I've pondered making a map of the Mushroom World many times. I oughta go ahead and do that sometime.

Lizard Dude: Um, I drew 1-1 on the back of a notebook once...

Deezer: Here's a composite map of SMBDX that I made 3½ years ago because JJ wanted to see it. Weird how some screens don't line up exactly, but oh well.

MEGAߥTE: Now, who wants to do the "For Super Players" map?

    I got a question, how come Mario gets all the spotlight....and luigi....gets nothing but a messed up image, << Y' Mr. Miyamoto made him a chicken.. >> Us Luigi fan want to know why the father of Mario & Luigi would make his youngest son have only 2 games to his self.... << Mario's missing & Luigi's mansion >> and the older son become Americas most known game character....

    - IXIHeadIXI

David Dayton: Mario is the main character. Luigi is the supporting cast. It's just the way it is.

Sapphira: Mario isn't much older than Luigi... *Cough*twins*cough*

Chupperson: It's not messed up.

Lizard Dude: The characters have to be different, otherwise they'd be the same.

Deezer: More cough drops, Sapphira?

MEGAߥTE: What David said. Twins... blah... Pre-YI was so much better...

    Dear Mailbag answerer,

    In Luigi's Mansion, when you fight King Boo on the roof, there is no mansion under the roof.

    Your site ROCKS! XBox sucks

    - gamefan9

David Dayton: Yes.

Sapphira: I thought Luigi's vacuum did...Is the XBox a vacuum in disguise?

Chupperson: Don't you mean Mailbag answerers?

Lizard Dude: Just like on all Luigi's Mansion bosses, you warp to a new place that only focuses on the immediate surrounding. Think about how the area looks when you fight the baby.

Deezer: Ok.

    what the FREEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't download and mario games is there a place where i can download mario world 2 hu hu hu hu hu if there is a place to download it i'll sponscer you guys bey

    - Don Nash

David Dayton: Hey, Deezer, this guy is offering to pay for our e3 tickets and hotel rooms.

Sapphira: Hmm... Does that mean I'm gonna be TMK's "Booth Babe"?

Chupperson: w00t w00t

Lizard Dude: Um, booth babes are for booths, not for the media.

Deezer: Will he pay for food too?

MEGAߥTE: "media..." Hey, if she's offering... perhaps she hasn't seen my "other" E3 pics yet...

Sapphira: *rolls eyes* -_-'

    Dear Deezer, J. J., megabyte, chupperson weird, David Dayton and anyone else may have forgot to mention, Happy Thanksgiving! Do they have turkeys in the mushroom kingdom? or maybe Mario would go back to Brooklyn for Thanksgiving? Any ways happy thanksgiving!!

    - Mega Toad

David Dayton: Yes.

Sapphira: You forgot me... *pouts lip* Happy Thanksgiving? 'Tis almost Christmas! And a happy new year?

Lizard Dude: Hey Mega Toad. Look at the second to last response in the previous mailbag.

Deezer: I think in the Mushroom World they have Goomba dinner.

MEGAߥTE: They have one turkey, at least. I think he wears green...

    Hello. I am interested in learning how to play the super mario brothers theme ......would u happen to know if i could find any sheet music for it? i would really appreciate you help! thank you!

    - EVenom1117

David Dayton: I do know that there was once a collection of Nintendo sheet music... it was sold here in the USA, even. Lizard Dude might be able to help you out with this.

Sapphira: Heehee... I thought that was the one song he couldn't get down... <:P Isn't there sheet music here already, anyway?

Chupperson: Yes.

Lizard Dude: I didn't use sheet music for my home-cooked versions, but for all you sheet music fiends, just say henshin!

Deezer: Viewtiful.

MEGAߥTE: Hmm I remember seeing it for sale in Canada too...

    Though I'm not a member of the Fungi Forums, I still visit your odacious site on a regular basis. Well although this is an odd request.. .well here it goes...I was wondering if u could post actual pictures of the staff on your next mailbag (Sapphira in particular! ) No this is not some stalker... .just curious to see what u guys look like.

    - Stephan Paz

David Dayton: Sapph has a boyfriend! Sapph has a boyfriend!

Sapphira: Umm... I do? Keep on dreaming, people... I am SO out of you people's leagues. Don't even TRY. >;P Oh, and, no, you're not seeing my picture. Stalker, eh? I know SOMEONE here who IS... *glares at Lizard Dude* ...Hmm...*Also glares at Chupperson for having a part in it*

Chupperson: *grins sheepishly*

Lizard Dude: *grins sheepishly* This letter wins the very prestigious Only Letter To Make Lizard Dude Laugh Out Loud In This Mailbag Award. Congratulations!

Deezer: *holds up APPLAUSE sign*

MEGAߥTE: If you knew what the easter egg on the last bag was referencing, you'd have already seen the pictures. They are already on the site... somewhere...

Mushroom Boy: Sorry Stephen! But our princess is in another castle!

    Mario Party 5 Intsruction Manual Page 20: They spell Clepto's name with a C in the manual, but Klepto with a K in Mario Party 5.


David Dayton: Interesting.

Sapphira: Who? (Once again, being that I don't HAVE a game, I wouldn't know...) *cries*

Chupperson: If memory serves me right, it's Klepto in SM64, if I even remember what I'm talking about here.

MEGAߥTE: Did they also misspell "Instruction" ?

Sapphira: Oh yes. I remember him now. That vulture from Shifting Sand Lands. Heh.

    I like Metroid Prime, F-Zero GX, and I love Mario Kart Double Dash! I'm just happy Bowser Jr. is in it! I fell in love with him since Super Mario Sunshine. Let's go short Koopa dude! Go female Nintendo fans! *jumps up and down* Man, that was pointless.... ^_^' So, what's your favorite Doub Odd, how I put them together after Yoshi's Island for GBA....

    - Erin aka Super Mario Girl, your one and only Nintendo Loving, Hyper active, Super Mario Fan!

David Dayton: Toad and Koopa Troopa are good for beating records... Wario and Luigi are good for having fun.

Sapphira: *Sigh* And yet still little me over here doesn't have this game...yet... (Just seven more days... Just seven more days...)

Lizard Dude: Wha? That's my favorite combo too! ^_^

Deezer: When I unlocked Toad, I used him and Baby Mario for the rest of the game.

MEGAߥTE: I played Koopa and Paratroopa until I unlocked Toad and Toadette, then used those two.

Sapphira: Update: w00t! MKDD is MINE now! MUHUHAHAHA!!! ^_^ My fave combo is Yoshi and Daisy, although I'm best with Paratroopa and Toadette in the Para Wing, so I'm always them.

    I really like your site. Thanks for all the help that you give out! When can we expect your review of "Superstar Saga"?

    - Koopa Man

David Dayton: "It's better than Super Mario RPG!"

Sapphira: *cries*

Chupperson: See David's response.

Lizard Dude: "Good, yet not as good as Super Mario RPG, best game of all time!"

Deezer: See Chupperson's response.

    hi i just wanted too say Well i heard one kid say maybe you should put up a thing on your site so you email nintendo and say you want a remake of mario rpg because i sure do want a remake and thats how the zelda bonus disk came so maybe you will? is ther any info on a mario rpg remake? just wondering. ps your site rocks!

    - Nick

David Dayton: Well, I don't think a TMK run petition for SMRPG would necessarily work... that and I'd rather have more NEW Mario games, anyway.

Sapphira: I hope they remake it...*sigh*

Chupperson: The Master Quest disc was already out in Japan, if that's what you mean.

Lizard Dude: That's not what he meant.

    Hey guys,
    My girlfriend and I are debating what the symbol on the flag on the flagpole at the end of each level is. She says it is a peace sign, I say it is a mushroom, for the Mushrom Kingdom. I am right. Let us know,

    - Patrick

David Dayton: I always assumed it was a skull, as it looks identical to the icon on the Bullet Bill cannons.

Sapphira: The one is SMAS is a star..... I thought in SMB it was a skull.

Chupperson: In NES SMB it is a skull.

Lizard Dude: It is a skull. The cannons and people who took over the fortresses want neither peace nor good will to Mushroom folk.

Deezer: I have nothing more to add.

MEGAߥTE: It is a skull, but I'm willing to call it a peace sign in one case only.

    Where is Sarasaland? Is it in the mushroom Kingdom? Or elsewhere?

    - Koopaslaya

David Dayton: Given that it has its own ruler, I'd assume it was somewhere else.

Sapphira: Elsewhere.

Lizard Dude: Second star on the right. Fly until morning.

Deezer: There ain't no place like Super Mario Land.

MEGAߥTE: Though Mario Land is actually yet another location.

    OK, I would like to know if baby luigi was in any other game except mario kart double dash, oh, and what is the differance between baby bowser and bowser jr because in mario party games the baby bowsers look differant Thanks for your time Mr. JJ

    PS i'm 7 years old

    - LittleLyle684663

David Dayton: Baby Luigi was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island as the helpless kidnap victim. Bowser Jr. is the newest Koopa Kid, and he's been in a few games (such as Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Super Mario Sunshine). Baby Bowser would be Bowser as a child, only seen in Yoshi's Island. The things in the Mario Party games are "Koopalings" and "Mini Bowsers" -- and no one is quite sure what they are.

Sapphira: Can no one see the difference between Baby Bowser, Bowser Jr., and those "Koopa Kid" things? *bangs head on keyboard* Being that you're only 7, I'll cut you some slack. ;)

Lizard Dude: No no, Sapphira, the Koopa Kids are different still. But I'll cut you some slack. ;)

MEGAߥTE: Well you know, they're selling "My First DNA Kit" now...

Sapphira: LD, the "Koopa Kids" and "Koopalings" are different. The "Koopa Kids" were known as "Baby Bowsers" in the first 3 Mario Party games. I'm going to guess they're just younger clones of Bowser.

    Well, I think JJ is way too offensive. I know it says to not be offended if u guys poke fun at us, but JJ downright insults his mailbag users. stupid questions or not, its his job to answer mailbags, and half the time (when its his turn) he doesn't! Just food for the thought TMK. I seriously convinced three or four of my friends not to come here anymore b/c of JJ''s comments (although Im very sure that doesn't matter due to your many fans who deem u guys gods. Riiight. And another thing: when someone asks u two questions, respond to both, not just half of it! And when someone asks if u know where to get something or something like that, don't just say Yes, tell them where!) I doubt JJ knows half as much as me.

    Okay about the errata. In the ending of Paper Mario, I believe when you read the news bulletin in Toad Town and its listing off all the party members that helped you out, it says "Lady Boo" instead of Lady Bow. And if it does say Lady Bow and my memory is wrong, I know somewhere during the ending sequence in Toad Town, somebody says Lady Boo instead of Bow.

    - Mag Y.S.

David Dayton: Why did you convince people not to come here? Wouldn't that make you our mortal foe? But, anyway... we respond to whatever part of the question we think interesting enough to respond to. Or something like that. Thanks for the note on Lady Bow.

Sapphira: Yes, you are correct. I have seen that "Lady Boo" thing, also. *Gets out giant binder of all the dialogue from PM* Ah, we are...
"Hurrah for Princess Peach! Hurrah for Mario!! Mario was as strong as legend said he was! He fought bravely beside Goombario, Kooper, Parakarry, Bombette, Lady Boo, Watt, Lakilester and Sushie! We're gonna party like there's no tomorrow! Come on! -Toad Town Underground News"
P.S.- Yes, I really DO have ALL the dialogue written down. And, yes, I know I'm insane. XD

Lizard Dude: *gives Sapphira a Ribbon*

Deezer: More like "Sapphira Weird" ba-dum chhh.

MEGAߥTE: *gives Sapphira a Shawne*
Since J.J. is not here, perhaps I should insult you instead. Seriously though, I don't see where you get off telling us what to do and keeping people from our site because you don't like one member's comments. Finally, I'd bet J.J. knows quite a bit more than you, otherwise he wouldn't be running a political cartoon site.

Sapphira: GASP! Deezer, you told the secret! Chupperson and I are really brother and sister! :O

    Megabyte, JJ, Deezer, David Dayton, Chupperson well, i thougght that the click on JJ in the last mailbag was rather special. The brady bunch isnt my favorite TV show though.

    Alright i might sound outright stupid here, and i know you arent a donkykong site your a mario site ,.. and i think im pushing your limits, BUT:::::::::::

    1What is diddy kong's relation to donky Kong?

    2.(if diddy has a direct relation to donkeykong) Why then, dont you cover Diddy Kong Racing on TMK?????, that game is a classic, and still one of my favorites.

    3. MEGATE: Some of the staff had a discussion on this and we will go back and cover the DKC/DKL games now (like we should have before IMO). if you are gonna covet that, why not DKR (unless an above answer anwers that)

    4. Were Sapparia and LD only guests, and will they return to their moderator postitons? or will they be answering further mailbags?

    - Koopaslaya

David Dayton: As far as I know, Diddy is just DK's little pal... although I think that Super Smash Bros. Melee said that Diddy was DK's nephew, which is really bizarre. The entire Rare series of DK games is in a sort of fuzzy state right now... just wait and see what happens.

Sapphira: Yeah, I always thought Diddy was DK's li'l buddy. I've also heard before that Diddy is DK's, nephew, which doesn't make any sense, IMO. Sapphira and LD are now official TMK staff. Wooooo!! ;)

Chupperson: MEGATE and Sapparia? Who?

Lizard Dude: 1) The Donkey Kong Country manual calls Diddy Kong "Donkey Kong's 'little buddy'" over and over again. Little Buddy is definitely the offical term. No blood relation. In addition, Dixie is Diddy's girlfriend and Kiddie is Dixie's cousin. Ya hear that MEGA? The Deezer Bunch 3rd Mix is rather special! I ate too much saffron rice and now MEGATE to go attend to me Sapparia.

Deezer: David's working on something for the DK dilemma.

MEGAߥTE: 2/3: We can extend one level of reference across, but pushing it to two levels (DKR) is a bit much. And I hardly think DKR can qualify as "classic" in any sense of the word.

Sapphira: Wait... AHAHAHAHA! LD actually ISN'T staff yet! HAHAHAHA!

    i have a few things i would like to say

    1-why was the photo removed but i guess i know what it is pikachu and pichu doing theri taunts by echoter

    2-systems are dissapering to fast like ps2 is dead in january

    3-simpsons rules

    4-jj can say whattever he wants and i dont mind i find it an honor to be moked by him

    my 2 cents

    - Mark Burry

David Dayton: Huh?

Sapphira: 3) I concur.

Chupperson: 3) I disagree.

Lizard Dude: 3) Simpson's Rule? How can you disagree? Of course when f(x) tabulated at points x0, x1, and x2 equally spaced by distance h then the integral from x0 to x2 of f(x)dx equals one third of h(f0+4f1+f2) plus one sixth of the integral from x0 to x1 of (x0-t)2(x1-t)f(3)(t)dt plus one sixth of the integral from x1 to x2 of (x2-t)2(x1-t)f(3)(t)dt.

Deezer: Of course.

MEGAߥTE: 3) D'OH 4) Not this time. Your hopes are crushed again.

    Hey tmk it's me agen Logan thins is the third time I have written to your mail bag and I have a question when your done all the special levels in super Mario world super Mario advance 2 isn't there shuld half bin wired things like the bullet bills turn in to some sort of bird and when you finish the last on what do you mean bye yoshis house in the fall I red that in the super Mario world for the SNES guide thing and nothing happened there thanks

    -p.s sorry for the spelling ^_^'

    - Logan:)

David Dayton: In the GBA Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, you don't unlock the "altered" version of the game like you did in the SNES game. You have to find all 96 exits in the GBA version.

Sapphira: Wha...?

Chupperson: Also, more enemies change their appearances in the GBA version.

MEGAߥTE: Side note: Apparently the original SMW programmers were even considering changing the Goombas in the SNES version, but didn't.

    ok,dear cool malbag dude,

    im 10 years old and i've been going to your site since i was 6. i'm playing super mario rpg. i deafeated zombone and got my sixth star-or so i thought the power-er axem rangers took it.what should my stats be and what equipment should i have?p.s. i have a nes, snes,atari 2600(with donkey kong),,super mario kart d.k. jr. keychain,gbc,virtual boy,n64,gba,gcn,more miscellaneous systems.J.J. is freakin' cool!!

    remember me? i emailed the mail bag about d.k.j. math.

    - Kyler Daugherty

David Dayton: I'll leave this to one of our resident SMRPG experts.

Sapphira: *Puts thermometer in J.J.'s mouth* Hmm... He does seems to be rather cool. J.J., what have I told you about locking yourself in the refrigerator!?

Chupperson: Hoo boy. Get to level 18 or higher, bring lots of Pick Me Ups and Mushrooms and other healthy items... Use Geno and Peach. Have Peach use Group Hug a lot.

Lizard Dude: I like this guy's writing style for some reason.

Deezer: At least JJ's not frozen-solid.

MEGAߥTE: Well, considering I was about 10 levels below the recommended level for all the major battles, maybe you shouldn't ask me this question. Heh, funny how a good portion of those consoles are older than the writer. Glad to see he has been privileged with classic goodness.

    Hey, J.J said in the last mail bag MSpaint is horrible. well i love it so :P I have a store ( if you can call it that lol ) with all original art all done on MS Paint. Iam not saying its awsome but decent at most... Lookie...

    - MyArmismissin

David Dayton: That's something, it is.

Sapphira: Umm...'kay..

Chupperson: O . . . kay . . .

Lizard Dude: Hey, neat! I, too, like MS Paint now and then.

    Hi, guys! You guys are one of my fav. places to get Mario info! (you have interesting features too) Anyway, I was browsing though the older mailbags and in the 30th November 2001 mailbag, I noticed your little parody of the Beatles song "When I'm 64" I liked it so much, I went to the trouble of writing a version of it that fits over the whole song! Here it is:

    "Nintendo 64"
    (to the tune of the Beatles song 'When I'm 64')

    (verse 1)

    As you get older,
    and your games change,
    a year or so from now...

    Jumping, shooting, flying around,
    Mario squirting water all over the town.

    You'll still have your classic system,
    Though its games aren't at the store...
    Will you still keep me,
    Will you still play me, the Nintendo 64?


    You'll be older too...
    And if you say the word, I will stay with you!

    (verse 2)

    I could be handy making friends lose
    Then you've clearly won!
    You can hurl Boswer in the fireside,
    Sunday morning, take a kart for a ride!
    Finding a Deku Scrub hiding in weeds, who could ask for more?
    Will you still keep me,
    Will you still play me, the Nintendo 64?


    Every summer, we can rent a cartridge from the aisles so bright, if you are We shall scrimp and save!
    That set of buttons sitting on your knee,
    With buttons like 'C up' and 'A'!

    (verse 3)

    Send me a postcard, drop me a line
    Stating point of view,
    Indicate precisely all the buttons you pressed
    Then cross your fingers and hope for the best!
    Let me see your answer, see how you did,
    Congratulations, you have top score!
    You will still keep me,
    You will still play me, the Nintendo 64!

    I hope you like it!

    - rbynsapphire64

David Dayton: So, when are you recording this for us?

Sapphira: Heh. (and no, that line is not your official trademark, CW, so I can use it, too! >:P )

Chupperson: Get me my lawyer. ...And didn't I see this song all fully parodied like this before?

Lizard Dude: I always said 'up C'.

MEGAߥTE: Sapphira... Sapphire...

    heres some Questions
    1.In Animal crossing 2 do you think they`ll put some snes games an maybe alittle nes games like Super Mario 2?
    2.Is it possible to put a SuperScope as an item in the 2ndAinmal crossing come mario tennis hasn`t gotten realeased date?the last time they anouced it it was in june 2002 much does one of those gc online adapters cost? you have any pics of what N5 my look like
    7.will there being any more mario games?
    8.How long has the Big N been working on 128marios?
    9.Do you have a pic of 128 marios

    - TariotheUltimate

David Dayton: 1) Maybe. 2) Nope. 3) It's coming, eventually. 4) $35. 5) Nope. 6) Ahem. 7) Yes. 8) Long enough. 9) I'm sure Deezer does.

Sapphira: 6) Why, thank you! ^_~

Lizard Dude: -_-

Deezer: <-- rules. 9) We have pictures of the "Mario 128" technical demo shown a few years ago, but nothing on the upcoming game itself.

MEGAߥTE: 3. Last I heard (a few months ago) it was 60% complete. 6. Heh I didn't know Deezer got a job at the Dept. of Energy... j/k.

    I would like to be able to download Mario's Picross could u please let me know I could go about doin that???

    - Samantha

David Dayton: Illegally, I'd imagine.

Sapphira: Tsk, tsk...

    We upgraded to windows XP and Mario Teaches Typing 2 no longer works. It hangs as soon as it starts up after recommending 256-color mode. This isn't an option for us only 16-bit and 32-bit color. Is there an upgrade for windows XP? I went to the web site listed on the software CD,, and was redirected to webways - no help there that I can see.

    - Steve

David Dayton: Sorry. Windows XP is rather incompatible with a lot of older software.

Lizard Dude: Actually, before giving up try Windows 95 compatibility mode. Find the executable or program shortcut icon you'd like to run. Right-click the icon and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab and place a checkmark next to the text labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode." Select the operating system that the program was originally intended to run on. You may need to fine-tune the three fields under "Display Settings" if an older program requires 640x480 resolution or 256 colors. Click Apply. Try starting the program after making these changes. If it still gives you trouble, try a different operating system. If the program was written for Win95 and worked fine in Win98, there's nothing that says it still won't work fine with Win98. In conclusion, the situation isn't quite as dreary as Dayton makes it out to be for most programs.

Deezer: I wish I had XP <-- not an emoticon.

MEGAߥTE: There are always emulators and virtual machines for the desperate.

    can i get a description of the commercial for the game boy camera? i want to know if im thinking of the right product.

    - T L

David Dayton: "SMILE! You're on Game Boy Camera!"

Sapphira: I am?! @_@ Umm...*smiles*

Lizard Dude: That one cracked the lens for sure.

Deezer: Just wait till Sapphira gets this mailbag back...

MEGAߥTE: No, really...

    Hi mailbag peoples! Im happy because todays my birthday! Also, in the Nickalodeon 2003 kids choice awards, Charles Angels played Mario Party 4. They played the level where Luigi's on a raft in the middle of these big waves. Afterward they got dunked in pasta noodles. Well see ya, I got to go tell 31,600,952 more web sites about my B-day.

    - TahoeDeepBlue

David Dayton: Hey, Mario in the news, again.

Sapphira: Whee! Um...and happy birthday, I guess. XD

Charles Angels: . . .

Lizard Dude: How've you been Charles? And Mrs. Angels?

MEGAߥTE: Why don't you just submit your birthday to a spam server?

    I am so new to the game cube but I love Mario. I've found that the latest version is only for Gameboy Advanced but someone mentioned to me that there is an attachment that I could use enabling me access to the latest game through the cube. Can you help me? I am so linguistically uninformed regarding the technical aspect of gaming. Thanks!


David Dayton: Sure. If you buy a "Game Boy Player", you can play any Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance game on your GameCube. You should be able to get a Game Boy Player at most toy and video game stores for about $50 or so. Keep in touch with any other questions you might have!

Sapphira: Say...could you buy me one for Christmas?

Deezer: Hey wait, an e-mail from another female. :D

    Hey TMK Mailbag Answering Guy De Jour: More like De Everyfiveweeks.
    Hope I mailed this to the right adress. I am a South American excessive consumer of Mario-related products. I have a few inquiries and random whinings I'd like to share with you.

    1 - A while ago David Dayton asked a Brazillian person how much did GameCubes cost where she lived. I know the prices are different in different countries, but I'm sure GameCubes in most of Latin America (except Mexico) cost over 300 dollars, and that the cheapest gamesre all over than 120 dollars. What a rip-off. I'd rather pay Shipping & Handling expenses to the UPS guy who forwards my purchases.

    2 - Months ago I sent a message about a Mario sticker that came alongside products only comercialized in South America, which I'm sure is official because it says " & 1993 Nintendo. All Rights Reserved", even though it looks kind of shoddy. I can't scan it, because I don't think there is any chemical that will destroy the glue but keep the Mario picture intact, or at least as clear as it has sustained itself for the past 10 years. I'm open for any suggestions.

    3 - Why does everyone hate Toadette so much? When we were introduced to all those Toads that travelled to Delfino Isle with Mario, Peach & Toadsworth in Super Mario Sunshine, we finally saw that the word "Toad" was used to refer to any Mushroom-Headed person, not an individual. But for example, we had all somehow assumed that even though there were many Yoshis, the one in Mario multiplayer games was the one from SMW2. So we can still think the Toad in the Mario library of games might be an individual too (maybe the one in SMS with the red dots). So maybe Toadette is supposed to be an individual that exists solely for the purpose of establishing the fact that there are female Mushroom-Headed People. I rest my case.

    P.S.: I know J.J. hates people who use fake names, but he already hates me, for some reason I'm sure, so I wish to remain as Ace ETP. Thanks In Advance.

    - Tito/Ernesto D. Pampin/Ace

David Dayton: 1) I don't blame you. Where in South America are you? 2) Put the entire item on a scanner, then cover it with a towel to darken it. 3) Toad and Yoshi both suffer from this lack of identity problem.

Sapphira: 1) Bummer... :/ 2) You could take a digital photo... 3) Actually, I believe the "Mushroom People" as a whole were first called "Toads" in Paper Mario. Like Yoshi, Toad is both an individual character and a collective group. There are definitely female Toads--play SMRPG or PM and see for yourself. My main problem with "Toadette" is that she is a never-seen-before-brand-new-out-of-nowhere character. AND they have her FEATURED! Why make a new character when there are plenty of other recognizable ones that would pair nicely with Toad?

Chupperson: Like who? Besides one of the female Toads from PM, or Raini or someone.

Lizard Dude: There were many Yoshis in SMW2.


MEGAߥTE: 3) I don't hate Toadette, but those spores are a bit disturbing...

Sapphira: Okay, now that I've played MKDD, she's not so bad. I still stand by my opinion, though: someone else would've been better. Like Toadworth, Chupperson. >:P

    Hello, you've probably seen me on the message boards, but anyway, I haven't gotten, let alone played Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I was wondering if there were power-ups in the game. Thank you, and good night.

    - Markio

David Dayton: Depends on what you mean. There are Mushrooms and 1up Mushrooms in the game, used as recovery items. There are references to various items, but there are no power-up items that cause a physical change to the Mario bros.

Sapphira: Woohoo! I'm not the only one without M&L! XD GASP! Yes, Markio, I used "XD"! Shocking, no!? XD <-- There it is again! @_@

Lizard Dude: XD

Deezer: XP

Sapphira: Windows XP?


    Does anyone ko where i can mario and luigi superstar saga rom? In case ya dont kno, dis is NintendoMan! Mario Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

    - NintendoMan

David Dayton: You know Samantha, I take it.

Sapphira: Who? ROM? Tsk...why don't you BUY the game?

Lizard Dude: If you think Mario Rocks, DON'T PIRATE HIS GAMES AND KILL HIS COMPANY. Instead, kindly give them $30 American.

Deezer: Who is Sammy?

    Have you guys witnessed the amazing feat of the Super Mario Bros. 3 speed run!? It's a video of someone beating Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11 minutes. Sure, he uses warp whistles and exploits almost every glitch in the game, but you should see him rack up around 70+ 1-ups in the tank stages of World 8! Here's where you can download the video:

    Of course, if you've already seen this video (which you probably have...I mean, you're a Mario site and all...but just in case...) then this e-mail is pretty useless. In that case you can just ignore this e-mail or rag on me in your mailbag. I care not what the final decision is. I'm just bored and want to spread the awesomeness of this video!

    (The player probably cheated a bit 'cause it shows some seemingly impossible things, but it entertained me for 11 minutes so I don't care.)


David Dayton: Hey, Megabyte would love to answer THIS one, wouldn't you?

Sapphira: X_x

Chupperson: *waits for MB's detailed technical explanation of how and why it is completely false*

Lizard Dude: He'll probably say something about how nothing in the game engine was hacked, but that the player used an emulator for super slo-mo and the power to pick back up from right before he messed up if he ever messed up and mention the fact that he messed up over 40,000 times (more, even, than frames in the movie). It's still a very impressive feat and took two years to do. Bow down - you couldn't do it.

Deezer: I'd like to see a video of someone doing it for real.

MEGAߥTE: What I said, and LD repeated. If you care for the details, the emulator was Famtasia, which has a movie recording feature. It also allows you to restart the movie wherever and whenever you want, but it does keep a counter of how many times you exploit this. The movie creator restarted the recording 40,268 times though there are only 39,837 frames in the recording. Also, on the guy's website (address found at the end of the movie, but the site is in Japanese), he claims never intended people to think that this was real. What he did NOT do, as some people have suggested, is design and paste each frame together to make the movie or use cheat codes. Everything in the movie is possible, it would likely just take a machine to reproduce it for real. Here's the original FMV (Famtasia Movie).

    In your last e-mail, a reader mistakenly pointed out that Yeardley Smith provided the voice for Yoshi in the Super Mario World cartoon. He is lying, because I know the truth. Yoshi's voice was actually done by Andrew Sabiston, who would later go on to do Diddy Kong's voice in the Donkey Kong Country cartoon. Also, I'd like to point out that Toadette is not Toad's girlfriend; she is his sister.

    - Nintendo Maximus

David Dayton: But WHICH Toad, hmmm?

Sapphira: Who? What? Huh? Man, I REALLY need to get MKDD...

Chupperson: When the heck did he get a sister? This is not like LoZ where you can randomly jump from one Link to the next...

Lizard Dude: There's no evidence on this 'sister' theory.

Deezer: The truth is out there, as they say.

MEGAߥTE: Luke...

    1.Your site is perfect.You're pretty dang lucky because I usually hate some Mario sites 'cause they focus on one thing.

    2.What is your favorite Mario game?

    3.How many Mario games did they make for the Phillips CD-I?

    4.Do you watch anime?

    5.Do you have any pets?

    6.Do you like Yu-Gi-Oh?

    7.Love your Forums,I'm stupid monkey THE stupid monkey.

    8.Do you like Sonic?

    - rama laster

David Dayton: 1) Thanks. 2) Super Mario Bros. 3 3) One finished, but a second one was being developed. 4) Nope. 5) Yes. 6) Nope. 7) If you say so 8) He's okay, in small doses.

Sapphira: 1) Nothing's perfect... Heh. 2) Paper far. 3) Umm...what David said... 4) No. 5) Yes. 6) Probably not. 7) Aaaah...? 8) Meh.

Chupperson: 1) Yay. 2) SMB3, SMRPG, LM, SM64, YI, or M&L. 3) See David's. 4) Sometimes. 5) Yes. 6) No. 7) AAHHH. 8) Marginally.

Lizard Dude: 1) It's not my site. They just feed me bread. 2) Super Mario RPG 3) My friend's CD-i provided me sheer minutes of fun, and the joy of holding beverages in one hand while controlling the other has not had such glory besides EarthBound. 4) You betcha. Go go, Variable Geo ;P 5) Many. 6) Nah, it's got no Magic. 7) Get out. 8) You betcha!

Deezer: 4) I used to watch Slayers a lot. 5) One cat.

MEGAߥTE: 2. SMW 5. Yes 8. Yes

Sapphira: *feeds Lizard Dude bread*

    Here's some things in SM64: Are they real?

    1. After you get 120 stares, get in the cannon and shoot to the roof. Talk to Yoshie. Get wing cap and fly into the cannon. Aim for the cloud above the castle and fire. Pull back and land on the 2nd level. Go to the very edge and run back. Keep going and walk through the wall. You will be stuck in a weird room. P.S. There is a way to get out, it's not that hard.

    2. Staircase weirdness: Go into the castle. Up the stairs and into the door with a keyhole. Take about 6-10 steps and walk to the left to the wall. Jump 2 times and you will appear on the staircase above.

    3. On slip sliding away, follow the strip of coins leading into the wall, you will go straight through the wall to a very big shortcut.

    4. The great dive of all time: Do what is nessesary to get on the 2nd level on the roof explained in 120 stars glitch. One of the walls you can walk up. Run and jump to the pool in front of the castle. push B in mid jump to do a dive. If you jumped far enough, you should dive into the pool.

    5. Mario the angel: In shifting sand land, get the wing cap and get in the cannon. Move it up all the way up and to the left. "KEEP THE CONTROLL STICK ALL THE WAY BACK TOWARDS YOU UNTILL EXPLAINED OTHERWISE!" Fire and take damage, bounce back into cannon. Do process again. If you did it right, you should be dead inside the cannon. Fire once more and you can fly around dead. Once you hit the ground your completely dead.

    6. Luigi in Super Mario 64 ... [deleted]

    My freind sent me these. I wanted to now if they are real.

    - Toad 128

David Dayton: 1-3 are quite possible. 4 and 5 should be possible, but I haven't done them. Luigi is not in the game.

Sapphira: Umm... *Is stared at 120 times* ...Nothing happened...except now everyone is looking at me... :S

Chupperson: I discovered #1 on my own. I know #2 through #5 are possible.

    Hi, I've been playing Super Mario Sunshine for a couple months now and I think there is something wrong with the game. I have 78 shines and for the past while, every time I return to Delfino Plaza, it zooms in on the entrance to Noki Bay and it still does it. Also, my Strategy guide from Brady Games says that when you complete Episode 7 in Pianta Villiage and you return to Delfino Plaza, the entire town should be flooded and the entrance to Corona Mountain should be open. I have completed this Episode and nothing has happened . It still just zooms in on the entrance to Noki Bay, and I have gotten all the shines from Noki Bay. Do you know what's going on? Is there something wrong with my game?? Please help. Thanks

    P.S. The Mushroom Kingdom rules. I even linked it on my bands website:

    - Joel

David Dayton: You need to complete levels 1-7 in all the worlds before the mountain will open up and the town floods.

Sapphira: Yes. You need to complete Episode 7 in EVERY level, too, not just Pianta Village.

Lizard Dude: Pro Tip: Press and hold 'R' to fire water blasts!

    Hi ths my6 first time writting into your mail bag but I have always liked this site and visit it occasionally. I noticed that your computer games were removed do you know if theres anywere else I could get them or stuff like them? they were really fun untill my computer crashed. anyway my letter is getting long so by and thanks if you answer.


David Dayton: Sadly, I don't know. Perhaps a reader does? Try posting a message in the forums.

Chupperson: Perhaps someday one or two of them may show up on my site...

Lizard Dude: *sticks banana on metronome, thus hypnotizing JoJo, allowing me to use newly created monkey wrench on valve*

MEGAߥTE: I was planning on putting them up on my server eventually. I've been planning a lot of things though...

    I have a new glitch for Super Mario Sunshine. I didn't know how I did it but I went inside 2 of the sand dunes. The pyrimid shaped dune and one that was shaped like an igloo.


David Dayton: Weird.

Sapphira: Hmm..

Chupperson: I've heard of this.

Lizard Dude: I haven't.

MEGAߥTE: Umm more info would be nice... This reminds me of the final battle. TWICE (out of two face-offs) I've butt-stomped on one of the corners and gone straight through the floor to my death. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Hi I am mailing out of holland and while reading your page i saw this Super Mario Advance 4-e card series (GBA e-Reader) - October 21st but we don't have any e card readers here or if we do i don't know how it looks or where to get it so could you do me two favours?

    1. explain me: what is an E-card reader

    2. do you have an picture of the E-card? could you show it on this site ? greetings A Great fan

    - Leon Gillissen

David Dayton: For the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo released a small device called the eReader. It lets you scan in special trading cards to unlock extra game features, or even entire games. Right now the eReader is only available in Japan, the USA, and Australia. If you go to, you will find more than you want to know about it.

Sapphira: I'd like an e-Reader, too, for Christmas... And M&L...and MKDD... And a GBA/GCN connection cable... and...

Chupperson: ...22,000 pickles!

Lizard Dude: ...and a brand new SCV!

MEGAߥTE: You can always import. GBA games and accessories are compatible across regions, however e-cards may not be, so make sure whichever region you choose, you get the reader and cards from the same place.

    Dear J.J.,

    I hate you. You are mean and careless to EVERYONE! Not just the idiots who send in questions with obvious answers. Now then please tell me why Wario is living in a house in Wario Ware. I thought he lived in a castle. At least his castle will be back for Wario World. Also who's your favorite Wario Ware character? Mine's Kat. Anyone who owns a dog that can turn into a sword kicks butt. (Plus you have to admit. She is kinda cute.) Now please answer this without being an ____ and don't give me that whole freaking continuity ____ you said to that guy regarding the whole Koopa Kid thing.

    - FalcovsLeon20

David Dayton: Kat's 5 years old, you know. Wario must change his residence fairly often, or perhaps the castle is just his "country place".

Sapphira: *cries* says "Dear J.J.". Heheh...Never mind... Ooh! Goodie! I get to use the soap again! Whee! *washes FalcovsLeon20's mouth out with soap* Will you people never learn?

Chupperson: Falco vs. Leon. Ahahahah.

    Well, I see I got a response on the mailbag, so I'll respond as well. =P Anyway, The codes I used were chosen randomly in a Dreamcast Emulator, Specifically NesterDC. I was picking some of the most likely Cheat-Cheat type codes, and I don't remember the exact ones. (****, when you have to push a button to turn it on, it's hard to remember the order. =P) I don't know if you'll throw the mail out because it has to do with emulation and the like, but hopefully it'll get up. It was interesting to speculate on what could have happened in the game, like all those extras that were taken out. Maybe World 9 was going to be a good/bad ending type thing? The world may never know.

    Well, it turns out that that effect was caused by a single code. If you know of NesterDC, and have a copy where you can access cheats menus, then go to the SMB3 cheats. There you should find one called something like "Raise turbo while standing." Anyway, it may be a misplaced cheat that causes the game to think you beat the airship whenever you enter the level or something. I dunno. Try it yourself. I'm not really wanting to test it on a regular Emulator, so I don't know if it'd work there too, if someone happened to find the cheat on the net somewhere. Now, I don't know if I brought up the alternate ending stuff, but if a Gameboy cartridge could hold something of the like (with Kirby's Dreamland 2), I think a NES should be able to do that easily. Even if it wasn't even intended in the first place and I'm ranting about it stupidly. Bleh.

    - Ultimo

David Dayton: I wonder what he's talking about.

Sapphira: *washes Ultimo's mouth out with soap* Wow...Two people in a row...

Lizard Dude: He's talking about SMB3 having multiple endings at some point in development, perhaps?

MEGAߥTE: Baseless speculation will get you nowhere.

    first I would like to say TMK is my favorite mario site to visit...I'm a nintendo gamer ever since the early 1980s from the original nintendo onwards so I have been collecting games for a long time

    now the reason I am writing is, does anyone have a scan of princess toadstool in the punk rocker outfit in the comic "magic carpet madness" I don't know what issue it was in, but I do know it was in the hardcover super mario bros. comic from random house, I would like to see a scan of her apperances in the punk rocker outfit from that part of the comic, specifically the one where she goes "oh daddy, you can track mud into the house any time you want" and then she kisses him on the cheek

    Thanks again for the best mario site PERIOD

    - Mike Caldwell

David Dayton: Sorry, I can't help you with that. Perhaps one of the readers can?

Sapphira: Huh? I heard something about that...

Deezer: For some reason, this letter creeps me out.

MEGAߥTE: Here are the frames where she appears in full detail:

Bonus: Mysteriously Excluded Mailbag Message

The Mushroom Kingdom \ Mailbag \ 11 Jan 2004
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