10 Mar 2004

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    Hello, Everyone!

    I have some questions and statements.

    1. How come people always send you errata, but you never update the Errata page?
    2. Who is Mushroom Boy, besides the TMK mascot? His picture was featured in the last mailbag, but he wasn't there.
    3. The voice actors in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: Who played who?
    4. Here's a glitch I found in Super Mario Bros. 2: Go into a room with a key and a Phanto (but not in a vase, for you can't re-enter it holding the key. World 1-3 is a good example). Pick up the key so Phanto awakens, then exit the room, and re-enter it. Phanto will awaken again, and the Phanto from when you awoke it the first time will fly in, and you have two Phantos chasing you! But if you die or leave the room, it goes back to one Phanto. This was fixed in Super Mario All-Stars: Phanto will awake again, but another one won't fly in.
    5. JJ McCullough's artwork is very good!
    6. If you had to sell one video game, what would it be?
    7. This one's for Deezer: Since you already made an "interview" with Mario, why not make ones with the other characters?

    See ya!

    - Thomas

Deezer: 1. That's a very good question. 2. Oh, he was there. Mushroom Boy is indeed our mascot. 3. I know Charles Martinet voices Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario/Luigi, DK, Wario, and Waluigi. Jen Taylor voices Toad and Peach. Don't know about the rest. 4. Freaky. 5. I think so too. Check out more J.J. art at 6. Yoshi's Story. 7. I have plans for a Bowser interview. Or Luigi. David has a short Yoshi interview running on WTMK.

David Dayton: 1. I'll defer to Deezer on this one.
2. He's a mythical construct, and/or that annoying kid in Super Mario RPG.
3. Don't we have the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! credits around here somewhere? 4. Interesting.
5. See Deezer's commentary.
6. Well, I have an extra copy of Game & Watch Gallery 3 I've been trying to get rid of...
7. Yes. The Yoshi interview. I need to polish that up a bit...

Sapphira: 1) Deezer being lazy again? :P 3) Jen Taylor also does Daisy and I would assume Toadette. Forgot who does Yoshi and Bowser Jr. The others' voices I'd say are just sound effects. 4) Grooviness! 5) Indeed. I'm an artist too, but I tend to do more realism. ...If that's possible when drawing Nintendo characters. 6) Some lame one like NHL '98, or something, which I'd never play anyway. 7) I'll be waiting to see this, guys.

J.J.: 1-4) Boring! 5)I like drawing! Except the "fan art" I have on TMK really sucks, cause I drew it like, last century. 6) I would sell my copy of Earthbound, which is broken. But I wouldn't make that known.

MEGAߥTE: 6. I have 2 extra copies of Tetris (GB) and an extra copy of Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc 8 (GC) and Super Mario Collection (SFC). I also have a stack of Famicom games I'd like to sell.

Lizard Dude: Bill Walsh College Football, which does work. I don't have the business ethics(smarts?) of J.J.

Chupperson: 6. Wayne Gretzky Hockey for NES. 7. The Mario interview needs to be destroyed.

    Hello, He-Who-Is-Answering-The-"Weekly"-Mailbag: I read something on a certain website that it was legal for you to get ROMs for a game if you already own it, so where would you go to find ROMs for these games I own: Mario 64, Yoshi Story, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros?
    Or was this just a bum site with a wrong idea?


    - OwlWise

Deezer: Hahah, nice try.

David Dayton: Well, this is a tricky issue. You see, it's legal for you to make or have a copy of any game, movie, CD, book, or the like that you might own. However, it's not strictly legal for you to download a copy of something you own from a website, as the person making it available for download is breaking the copyright law in doing so. The odds are that if you did download a copy of something you already owned, you'd be safe in a court of law... but you never know.

Sapphira: O_o ..."He"?

J.J.: Drop the charade, Sapphira, we all know that's a wig.

MEGAߥTE: Bum site.

Lizard Dude: Statistically, We are He.

Chupperson: And He are We who flibber de lots bo gibble all day. ...Yeah.

    Yo I have found something cool in super mario rpg:legend of the seven stars. When you are in monstro town one of the doors is being blocked by a mystyrious force. Go to moleville and buy some fireworks and trade it for a shiny stone with the girl at the counter. Go back to monstro town and use the shiny stone on the door and it unlocks. Walk up farther and you will see a wierd looking guy named culex. He will challenge you to a battle. Accept and when you are fighting him it will play the battle music from final fantasy 2, and when you beat him it plays the final fantasy victory music. Beating culex is easy if you have the lazy shell armor and weapon. Just equip the armor on peach and have her keep using the star egg and heal when needed. It takes a while but be patient.

    Peace out,

    - Jack

Deezer: Phew... I thought you were going to say he was a Final Fantasy character.

David Dayton: He isn't, you know. He's unique to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Sapphira: Um...this is old news. And I NEVER use the Lazy Shell armor; the battle just drags on that way. I prefer the Safety Ring on Peach. She needs as much attack power as she can get.

J.J.: I remember how shocking the whole Culex thing was when I first discovered it. Of course, this was before the internet was around, so I reckon I learned it through word-of-mouth.

MEGAߥTE: You really don't have to tell us secrets from nearly decade-old games. Glitches, sure, but not things that have been published in every Nintendo-covering game magazine and site on this planet including our own (he's mentioned in Mariopedia, Guides & FAQs, Soundtracks, Mario in Japan, and SIX previous mailbags)... BTW, I beat Culex at level 16 with the Star Egg and no rings-- that sucked.

Lizard Dude: I liked the gaming situation before the internet was around, because people had to figure things out for themselves most of the time, unlike the rampant cheating that goes on today. On the other hand, games are now more accessible to the Weak so I'll allow more sales by Nintendo. On the third hand, massive pirating of GBA ROMs and such (you know who you are) have lessened sales more, and that's trés bad. But then TMK wouldn't exist. Hmm, I'll be lazy and support the status quo.

Chupperson: That music is from Final Fantasy IV. Stupid American Squaresoft people...


    I was wondering if u have any pictures of the Japanese SM64 that show the painting to Jolly Roger Bay. You know, the 1 with the blue frame & the bubbles.

    - Luigi Man

Deezer: There's one on this page.

David Dayton: Wow -- that screenshot features the "Mario in the floor" glitch in action.

Japanese Jolly Roger Bay Portrait,
featuring Mario below the surface of the floor

Deezer: Actually, Mario was crawling so he wouldn't obstruct the view.

Sapphira: Aww...he's become Baby Mario... ^_^

J.J.: I am confused as to how he knew about the picture's existence without viewing the page on which it is posted.

Lizard Dude: "Have you seen a rabbit?" "Did he have long ears like this? And a cute tail like this? And whiskers like this?" "Yes! Yes! Where is he?!?" "Myeeeh, haven't seen 'im, doc."

    I got cameo sightings for 1080 Avalanche.

    In Midnight City & Sid's Night Midi, there is a giant Mario ice sculpture at the end of the level.

    On the records screen. The three records for some course spell out "Bowser Rules".

    - joey368

Deezer: Hmm, we still need a screen shot of "BOW SER RLS".

David Dayton: If I owned the game, I'd gladly do that for you. It sounds like someone needs to visit David's List of Stuff.

Sapphira: *Rolls her eyes*

J.J.: Those wishlists are the most pathetic nerd-creation since Anime dress-up contests.

Chupperson: Eh, well, considering I already got the pictures of the Mario ice sculpture, the BOW SER RLS shouldn't be too hard. And I believe that course is either Trestle Trouble or Treble Tussle.

    Will there ever be a Gameboy 64? Is that even posable? Could there be a portable 64 bit system? And if there could be, do you think Nintendo would release games like Super Mario 64, Or Zelda 64! Would they warp them like they did with the Super Mario Advance Series?

    - Superchris129

Deezer: Well, I don't know about posable.

David Dayton: How about disposable then, Deezer?

Sapphira: *Poses Deezer* *Disposes David*

J.J.: I think a 3D gameboy would be confusing and frustrating. But I am sure they'll make it someday. And then there will be a whole generation who will grow up without knowing what 2D video games are like, and I will have to tell them long rambling anecdotes about Mega Man 3 from my rocking chair.

MEGAߥTE: Any bit-ness of handheld system is possible. Just because it's 64-bit doesn't mean SM64 or Zelda 64 would necessarily work with it. The number of bits is just the spec that used to get all the press, even though it's starting to mean little now (XBox is 32-bit just like most current PCs, but you don't expect the GBA to run those games for instance). That said, they will probably release ports of those games to a future handheld.

Lizard Dude: *scampers out of the way of J.J.'s cane*

Chupperson: Mega Man III rocks.

    Hey guys and girl.Wazz up.Your site is great.The best one out there.Anyway i have this Super Mario Sunshine thing it has Yoshi,Mario(duh),and FLUDD.Also I wanted to know if Wario is related to Mario.My brother thinks he is Mario's uncle.I am dying to know.Also how did the every two week mailbag go to the every two month mailbag no offense but are you guy's lazy or what sorry if you thought that was rude sorry.Thank You Very Much

    - Aragorn475

Deezer: According to the comics in Nintendo Power, Mario and Wario were boyhood friends. If memory serves, Wario never got to be the cop while playing "cops and robbers" or something like that, and was scarred for life.

David Dayton: The comics in Nintendo Power also imply that Mario grew up in the Mushroom Kingdom. I don't think the comics are canon. Then again... with the Mario universe, it's hard to tell exactly what is "canon".

Sapphira: *Shoots David out of a "canon"* Hooray! I've finally been recognized! ^_^ Actually, Mario and Wario were childhood rivals... Oh, and it SUUUURE seems to me like the mailbag is weekly now... -_-'

J.J.: I think the SML2 instruction manual has a line about how they were "friends since childhood" or something along those lines.

MEGAߥTE: Specifically, the manual said "He has been jealous of my popularity ever since we were boys, and has tried to steal my castle many times." (This is Mario speaking about Wario). The Valiant comics and Super Show say he was born in Brooklyn, yet Yoshi's Island screwed all that up, so really that argument is moot. And yes that was rude; we have plans to remedy the delays.

Lizard Dude: Time to enact Plan A. *feeds Sapphira Megavitamins*

Chupperson: None of the Nintendo Power comics are canon. *kicks Ashura Benimaru Itoh*

    I've played "Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga" and it is one of the best games Nintendo has released in years. Not only does it reunite Mario and Luigi in an innovative way, but every other inch of this game is as good as gold too. There are good references to Mario's past roles, special guest appearances, and how can you not like the scene in the beginning? If this was all Disney, it would be magic (doesn't it all seem like that to you?)

    - Robert Poole

Deezer: If it was Disney I would not buy it.

David Dayton: How about old Disney, as opposed to the evil thing that Eisner has created?

Sapphira: That's "If it WERE Disney..." >:P Oh, and thanks for reminding me again about my lack of M&L:SS.... :'(

J.J.: I think Sapphira uses dangerously high amounts of smilies.

Lizard Dude: Time to enact Plan B. *wipes the smile off of Sapphira's face*

Chupperson: *convulses in horror*

    Hey, thanks for the SMB3 patch. It works great, except for one thing: if you leave it on the map screen for too long, it locks up. Just a warning.

    - Eternal Phoenix

Deezer: You're supposed to play the levels, not dilly-dally on the map screen. Anyway, MEGAߥTE fixed the problems.

David Dayton: That's the problem with maps...

Sapphira: ....?

MEGAߥTE: There was a glitch where you couldn't duck in that patch, so while fixing that I also changed the music from "sound test." Redownload.

Lizard Dude: Must...obey...imperative...sentence...

Chupperson: *redownloads*

    I just read your section on the beta levels of smb3.

    1.I noticed that level 07 looked a lot like that level on the back of the box that never made it in.

    2.Do you think that there are levels like this in most games?

    3.If so do you plan to do other articles like this one.

    4.on an unrelated topic, I saw that screenshot for SMW for NES. And I was really shocked. I never knew that there were plans to make it for NES. Do you have any other information on that game?

    - Submerger326

Deezer: 1. Kinda sorta. Was still lacking the Parabeetles and Super Leaf power-up. 2. I don't know about "most" but definitely a lot. 3. Yes. 4. Somebody ported it SMW to NES. It was a pirate game. Unlicensed. Sold illegally. You get the idea.

David Dayton: I need to try to map out the Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 eReader levels. I'm curious as to whether or not any of them have any vague connection to lost levels. There was a Parabeetle level on one of the cards.

Sapphira: If you do, I'd like to see this map.

J.J.: I don't think the level even remotely resembles the one on the back of the boss, other than the fact that they both have green land. You should check out the "specials" page for more cool exposés of this sort.

MEGAߥTE: 1. Not at all. 2. There may be a couple test levels in most games, but not this magnitude of left overs. 3. Yes 4. If you want to own it in real life, good luck because it goes for over $80 on eBay on the rare occasions it does pop up.

Lizard Dude: *eats some Sonic Crackers*

Chupperson: SMW has a bunch of test levels that have blocks that spell TEST and then an arrow pointing down into a pit. Whee.

    1. How many Levels are really in Donkey Kong? I played the nes, downloaded the arcade, the gameboy, E-reader, Colecovision, and they all seem to have a different amount of levels!

    2. will they ever come out with the E-reader Superio Mario Bros. 1,2,3, Like they did with Mario bros. and Donkey Kong? That would be sweet!

    3. Do you guys like Mario & Luigi? Its a fun game and all but I thought Morio was going to be getting more Mature? Not more childish... I mean, when ever you switch from M to L, Or yourwepon, You always hear, Okie Dokie! Let's Go! Fire! Hammer! Sipn! Jump! It drives me crazy!

    4. Where did nintendo come up with that old Jump noise they make? DOINK! What is that? I love that!

    5. J.J. Sucks

    6. Where can you download the mario cartoon, Any of themwould be fine.

    7. Why don't you up date yoursite more often, When there was 5 of you, there was one every week! Noe there a whole ton of you people, and the mailbag get upgraded every 2 months!

    But the site is still great, though it's lost its luster. Ive looked at pretty much everything there is to see (ecpt that "secret page) when new games come out, put them up!

    - Superchris129

Deezer: 1) The arcade game had four different levels. When it was ported to all the game systems in the early 80's, the so-called "pie factory" stage was removed (most of the time) because of limited space in game cartridges. 2) Ask Nintendo. 3) Totally awesome, isn't it? 4) Hmm, I always heard it as DOING. 7) Because #tmk is evil.

David Dayton: A few home versions of Donkey Kong had the fourth screen; notable the Atari 800/XL/XE version. I have that game, and I really need to get some screenshots of it.


Stage 1 (Platforms)

Stage 2 (Elevators)

Stage 3 (Factory - the "missing stage")

Stage 4 (Rivets)
What is interesting is that Nintendo's home releases of the game generally fail to follow the arcade stage order. In the arcade, you first played Stage 1 and 4, then you played 1, 2, and 4, and once you did that you played stages 1, 2, 3, and 4. In other words, you wouldn't actually see Stage 3 (the Factory) until you had finished seven stages of the game (1, 4, 1, 2, 4, 1, 2).

Sapphira: 2) "Superio Mario Bros."? Never heard of it. ;P I highly doubt they'd do SMB2 and 3, though, considering they were already remade on the GBA. 3) *Bursts into tears again* You people sure are cruel to me... 5) Doesn't EVERYTHING that has lips? 7) Indeed it is, Deez-man. :/

J.J.: Geez, you people and your annoying list questions.

MEGAߥTE: 1. I don't think it was truly due to limited space, just a poor porting job. 2. That would take a lot of cards... 6. Not here, that's illegal. 7. There was never a weekly mailbag when there was 5 of us. Answering stupid questions like this slows us down from productive site work...

Lizard Dude: I like how 5 + 2 = a whole ton.

Chupperson: The mailbag hasn't ever been upgraded. It will soon, though... heheheh...

    Look at this:

    - joey368

Deezer: I included this to give myself the opportunity to say, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, WE KNOW MARIO AND YOSHI APPEAR IN Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes SO YOU CAN STOP MAILING ME ABOUT IT. Nice link joey368, thanks for writing.

David Dayton: Yes, we've known about this little cameo for a while now.

Sapphira: O_o *Deezer explodes*?

J.J.: Deezer is stealing my bit.

Lizard Dude: I wonder if Raiden is in The Twin Snakes. [Editor's Note: Lizard Dude does not actually wonder. It was just sort of a joke. Do not write and explain whether Raiden is in The Twin Snakes or not. Thank you.]

    Hi TMK,

    I just noticed that in Mario Golf 64, the Boo Valley stage is called "Boo Clasic" in Tournament mode, while it should be "Boo Classic" (One S more).

    - Drake

Deezer: I remember when I first saw that, I thought, "Must be one of those golf terms... Nintendo couldn't screw up something like that." Well, they did.

David Dayton: They really need to finish processing my application and hire me.

Sapphira: Heheheheh...

J.J.: Don't they have that paper clip character at NOA?

MEGAߥTE: Cla[sic]

Lizard Dude: I can't beat that.

    Hi I'm lwelyk I've never written to you before... Well anyway back to the point. On the level 5-1 of yoshi's Island go to the underground part of the level with a penguin in your mouth go to the middle ring. Jump into it but right before you touch it spit out the penguin. If done correctly yoshi's mouth will look like there is something still in it.You can lick but can't get anything in your mouth. When you leave the game turns back to normal. Well see ya! Keep up the good work!

    - Kyle L.

Deezer: Sounds cool, I'll have to try it.

David Dayton: More glitches to confirm! Whee.

Sapphira: @_@ Craziness

J.J.: "Never writing before" should be the rule, not the exception. This isn't some sort of hokey sports radio call-in show where we want a bunch of "returning" people. One question per person per lifetime is enough!

Lizard Dude: That is, unless you have more new glitches or such.

Chupperson: Or free chocolate for me, or something.

    What up!

    1.) Would any TV station ever run the mario cartoons again?

    2.) Did you know that if you have a pcs vision phone, you can download the SMB ringtone?

    3.) Sapphira, would you like to come over anytime to talk mario?

    - coolcdm

Deezer: 1.) I heard the "Pop" channel in the UK is running them.

David Dayton: I) Maybe. 2) I've heard the SMB theme ringing from many different kinds of phones. Tres) I think you guys need to leave our Sapphy alone for a bit.

Sapphira: Indeed, David... It's tough being the only girl here... -_-' *Dies*

J.J.: God, why do you people like those Mario cartoons so much? They suck! and 3) this is exactly why I was opposed to including a female into anything TMK-related.

Lizard Dude: Darn Canadians and their discriminatory hiring processes.

Chupperson: Stay away from my sister!

    Hi, I receive a monthly comic called "KoroKoro Comic". Anyways, they're known for giving valuable game information and items away (For example, a while back, they gave out information on how to get rare Pokemon). So, looking at the cover of two of them, they said that a special E-reader card would be included. Sure enough, one had a card for a 100-UP mushroom and the other a course card for "???????????" (translated as "The Revenge of the Airship"). I don't have the game, so it wouldn't be any use to me plus, it's probably intended for the Japanese cartridge only. Below I provided a cut-and-dry translation of what is written on the cards and packets:

    ----For the 100-UP mushroom:
    CARD: 100-UP Mushroom [Nothing more than that]
    PACKET: 3 Points to Beat Koopa!!
    1. Suddenly, Surprisingly 100-UP!
    First, scan the E-reader card and Mario gill gain 100 lives. With this many, it's sure that you'll win. 2. Don't Waste These and Die!!
    Just because there's a lot of lives left, don't die for nothing! Practice levels that are hard for you.
    3. If You Can't Beat It, Run Through It!!
    If there's a level that you have given up on, here's a nifty technique. Upon entering a stage, use a Super Leaf and dash. Because a stage is short, you can still take a little damage and clear the level.

    ----For the Revenge of the Airship
    CARD: The Revenge of the Airship
    Advance coins: 5
    Course level: 3

    PACKET: [Right side] Mario Part
    1. Data Select
    How do you use a course card? Go to the data select screen and go to the course card E option.
    2. Cross the Bridge
    When you're at the right side of the screen, go across the bridge to the right and enter the warp zone. You will get a message. Now swipe the card!
    3. Let's Start! Once the card is read, a new course will appear. Now you can enjoy a whole new adventure. If you save, you can enter the level without the card later too!

    I included the pictures of these and thank you very much for taking the time to read this excruciatingly long E-mail.

    - Nameneko

Deezer: Very cool, thanks. Sometimes I don't know what Nintendo is thinking. "I know we added even more ways to get 1-ups in Super Mario Advance 4, but let's make a 100-up e-card too!"

David Dayton: In the USA, the "Revenge of the Air Ship" card was only released in the Wal-Mart version of the game. If anyone has the Wal-Mart cards and no eReader, feel free to send them to me.

Sapphira: Woah, awesomeness! 100-Up? O_o That's just insane...

J.J.: I didn't bother reading that excruciatingly long E-mail.

MEGAߥTE: Yes, 100-up is ridiculous. I love the "With this many, it's sure that you'll win." and the "Don't Waste These and Die!! Just because there's a lot of lives left, don't die for nothing!" though.

Lizard Dude: Video games have devalued human life. Let's make a petition.

Chupperson: I have like 375 lives in SMA2 and like 532 lives in SMA3.

    Dear TMK Mailbag guy,

    How did Megabyte find out about all those hidden levels in Super Mario Brothers 3?

    - Phantaz

Deezer: As I mentioned on the page, I first found out about them in Mario Improvement 3.

David Dayton: What he said.

Sapphira: Umm...yeah.

Lizard Dude: Ah, but nobody answered the question. MEGAߥTE found out about them by hearing it from Deezer.

Chupperson: I found out about them from that other patch some other guy did.

    Er, sorry that I had to add on to the very long E-mail I sent, but I looked on your site yesterday (2-19-04) and I noticed that someone askd about the origin of the name 'Yoshi'. Basically, you had the right idea that yoshi (?) meant 'good'. However, because the Japanese language is largely grammatically different than the English language, the yoshi in "yoshi, ikou" would not appropriately fit into the same category as the okay in "okay, let's go" (although translated, they mean the same thing). Regarding the name Yoshi, in Japanese, it's written ????, which when written in Romaji (Roman letters), it would say, "Yosshii". This is becuase the small letter "thu" is sort of a jump, or quick breathe, at the end of whatever syllable it's after (In the case of Yoshi, it would come after yo). The line at the end is used for lengthening the letter before. In this case, the "i" at the end of "shi" would be lengthened to be "shi-i." The name Yoshi is not really connected to the term for good either. Yoshi is more or less a nickname for someone. Just like a girl named Michiko could be called Micchii, a boy named Yoshio could be called Yosshii. Thank you for taking the time to read this too.

    NOTE: The word Yosshii is not a misspelling. Read the letter if you don't understand.

    PS: Being half-Japanese and respecting my culture very seriously, I don't exactly appreciate the racist remark that Domingo G. made in the mailbag. And a note, I think that he has North Korea (Which has the nuclear weapons) mixed up with Japan (Which is helping with other countries to get them out of N.K.).

    - Nameneko

Deezer: Hi again. Japanese continues to fascinate me.

David Dayton: We get idiots writing in all the time! Keep your eyes open -- perhaps you'll be the next lucky person to win SPOT THE IDIOT! (tm)

Sapphira: AHAHA! Thanks for the info, Nameneko! Indeed, Japanese never ceases to fascinate me, either. Oh, and I do realize that "Yoshi" is actually a nickname in Japanese. I was just stating that I've heard it used as an actual word before, which probably had nothing to do with his name. Kinda like "bob" means "to move up and down," yet it's also a nickname for "Robert."

J.J.: Who the hell is Domingo G? I'm fairly sure I was the one making the racist coments.

MEGAߥTE: Obviously you didn't RTFA I linked.

Lizard Dude: Excellent analogy, Sapphira.

    "- Matt "The Eggman" Briner"

    This character submitted an e-amil to the mailbag entitled "5.1 on the humor scale."

    He was typing about something to do with SMB defeating SMB3. This man is not the TEM from the TMK forums that we all know and love. This man is a fan of Dr. Robotnik's Japanese counter part Eggman. I am usernamed after a character from a little rhyme. He is Eggman. I am TheEggMan. Just wanted everyone who answers and reads the mailbag to know that was not me.

    Now to some relevant videogame stuff.

    Are any of you mailbag answerers Battlefield fans? I loved Battlefield: 1942, and plan to buy Battlefield: Vietnam. My favorite feature was the ability to co-operate a vehicle with someone else on my team from another state or country, what was yours?

    And what is your favorite fruit?

    With fond feelings towards kiwis,

    - TEM

Deezer: Hmm... bananas.

David Dayton: I fail to see any sort of Mario related question in that.

Sapphira: Battlefield? Not familiar with that. Eww! Bananas?! O_o Ooh, Kiwis are good. As are stawberries, cherries and peaches.

J.J.: I hate computer games. And most video games too. And I hate you.

Lizard Dude: I also like kiwis. 1942 is better than Halo. My favorite feature is the aircraft system. I fail to see the requirement that mailbag letters be Mario related.

Chupperson: Apples, strawberries, or watermelons. Someone needs to market watermelon juice.

    I found this picture of a Luigi(?) in a nickelodeon magazine..but it actually resembles more of Duigi (me) than Luigi. The old version of Duigi has the same colors...exactly the same. But it could also be Luigi with the shadow turning the white into yellow. Id be happy if you put this into your Mario cameo section.

    - Duigi

Deezer: ...

David Dayton: I don't think that's a cameo as much as an allusion.

Sapphira: I'd like to quote Deezer on this one.

J.J.: Um... so you go around dressed in an orange hat and green overalls? Oookay...

Lizard Dude: It's a definite Sighting, but without more info on which issue and page and context it appeared in, I won't be posting it.

Chupperson: Say what?

    I wish to confirm a glitch sent in the previous (19 February 2004) mailbag concerning Super Mario Sunshine in Gelato Beach. For those who cannot remember the giltich or didn't read about it, it involves ground-pounding the foot-shaped impression from a Dune-bud as it sinks. However, the information was incomplete. There are several variations possible, consisting of short teleportation (of different heights, depending on timing) upward and falling, and one which involved the camera looking upward to see a small white streak coming downward, the camera vibrating rapidly viewing the sun, and then panning (moving) downward from a view of the whole island down to Mario, standing where he was before. The glitch also works with Yoshi, but if you jump off Yoshi, you will fall forever towards the sun. As for the 20-15 minute fall, I doubt it is true. Each fall (or camera sequence) excluding the ditching of Yoshi, takes less than 15 seconds in all of my attempts. More proof of the 20 minute fall being untrue is that after about 3-5 seconds of speeding downward, the fall significantly accelerates to triple the speed of Mario's decent.


    - Ian [who favors Luigi]

Deezer: Cool.

David Dayton: Nifty.

Sapphira: Groovy.

J.J.: I have this game, but never play it.

Lizard Dude: Poor Mario. The laws of physics are against him.

Chupperson: I still need to get the manhole glitch documented. >XP

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