10 Jul 2006
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Did you guys think New SMB kinda..sucked?
I did.
- Kyler Daugherty

MEGAߥTE: Certainly not. It wasn't necessarily the end-all of Mario games, but it didn't "suck."

Lizard Dude: No way. It was what we've been waiting for (and people have been complaining for) for years and years. During the N64 and early to mid Gamecube era, everyone whined and whined in the mailbag and forum that there were no new 2D Mario games. That's all they wanted, they said, and yet none ever came. Now we have, what, Super Princess Peach, NEW Super Mario Bros., Yoshi's Island 2, and Super Paper Mario? Your collective prayers have finally been answered. As for the game itself, I thought that NSMB strongly evoked the spirit of the original SMB, brought back tons of neat enemies (Boomerang Bros., anybody?) and had lots of secrets and tricks. Plus the multiplayer minigame mode is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I've had on DS, and that's saying a lot. So nah, didn't suck.

Deezer: I liked it.

Chupperson: New Super Mario Bros. excels at what it attempts to be, which is a 2D Mario platformer. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Sapphira: Am I the only one who hasn't played it yet? ;_;

Chupperson: Where have you been?

Did you know The Wizard DVD is coming out August 29?
- Jax

MEGAߥTE: Yep. I wonder why Germany got it years ago and we're only getting it now.

I bought the "How to draw Nintendo Characters" book a few years back, and I have constantly been puzzled. Who is "Kerog"? It is shown as Bowser, but the name doesn't seem familiar to me... is it another japanese name for bowser, such as "Koopa"? (I know that's what his name used to be.) Thank you for your time.
- Jesse Smith

MEGAߥTE: I believe they just make a mistake, though I don't know where they got the name "Kerog" from-- it does show up in Japanese occasionally as a name translated from "Kellog," but I don't know what that has to do with anything. "Kero" is Japanese for the sound frogs make, which isn't a very good connection, but it's the most likely thing I can find.

Lizard Dude: This was covered in past mailbags, if you want to search for more info. We didn't get too much concrete information, but there were a few more interesting possibilities of where the name came from.


I'm always looking for pictures of weird Mario products and I found one that's a real DOOZY. It's pictures of the vinyl soundtrack to the animated Mario Movie. 1 2
Okay yeah that's interesting... but look at this: 3
Hey a little comic inside the sleeve. Wait, what's Mario saying?!! let's look a little closer... 4
Oh God no! 5
I didn't doctor these images at all I have nothing to gain by doing so. Ha ha I just thought maybe you'd find them interesting.
- Shmorky

David Dayton: The perils of barely mastering a foreign language.

Sapphira: Why is this in the mailbag? The profanity in those links makes my eyes bleed. !stab Shmorky

MEGAߥTE: More like, the perils of licensing your characters.

Chupperson: It's in the mailbag because Shmorky sent it to us, and it's an interesting look at what can go awry when you make random animes and then make soundtracks from them. Or something.

Lizard Dude: The classic swear-words-not-having-as-much-impact-in-foreign-languages situation.

Tmk mailbag,
I found some interesting stuff about SMB3 on the NES. You probably know that when you get hit by an enemy, you get smaller and momentarily invincible. I found out that the invincibility that you get when Tanooki/frog/hammer brother/raccoon/fiery Mario turns into super Mario is longer than when Super Mario turns into tiny Mario.
Another thing. Remember the SMB3 lost levels? you made an article about it. you said for one of those levels there were some cloud platforms that never made it in the final game. I'm pretty sure I saw those somewhere in Sky world(5). Am I right? And another thing about the tower in sky world and the ice block glitch, how you go through the side of the pipe. If you go through the tower(from bottom to top) with a power wing, when you get to the first place with all the gold blocks, there are 2 gold blocks beside the tube. if you fly up and break these, and keep flying up to break all the ones above it, you'll notice some brick pieces flying out of the background. There's stuff behind the background? How?! Maybe this relates to the white blocks... Does it?
Anywho, I tried the ice block trick, where Mario goes through beside the tube, I think he goes behind the background there as well. But you can still see fiery Mario's fireballs, just as you could still see the pieces of flying brick in the tower. He seems to be forever falling behind the background, for the scrolling effect is that of a falling Mario. What confuses me is that Mario can scroll off the level when he goes left, but can't go all the way right. I can sometimes see a paragoomba off to the left of the screen around the blue bricks. I also discovered that with Tanooki Mario, you can stomp on the annoying flying little round balls in the castles. Just turn into a statue, and stomp on it while you're still a statue for 100 points. I can't remember, but this also might work with the fireballs that shoot out of the lava and the ghosts. Maybe even the Thwomps?
Also I once unlocked a white toad house in world 1 Grass land, and since then, whenever I do 1-4, The white toad house will appear, regardless of weather I have 44 coins or not! How come?
Something else neat is using warp whistles. I assume you all know about those. I discovered you can get filthy rich using these whistles if you're really good and patient! In world 6 Ice land I discovered you can warp back to world 5 Sky land(I'd stay in ice land and get some stuff from toad houses and things like that before warping) and do Sky land over again for more stuff, and another Jugems cloud from the princess too! Then you beat it, go back to world 6 Ice land and get even more stuff! This works in world 8 Dark land too. Do some stuff in world 8 and warp back to dark land and get more stuff!
This is about SMB1. Is there a Negative 2 and three(-2 and -3)?
About the NES. What's a game genie?
Here's some Tmk related stuff. How come there's an ?in the top left corner at the URL And what is the secret site? Is it accessible by a link from tmk or do you have to write something in the URL to get there? What's on the secret site? Is it intended for staff only? Can you give us hints? WHAT IS IT?!?!?!?! Sorry. It's driving me CrAzY!!!! You can probably see that. I should probably stop this E-mail before I get even more CrAzY!
- Anonymous contributor.

David Dayton: SMB only has a "-1" level, and that's only due to a bug in the game.

Chupperson: I thought we told people what the Secret Site was in a previous mailbag.

Deezer: Re: SMB3 lost levels: World 5-6 does have those platforms, but not stacked as seen in lost level #15. I just now added "stacked" to the map description to make it less vague.

MEGAߥTE: There is a -2 and -3 in the Famicom Disk System version. A Game Genie is a device that changes specific memory location values in a video game, allowing you to perform very minor "hacks" of games, and was usually used as a cheating device.

Hey guys. I would like to share something I came across the other day:
Because of the lack of of Gameucbe games being released, I decided to pick up Super Mario Sunshine, and mess with my Action Replay. Some friends told me about the beta level accessible by entering a cheat, and then starting up the game. I did this, and noticed some things:
There is a very odd looking Noki with no limbs. As well as many Piantas, and upon talking to them they respond 'Error: Message could not be loaded!'.
Of course, the most interesting thing of this beta world is the giant erupting Mushroom, which appeared in the trailer of Super Mario Sunshine, back at Spaceworld 2001. If you never turn left, and stand idle you can watch the Mushroom man run from a distance, and erupt gook. However, if you run up to him, he will run into a pit and stand there. His weak spot (which is the top of his head) is then exposed, and if you jump on top of it, he will shrivel up and explode into a mess of paint.
Sorry if this has been brought to your guys' attention before, I just thought it was interesting. You should try it if you happen to have an Action Replay handy, and havn't tried this already.
The requried code is ' JKGN-DDJZ-D58XJ FYUM-N4P3-QJUPC'
Peace out, and keep RAWKIN',
- Kaepora Ocelot

David Dayton: I suppose I could consider trying that at some point -- it does sound interesting.

Chupperson: I've always been interested in the beta mushroom enemy. Perhaps I should get an AR and try this out.

Sup TMK,
Anyways, as I must give you this little finding of mine, I seem to have uncovered a photo of a beta map screen from the New Super Mario Bros. manual. The shot shows that the image for each world was different in the beginning stages, and the outer surronding color was green, not grey like in the final. Anyways, hope you can find this little bit neat and handy with finding out more about the Mario games.
- Com

MEGAߥTE: Thanks for the info guys. We're always looking for beta information and should have some updates for you soon.

Where will you guys place your Wii when you purchase one? You have any special area near the TV for your consoles?
- Vidgmchtr (Missing: eoaeeae)

MEGAߥTE: I don't have any special areas for game systems. If I use it on my TV, I'll probably put it on top of that. If I connect it to my computer monitor/sound, I'll probably put it on my computer tower -- it's kinda like having another CD drive.

Chupperson: Somewhere on here.

Deezer: I haven't figured that out yet, but I'm sure I'll keep my Wii in the vertical position. Why stop now?

Sapphira: I kind of just group my consoles around the TV wherever they fit.

Lizard Dude: I don't plan that far ahead into the future.

I believe that this wonderful site has made a mistake. I was listening to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island music in the midis section to a song entitled Bonus Games. I don't think this song is entitled right. Isn't that song of when you finish a level in the game and your points get tallied up? I think that the bonus game music has more of a carnival sound to it. Also do you think you could update the Paper Mario page? That game has been out for years and I believe that you know what Mario's Pad is not a giant Koopa shell. Thank you!
- Blooshoe

MEGAߥTE: You are correct. Thanks for catching that!

There's this version of Mario that you guys may already know about. It's called Mario Forever and its for the PC only. It includes a whole storyline, 8 worlds, plus 2 hardcore worlds and a new minigame called Mario Minix where you battle goombas, koopas, and spikeys as they fall from the sky! Extremely great remake or fan version (whatever you call it). Buziol Games did an absolutely fantastic job of making this game. It includes music from a ton of Mario games and graphics slightly better than the graphics from Super Mario 64. It's very challenging and best of all its FREE! If one was to just stumble upon this game on the internet, you'd think it was from Nintendo themselves. It's available to download at You can check out the official website for Buziol Games to see some more screenshots and get more info. The only downside: it comes with this toolbar which you have to install and can't remove unless you remove the game itself as well. Luckily I haven't seen any alerts about spyware contained in the toolbar. If you guys already knew about this then sorry to bother you but I felt it was too great of a game to not spread the news about.
- Brandon

MEGAߥTE: Yep, Mario Forever was nicely done.

Dearest Mushroom Staves (Pl. form of staff, to the ignoramuses in the audience.):
If you are reading this; then I am already dead. This is probably because of Nintendo sending an asassin to scilence me and cover up my startling discovery forever. What is this discovery, you ask? It is that Luigi is... an Oompa Loompa! *everyone gasps!*
This fact dawned upon me one evening in my study as my thoughts wandered to "In SMB, Luigi wore white overalls. What a strange colour! Oompa Loompas also wear white overalls. They also both wear green shirts, have green hair, and orange skin! With all these similarities, reason follows that Luigi is a...!" Now, you may be wondering at this point, "Why, Professor? Why not just use the Luigi from Mario Bros.; who is oh so obviously human?" I shall educate you on this matter: that Luigi was........ MURDERED! *More gasps!* Well, not nesscessarily, but he did leave this plane of exiistance on one fateful night in November of 1984. The most popular theories amongst my peers are that an insane player one murdered him because his gaming partner always outscored him, that he went on a quest accross time and space just for the heck of it, and that Ms. Peacock did it in the kitchen with the lead pipe.
And now, you may be wondering "But why an Oompa Loompa, Professor?" Why, For these reasons:
A: The game was so close to budget that Nintendo had to cast the cheapest talent available, and Oompa Loompas were so out of work at the time that they would do anything for a chocolate bobnbon. (This is also why the only thing to disguise the actor's Oompitude was a hat.)
B: They needed a rather small actor.
With this knowledge; the responsibility is all yours to see to it that this conspiracy reaches light.
Wishing my E-mail luck,
Post script: Upon examination of the scene of my death FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE; I found evidence that points to one of you MK Staves as the asassin.
The evidence is as follows:
Eight strands of red hair,
Three sheets of music,
Forty-five centimetres of piano wire (presumably the murder weapon),
And a hankerchief monogrammed with the initials "L.D.".
Using this evidence, I have determined that the perpetraitor was........ CUPPERSON!
Post-post script: What are your three favourite films? Mine are Citizen Kane, Kung Fu Hustle and Clue.
Post-post-post script: Do you like anime? If so, what are your all-time favourites? Mine are Azumanga Daioh, Case Closed, Slayers, Trigun, and Pita-Ten (fan-subbed), in no particular order.
Post-post-post-post script: Is Yoshisaurus Rex still planning on writing that fic about you? Because I have some ideas that I think would be pretty good for it...
- "Professor Deepthrought" (Age Twelve!)

Chupperson: I'm glad I wasn't implicated in this crime.
I think "staff" is the proper plural here.
P.P.S. Tron and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and Princess Mononoke are probably up there in the "favorites" right now. The last may be due simply to it being the last movie I've seen and liking it a great deal.
P.P.P.S. Aside from my aforementioned affinity for Miyazaki films, yes, Lizard Dude made me like Yakitate!! Japan.

MEGAߥTE: P.P.S. Films are so varied; I wouldn't be able to narrow it down to just three. I can, however, say that my list wouldn't include any of your favorites.
P.P.P.S. I'm finding that I like BeeTrain produced shows. Madlax is my favorite anime so far.

Sapphira: dot dot dot
P.P.S. Rocketman and Goldmember have always been up on my "favorites" list. Um...Star Wars movies (particularly the original trilogy and Ep. 3)... Recently I watched The Incredibles and The Lake House, and those were really good. I wouldn't say I have a particular "favorite" movie, but there are many I like.
P.P.P.S. Never really seen any, so I don't know. *GASP*
P.P.P.P.S. :o

Chupperson: He said three favorite, not eight...
I wanted to add that it's hard for me to name a "favorite" of almost anything, so my list may be a trifle inaccurate. But for the moment, I don't think it is.

Lizard Dude: Man I hate it when the piano wire gets all tangl-- Oh, hello. My favorite movie is Kung Pow: Enter the Fist and my favorite anime is Yakitate Japan!!. Midori no Hibi (aka Midori Days) and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (aka The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) tie for second place.

do you put other peoples walkthroughs and guides on this website or is it all you guys. I could add a lot on mario kart games.
please reply
- james bertolli

MEGAߥTE: We do, if they are good enough. Hopefully yours are better written than your letter...

Everyone knows that Donkey Kong was released in 1981, but I can never find out when in 1981 it was released. Is there any known month or date? I recall hearing something about June but I'm not certain, and I have no clue to the date.
- luciapep

Deezer: We're not sure either. I've asked Nintendo of America about this before, but they "do not have any information concerning the first Donkey Kong arcade game." I find it odd that no one at NOA knows the date of their most important game release of all time.

Say, why don't you have the speedrun for Super Mario Brothers by Trevor Seguin, Andrew Gardikis, or Carlos Krueger? Or why don't you fix the Super Mario Sunshine description in the History? Oh well. Anyway, nice site.
- Carlos Krueger

MEGAߥTE: The emulation section in general has been on the back burner for a while. We'll consider adding those in the future.

Deezer: What's wrong with the Super Mario Sunshine description in the History?

Chupperson: What's the History?

Lizard Dude: What's taters, precious?

Can't remember it well, but it was a parody picture of the Super Mario Bros. 2 boxart. The best I can remember was "Super Mario Madness!" and Mario's boot had a hole in it, and he was holding a rotten carrot instead of a fresh whatever. I saw it at my uncles one day, alooooong time ago. Have you seen it before? If you have the pic I'd like to see it again.
- GK

David Dayton: No, I haven't seen it. Perhaps someone else has and will write in about it?

Good morning, evening, or whatever this is for all y'all.
Okay, let's see. You guys commented on some of my stuff last time. Here's my responces to your responces.
As to why I named my Nintendo DS "Dennis": say Dennis to yourself. The D and the S sounds come out a little, don't they? See? Also, keep in mind that you're dealing with someone who named an inanimate object, so it doesn't have to make sence! ;)
I haven't been lucky enough to play Super Mario RPG for more then an hour or so... total, I think. I haven't seen the ending, either.
In regards to Sapphira's quote "In PM2, it seemed like she did more risky things, so I don't see how you could say that." It's a really good point, as Bowser didn't want to hurt Princess Peach, but the X-Nauts, well... what did they care as long as she still "worked", y'know? More or less, I wanted her to have a bigger impact on how Mario's quest went. The whole Magical Map thing hurt it for me :( I like Peach. Maybe I built myself up for this whole thing where Peach gets a gun, kills off a few X-Nauts, then blows up the entire space station or something... okay, not that important of a role, but still.
Let me be honest, I don't have a new question or anything, so that's it!
- Stumper and Dennis

David Dayton: I like cheese.

Chupperson: Play Super Princess Peach.

Deezer: Why do we let David answer mailbags again?

Sapphira: What Chup said. I like meat.

I was reading the "History of Mario" page and noticed that in "The look," the reason for Mario's white gloves was missing. In the Mario Mania Nintendo Player's Guide interview with Miyamoto, he (Miyamoto) said everything that's already listed in "The look," but he also mentioned that Mario had white gloves because "white contrasts better with the colorered backgrounds." Just thought I'd throw in my two bits...
- Floydweirdo

Deezer: I remember that. It seems this Miyamoto fellow knows what he is doing.

Dear, TMK,
I think your site is the best Mario fansite ever. This year's E3 2006 had a lot of impressive Mario games to show off. In your opinion, which one do you think was your favorite? (In my opinion it was a tie between Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers Brawl)
- Alex

MEGAߥTE: Nothing was outright amazing to me, but Super Mario Galaxy was the best Mario game shown at E3. Even though I'm sure Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be totally awesome and I'm looking forward to that most, I won't count that for this year because it wasn't playable.

Chupperson: Super Mario Galaxy was the most fun I had at this year's E3.

Sapphira: Galaxy looks most enticing to me, but SSBB and Yoshi's Island 2 look like they'll be a lot of fun, too. The only thing that concerns me about YI2 is why the dukar they have Baby Donkey Kong in it.

Chupperson: Because... he's a good idea? He makes Yoshi's eggs more powerful. And he makes Yoshi unable to duck. Go Baby Donkey Kong!

Lizard Dude: I anticipate WarioWare: Smooth Moves with the greatest excitement.

Hey TMK guys. I have two things to say.
1. In the most recent mailbag you asked who Belltop was. He's that guy from Mario Party 3 in the duel stages, where if you passed him the number on his head would count down until a duel minigame started.
2. I've gotten to the secret page and it's pretty cool, but are you ever going to add more stuff to it? I noticed you changed some things but it's still not a very interesting page.
- pokemario

Deezer: 2. Maybe. I'd rather focus on the content everybody can find.

I'm a loyal fan of your site and I love the Mariopedia. I do however have one question. WHEN WILL IT BE UPDATED WITH STUFF FROM THE RECENT GAMES? Sorry to yell, but I am writing a Mario fic and I need all the characters I can get. So any idea when you guys will update it?
- simquim

MEGAߥTE: Mariopedia got too big to easily manage without a database. We're solving that problem right now, and hope to have an updated Mariopedia very soon. It will take some time after that to add entries for new games, but we hope you'll be pleased with the results when we finally do finish!

Sapphira: x___x

Deezer: I plan to relaunch the Mariopedia this month. After that, we'll... wait, where'd Sapph go?... Oh no, man down! Man down!

Dear TMK,
Where can I mail glitches to you? I have some glitches for Super Mario 64 DS.
- Nathan

MEGAߥTE: Just mail them to staff. We'll be trying to update the glitches section soon. For now, enjoy some of the ones that other readers have sent in:

One time while playing the game back in 1993 on Super Nintendo, American Version of both the console and the game cartridge, I was in one of the levels on the Bowser Area, and Yoshi's form changed into something that looked like he was wearing the gear of one of the football players from the level... I haven't been able to find any information on this online, and of course since it was 12 years ago I don't have any pictures or anything...
I was wondering if you had any information on this?
- Andrew

MEGAߥTE: David Wonn's Unique Video Game Glitches has this information:

Okay, go into Cheese Bridge Area with a Yoshi. Go down that blue pipe. When you get out, go left until you come to this screen.
From there, run left and kick away Yoshi (UP+Y) and if you want, press A while in mid-air while in the middle of the bridge on the left and the rail to the right. Occasionally, you will grab an invisible rail and move right. You will fall off. Finish the level and this is what you will see when you come out of the level.
Just enter any level now and you'll be riding on a weird thing like this.

Deezer: I've never been able to reproduce that glitch. >:-\

I came home from China last year, and since Mom wouldn't buy a Gamecube I fired up my old Nintendo 64 and killed time by playing SM64. I found out some pretty wild ways to get Stars:
1. (My favorite) Tall Tall Mountain, Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside This star has you slide down the hidden slide on the mountain, right? Forget about that slide. Instead, go backwards from the starting point, grab the mushroom at the edge of the course and long-jump off the mountain. A gust of wind will send you to the area with a Mario-Chucker. Get rid of it, then face the cliff where you were blown up from. Jump off, then use the jump-kick like the double jump in SSBM to get into the alcove with the Star. This actually works. My brother's jaw dropped wide open when I showed him this trick.
2. Snowman's Land (the second one), Star 4 ( I think): Whirl Over the Freezing Pond Forget about whirling, man. To the right of the entrance to the Freezing Pond is a tree. Handstand on it, jump off towards the right barrier hill of the Pond to land on the slope. Jump, then jump and dive. This lands you on top of the edge of the pond. Run over to the box with the Star, and grab a few Red coins on the way.
3. Snowman's Land (the second one), Star 3: In the Deep Freeze It's possible to jump from the steep hill that serves as a course barrier straight onto the Deep Freeze using the Koopa Shell. Alternately, fire the cannon at the Freeze when the fuzzy rim is touching the edge of the brick to land on top of the giant ice cube. It may take a few tries.
By the way, it's possible on Rainbow Ride to create a Star with the 100th coin, grab it and fall into oblivion. Mario lands on the bottom of the course and does his victory dance and everything, only he dies immediately after you finish with the "save?" dialog box. It's also possible to see the "bottom" of a course (and even crash onto it) by accelerating downwards at full speed on the Wing Cap course.
I'll be back with more crazy Stars once my home computer starts functioning again.
- Tsornin

David Dayton: I really need to go finish Super Mario 64 DS at some point.

I have found a glitch in "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga." First, find two areas in which the music changes if you go to the other area, or find a warp pipe. Then exit to the other area or enter the pipe while a Bros. Technique is being used (enter as Small Mario, Luigi-pants-on-fire, etc.) The music will stay the same instead of changing. Example: Start at the Jellyfish Sisters' House (Relaxation Room), become Small Mario, exit, you should now be outside where the tropical theme usually plays, but that village/town theme keeps on going! Even after battling! NOTE: I don't think it works with the jumping techniques.
- Alan Wong

David Dayton: Nifty keen!

These glitches in Super Mario Sunshine are all Yoshi-related, so you can try all of them in Delfino Plaza.
1. Floating Fruit: Flick out Yoshi's tongue to eat a fruit. After it is on his tongue, but before he swallows it, press X to jump off of Yoshi. His tongue will disappear, and the fruit will float in midair! Even weirder: You can jump back on him and go anywhere else in the stage. Flick out your tongue, and the fruit will fly out of his mouth, and he will eat it again! Or, you can jump off again, and the fruit will float again. This can be useful if you're going a long way where yoshi's juice meter will decrease.
2. 50% Fruit Juice, 50% Water: Spit out some juice and have it hit the ground in a puddle. Jump off Yoshi before the puddle evaporates, and it will lose its color and turn into water from FLUDD. You can also do this in reversed order: turn water into juice.
3. Uhuh, whatever: While riding Yoshi, you can talk to someone and spit juice at them at the same time. They will get angry or sneeze, just like they usually do.
4. This one has nothing to do with Yoshi, but...:If you dive and flip up on a roof or other slope, you will start running very fast. This is easier on the rooftops of Delfino Plaza.
So, there you go. Some glitches worth posting. Weird, isn't it? A lot of glitches on SMW and SMS are yoshi-related.
- IamSamnoegsnoham

David Dayton: Yo Yo, Yoshi. Etc..

Chupperson: I found all of these years ago. And more.

In honour of opposite day, I'll be the one answering the questions. Go ahead and ask me anything.
1. Lots. Several.
2. We already have this covered on its respective game page.
3. What??? Until I see it, I'm filing this under "RUMOR."
4. That would be Sapphira.
5. Off the top of my head, 1993.
- Grad

Sapphira: 1. How many arms do you have?
2. Can you give me information about your favorite video game?
3. Are you really a 50-year-old pedophile that lures children from the intarweb into your gingerbread house?
4. Who is the awesomest person in the world?
5. When was the last time you bathed?

Chupperson: 4. Who just had to reply to this?

Lizard Dude: It's in honour of opposite day, so Sapphira was really saying she is not the least awesomest person in the world. Remember, opposite day doesn't apply to these sentences, too.

Got something you want us to answer next time? Send it in!