30 Apr 2007
Death by finals
Super Sprite Saga
David Dayton
David Dayton
Still fired

This edition includes guest appearances by Fungi Forum moderators Luigison and Suffix.

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I have sent you many E-mails about [BOTVGH] but you have not replyed.
(message truncated)
- Austin

MEGAߥTE: Yes, please stop. The same goes for everyone mailing us about the Mario anime.

Deezer: Unless you're mailing to say you'll donate a copy of the Mario anime, and then actually send it to us.

Luigison: I'm going to start putting "(message truncated)" at the end of all my emails to make people wonder what they missed.

I've heard that all of the Koopalings are named after famous musicians, right? Well, do you think that maybe Reznor (the mini-boss from SMW) might have been named after Trent Reznor (Lead singer of Nine Inch Nails)? I mean, NIN was one of the most popular rock bands in the early 90s.
- Jaimeson Waugh

Chupperson: Was this not covered already as an "I doubt it" by Deezer?

Deezer: Yes, this was not covered already. Er... I mean, NO, this was not covered-- erm, waitaminute... Anyway, I'll cover it again: I doubt it.

There are a few Mario games that I have, and I have questions about them:
1. Are there more secret blocks on Super Mario All Stars: Super Mario Bros than in the original Super Mario Bros? I was told there are more secret blocks, but I don't really believe there are more blocks.
2. Would you say that Yoshi's Island DS is Super Mario World 3? I thought since Yoshi's Island was Super Mario World 2, then Yoshi's Island DS might have been the 3rd Super Mario World.
3. On the Super Mario Advance 2 cover, it says there are 96 levels, but there are really only 72 levels. There are 96 exit goals. I think they should have said "All 72 levels are here" instead of 96.
4. How come they use different sprites for different Super Mario All Star games?
5. I found out something weird on Super Mario Advance 2. If you go to Chocolate Island 2 with Yoshi, jump off him. After completing the level, you get Yoshi back! I've never played that level on the Super Nintendo version, so I don't know if it works on the SNES version or not.
That's all the questions I have.
- Jordan Wight

Chupperson: 1. Don't think so.
2. Yoshi's Island was only Super Mario World 2 in America, not in Japan. So no.
4. Because they used different sprites for the original versions of the games too.

MEGAߥTE: 4. Probably because the games were ported by different people.

Suffix: 3. Sure, sure, but it's still an awesome game and a good one to take on trips.
5. I knew about this one! It was a livesaver for some trips. I don't know about the SNES version, though, as it has been a while.
X. How are you gentlemen? Surprised to see me? I was.

Luigison: 1. It's a secret to everybody. I mean. No.

Sapphira: 2. How about this? Super Mario Advance 5: Super Mario Bros. 5: Super Mario World 3: Yoshi's Island 2: Yoshi's Island DS. I think it's kind of catchy.
3. They make little mistakes like that all the time, which really grinds my gears.

Hello, awesome people. I've always wanted to send something in, but I've never had anything to say and fear looking like a total dork.
In the most recent mailbag, a question was asked about Brooklyn, Yoshi's Island, and Mario's birth in general. A few years ago, I came up with an interesting theory: Bowser and Mario are merely pawns of some greater entity, some higher power such as Eldstar to fulfill a higher purpose. I'm really not sure who it is, but they are a star, originally an Earth star. As other intergalactic races begin to travel the universe, Earth would be in danger, so this star would try to defend it.
He would do that by creating a new world, one which would generate positive energy to counter the negative energy of the universe, thus rescuing Earth. The world could never affect Earth, though, unless it had a reason to love Earth. So this world's hero would be from Earth. But the hero would never go to this other world without some faint memory of it.
For that reason, the star creates a stork, who takes Mario through the Mushroom World, on to the final destination: Brooklyn, New York. All the stuff with Donkey Kong occurs, and Mario gets a job as a plumber. He and his brother are fixing a section of the sewer system, when Mario sees strange animals, which he vaguely remebers. He follows them, and ends up in a strange world in trouble. Bowser, who was created by the star to attract Mario to the world, is such a threat to the world that he stays.
Hurray, I wrapped up the beginning of the series in a logical story!
- Austin

Chupperson: This is why I never did any fanfic updates.

Suffix: Logic? My God, the man's talking about logic! We're talking about Mario games! You green-blooded, inhuman... Well, sometimes we have to forget errors in stories, as the real focus is how the story works with the game. And I assure you, the very loose Mario saga works with each game fine. As for your greater entity, I'm pretty sure that's good ol' Shiggy. He's fulfilling his job duties.

Sapphira: *GASP* Suffix said God's name in vain! I am shocked! SHOCKED!

If TMK had a pot luck party, what would each of you bring?
If TMK had a karaoke party, what would each of you sing?
- happysad

Chupperson: Pot luck: Burritos with cheese and green sauce on top.
Karaoke: Lithium Flower from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Deezer: Potluck: I can't cook. :(
Karaoke: I can't sing. :( :(

Suffix: Pot luck: a few gallons of ice cream.
Karaoke: I can't sing either, but if I had to, I'd sing part of "Katamari on the Rocks." I've been practicing. And no, you won't hear me sing it unless there's a real TMK karaoke party.

Luigison: Potluck: Leeks. Karaoke: Leek Spin. On the two occasions I went to E3 several TMKers brought various foods, but nothing special that I can recall. The SMB theme was hummed though. I think it's on TMK somewhere.

Sapphira: Potluck: Stuffed mushrooms. Karaoke: Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way. >;)


Dear TMK Crew,
Is Wario: Master of Disguise any good?
With Love,
- Comrade Pajitnov (Paji)

Chupperson: Nope.

Luigison: W:MoD is almost as good as Mario is Missing. It should have been called Wario: Master of Disappointment.

Deezer: Hey, that's my line!

Hello! I am a big fan of the site! I just have a couple of questions that have bothered me for quite some time now:
1. In paper Mario 2 there is a house underground that you reach by the line near the entrance to the pipe to petal burg. I cannot figure out the purpose of this house, not even the tattle helps. Do you guys know?
2. Is there really gonna be a mushroom kingdom hearts as egm as said. Or is it an April fools joke. Because that would be an awesome game!
3. And last, I would like to know where your secret page is or at least a hint, because I have tried for months and come up with nothing.
- Marioluigipeach3

Chupperson: 2. No. It is an April Fools joke.

Suffix: 1. I recall a certain "Troubles mission" thing that involves that house.
3. Wasn't there a riddle for this? An agonizingly cryptic riddle?

Luigison: It's a secret to everybody. Well, at least it's a secret to you and Suffix. Which reminds me, I need to do an update.

Suffix: What? I found the secret page ages ago. Or at least, an age ago.

Sapphira: 3. "It's mostly pornography."
*Waits for Deezer to provide the same hints he's already given DOZENS OF TIMES*

Deezer: 3. What once was lost, now is found. Or is it the other way around? Run to the end... Look to the sky... Don't try to jump, it's up way too high. Nine of us in all, unlocked by the sound.

Hi this is Bear Monn (A.K.A. LtCmd.Lore.)
I've been experimenting with making a lot of Windows Media Player skins recently, and thought I'd start sharing them.
I've attached three Mario Related ones.
Pipe Zone
Mario Hills
Mario Mushroom
Of the three my personal favorite is 'Pipe Zone' but 'Mario Hills' is the only one that's visualization compatible. Please feel free to post them on the site and help spread them around. And I'd really appreciate some feedback.
- Bear

Suffix: Not bad, actually! Still, I think you could use some better buttons (a bit plain looking). I have no experience in making these skins, though, so don't let me get you down.

Chupperson: I use Winamp.

Dear saff:
Hi can you put these glithes on your site I found them myself I swear Not on a site
Its from the new super mario bros
Glith#1 Ok go to any place that is x-cannaon make sure you have an item in your inventory. Now go on top of the cannaon dont go in it yet now relase your item and quikly go down the connaon the item will go down into the sign and will show in front of the sign. If you used a giant mushsroom it will dissapear instead. End of glith #1
Glith#2 this is a different one but its still from the same game Ok go to w6-B but before you do make sure you have a red flying block and you are mini-mario now this is simple just go in the pipe that shoots you up and you'll see the flying red block but for some reason when you see mini-mario is right off on top of the screen the block will disappear End of glith #2
are these glithes great i bet im the first person to find glithes for this game so what do you say guys
- Mark Jeevananthan

Chupperson: Just one question: What's a glith?

MEGAߥTE: You should probably ask saff.

Suffix: That's a pretty terrible lisp you've got there if it bleeds into typing, but I think these deserve investigating.

Sapphira: Well, it's actually spelled "Sapph," but, um, you can, but maybe putting them on TMK would be better.

If Mario got a hold of the Master Sword, what do you think he'd do with it? Would he have some fun? Or would he show off in front of Peach and make Luigi jealous that he doesn't have a great sword?
- Vidge Mick Ter

David Dayton: He'd blow his magic whistle, warp to Hyrule, give it back to Link in exchange for the red tunic.

Sapphira: He'd attack you with it and scream, "1 button > 2 (not in actual numbers)!!"

You know, you guys really like Mario.
Yours in dextromethorphan-soaked health,
- Tyutchev

Chupperson: Hey, you know, you've got a point.

Suffix: You're right, but don't overdo the dextromethorphan, sir. You might catch a death of cold medicine.

Sapphira: Whoa, your deductive skills are truly amazing. I'm impressed!

Today, I'm going to tell you the story of "Star Spirits and Good Wishes"... er... I'm not.
And if there's a special question for the next mailbox, too bad. I'm not answering it!
Moving on to my agenda:
I. I've probably played about 10% of the mario games... and I'm not going to ask your favorites... just claim a couple of mine.
1. Super Mario 64
2. Paper Mario (1)
3. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
4. Super Mario World (1)
5. Super Mario RPG
Are there any other title's you'd reccomend? I've played the first 3 SMBs and Lost levels, the titles i listed as my favorites, Tetris Attack... and that's it I guess.
II. Dare I put some sort of "Belittling" bait here?
Great site. But put more reviews up. A lot more.
Yours truly...?,
- Rakinite

Chupperson: Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros. I also like Super Princess Peach even though it isn't in the league of most Mario Platformers.

Deezer: I'd recommend Yoshi's Island DS.

Chupperson: I would too if not for the fact that it bored me to tears.

Luigison: It saddens me that SMB3 isn't in your top five. I especially like the addition of the e-World levels in the GBA version. It also saddens me that Chupperson hates good games. Yoshi's Island DS and NSMB are both good. For GCN I recommend Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It's my favorite Mario RPG. The spin-offs Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$ are also good.

Deezer: I can see where Chup is coming from, but for the most part I enjoyed YIDS.

Chupperson: It's just hard enough that you manage to get an extra life every time you die, so you keep going through the same tiny portion of game trying to get that one red coin.

MEGAߥTE: Really, they should have just scrapped the extra lives concept completely from that game. But at least they finally gave us challenge.

Don't put this message in your mailbag. doing so will cause the southern part of the moon to explode.
- Dug

Deezer: *BoOM*

Chupperson: If it manages to break off just right, it might get caught in the pull of Earth's gravity and ... *squished*

Sapphira: I guess this means no more "full" moons. :(

That e-mail about the girl's sister who can do Toad's voice reminded me that me and my brother can do pretty good imitations of Wario and Waluigi. If I had a microphone I'd send you a sample...
- Mr. Mime

Suffix: That's nice, but can your brother and you (I) also do pretty good imitations? Speaking of imitations, can you do an imitation of Mario imitating Darth Vader? It's been done by the man himself.
Just trying to make this email worth more than a rain check...

Dear TMK,
I was just wondering, is the Mushroom Kingdom and the Mushroom World synonymous for the same land? I personally think that the Mushroom Kingdom is the central region of the land (with Toad Town as its capital), while the Mushroom World is the Mushroom Kingdom plus the seven distinct regions from Super Mario Bros. 3. I just wanted to see if you knew of any evidence that suggested otherwise.
Additionally, I was interested in doing the impossible: drawing a map of the Mushroom World. Of course, this map would have to be very generic so as to be able to "squeeze in" future lands that will inevitably be introduced to the Mario series. I tried morphing the maps of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and Paper Mario to come up with a reasonable map (please excuse my poor cropping skills; that first region in the map is a blurred copy of the Paper Mario map). I consider the SMRPG map to be a general view of the Mushroom World while the PM map is a close-up of the first major land mass in SMRPG. This makes the PM map the "Mushroom Kingdom" while the SMRPG map is most of the "Mushroom World." This supports the claim in SMB3's manual that the Mushroom Kingdom leads to the rest of the Mushroom World. For example, traveling through Dry Dry Desert will eventually lead to the Koopahari Desert, etc. Also notice that I didn't label "Dark Land" because I don't think that the Koopa Kingdom should be considered as a part of the Mushroom World. I also find it absurd that the Koopa Kingdom would be so close in proximity to the Mushroom Kingdom. Maybe the SMRPG map generically implies that the Koopa Kingdom is north of the Mushroom Kingdom, but that they don't necessarily have to be neighbors. I also imagine that Rogueport would be somewhere in Island World (since it is a sea port) and that the Shooting Star Summit would morph into Stardust Fields, thus connecting to the Beanbean Kingdom. Anyway, enough of my rambling, what do you think?
Lastly, do you think that King Toadstool has a chance in appearing in a Mario game? Do you think he might appear in Mario & Luigi 2?
- A Mario fan with too much time on his hands

MEGAߥTE: The Mushroom Kingdom as a gateway to the Mushroom World implies that they are distinct entities as you surmised. This was further supported by Nintendo of Europe's Mario site, which actually plots the relative location of the various lands on a globe. Of course, there's a pretty good chance that Super Mario Galaxy could change all that if the planet is explorable. It's probably likely that the lands of Super Mario RPG overlap with some of the lands from other games as the NOE map doesn't give a special spot to the locales of Super Mario RPG. Also, the setting of Super Paper Mario is an alternate dimension, so that could also help in trying to understand the geography of the Mario games.

Chupperson: I toyed around with trying to put together maps a few years ago. Nothing ever came of it, though. Don't forget Dinosaur Land.

Sapphira: I did the same thing several years ago. Of course, it's out of date now, anyway. I tried recreating one but gave up.
Anyway, Shooting Star Summit becoming Stardust Fields wouldn't really work since the former appears to be east of Peach's Castle, and Beanbean Kingdom, according to its map (and compass), is south/southwest of Mushroom Kingdom. Then again, upon closer look, Paper Mario's map of TMK doesn't have a compass...
As for King Toadstool, who knows? Apparently Toadsworth has mistakenly been referred to as Peach's father? M&L2? How old is this letter?

Dear Deezer, David, JJ, MegaByte, Sapphira, Lizard Dude, Chupperson Weird, Mushroom Boy, and anyone else,
Do you know anywhere on the internet that would have pictures of Bowser and/or the hot tub battle at the end of Super Mario Sunshine? I've tried your site,,, the wikipedia, etc. looking, but can't find any pictures of that anywhere. I thought the absence of these screenshots might have been to protect the end of the game, but it's been out for four years and... yeah.
I also never see any pics of Bowser for Mario Golf Toadstool Tour, but I doubt that matters... why'd I bring it up? Oh yeah, no reason...
By the way, I love your site! The past two years of me being here has proven that!
Abruptly ending,
- Markio

Suffix: Well, Markio, (spoilers!) this is as good as I can do for you right now. I don't have a capture card myself, but I'll have one by June. Also, I think the missing pictures of Bowser in MG:TT thing is more up Sapphira's alley.

Sapphira: I think our screenshots usually come from official sources, so that'd explain the lack of SMS Bowser battle shots. As for pics of Bowser from MGTT, if you're talking about screenshots, that's not really my domain. If you're talking about game art, wow, you're right; there isn't any of him. :(

Hello, TMK answer gods and goddess,
Another short letter this time.. Didn't you have a section of your website dedicated to game sprites? I know the Mariopedia has some, but I thought there was an entire seperate section for it. Anyway, if you were to start such a section, a good game to start with would be Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, as Mario and Luigi both had many poses you could make them do for their passport pictures. *hint, hint*
Just a thought. Catch you later! :)
- Jon Reed

Sapphira: There's an animated GIF section on the site, which is largely ignored. The Mariopedia will be "upgraded" sometime... with certain aforementioned game sprites being worked on at the moment...

Some people have asked me "What would be the number one game of 2006?". So Here it is:
Luigi, gets a letter saying that Daisy has been kidnapped by Shy Guys!!!! Armed with only a super sonic alarm clock that disrupts the physical nature of shy guys, Luigi sets out in a time machine to learn all he can about W.W.II and the Holocaust to discover the password to open the door to the shy guy's castle. Little does he know that they have teamed up with Hitler to kill all the Jewish mushrooms!!!!!!! It has Action! Laughs! And an educational environment, safe for kids of all ages. Everything you want in a Luigi-based game!!!! Paper Luigi DS: Coming Soon...
No need to thank me,
- Mega Toad

Chupperson: Good thing this was for last year. I don't think it would fly this year.

Sapphira: *Shudders* We do NOT need any more edutainment games! Keep the Mario Universe separate from the real world.

Luigison: I think we as a society in general might need edutainment games, but I don't want anything like Mario is Missing. A game like Typing of the Dead with 2D Mario platforming might be interesting, but we should probably leave the Mario game ideas to Miyamoto and Nintendo.

Chupperson: ... Mario Teaches Typing already happened.

Hey TMK! What's new? I don't have much to say, but I just felt like it was important to make an apology for something I said last time. My comment about the gang hand sign along with my jive talk was inappropriate and I'm incredibly sorry if I offended anyone. This may sound like a lie, but I really didn't know what I was implying with my statement when I made it, and somehow forgot that other kinds of gangs exist. -_- I sometimes say stupid things without realizing what they could mean, and then people get upset. I really don't want to offend anyone without a good reason, and I again say sorry for my comments and anything else I've said before. "'Cause ah got respect for mah peeps, dahg!" ;)
Second, I have seriously missed coming down to the Fungi Forums to chat and still do. This place is so friendly and pipeloads of fun, and the memories stick with me like a micro goomba. Sapphira's smilies and laughter, Chupperson's weirdness, Lizard Dude's dudeness... *rambles on for an hour longer* and saying things like "What the Dukar?!" XD But I've got to make a life for myself and discover what I'm supposed to do with it (and since working at your site wouldn't support me too long...). Maybe I'll come back some day though, or you'll see me on TV if I become famous. ;) Keep up the great work. See ya and God bless.
Gone, but still not extinct,
- The Yoshisaurus Rex (=(: )@)

Suffix: Micro goomba, heh. I forgive you, and come on back someday! The domain's not changing any time soon.

Dear Sirs and Madam,
It occurred to me that Bowser, despite all the antics and idiocy, has a pretty sound invasion plan. In most games, he follows the same old strategy that in normal situations would work out well. He cuts off the head of state, and prevents trade and communication from one town to another. After capturing the princess, in Paper Mario for example, the Goomba Village route to Toad Town was cut off by the Goomba King, then he distributed troops along Pleasant Path to prevent communication with Koopa Village, North and South Toad Town we're separated with the falling debris, even the railroad was rendered out of commission. The same thing on Isle Delfino, the DEBS alerts constantly mentioned communications being severed from one location to another. Luckily, the Mushroom Kingdom has an even better defense plan. With the federal government not functioning, I assume the towns revert to their independent role as City-States, with mayors and elders still trying to continue trade and commerce until the crisis is resolved.
Just some thoughts on that.
Lots of love,
- Mega Toad

Suffix: Clever. However, I think you should check up where I taught Austin the Vulcan about the meaning of taking things with a grain of salt. Or perhaps, the entire shaker.

1. I notice that on the Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) page for English and Japanese changes, there's a list of enemies and such that have apparently changed when the game was released in Japan. However, Super Mario USA is identical to Super Mario Bros. 2 save for the title screen. Even the names in the credits are exactly the same, meaning that even the established name of Kinopio is actually "Toad" in the Japanese version. Obviously, characters that appeared again had different names in Japan (ie. Birdo and Catherine, Beezo and Tondariya, Wart and Mamuu, etc.). But what about the characters that are exclusive to the game? As I said before, they were all referred to by their USA names even in the Japanese version, and in All-Stars and Advance. So how is Clawglip supposed to be "Chokey"? (I want to note that in the Japanese version of Advance, Clawglip is still spelled Clawglip, but the English version called it Clawgrip.) What exactly is the source, is it a Japanese manual or guide for either Doki Doki Panic or Super Mario USA? And were Bob-ombs really "Bobs" in that game? Does that mean they were renamed to Bomhei later on, or is that a mistake?
2. On the subject of Birdo... There are recent translations saying that Birdo is actually a male in the Japanese games, meaning that the whole profile of Birdo in the original NES Super Mario Bros. 2 manual was actually a decent localization and, contrary to popular belief, not a joke. This is similar to Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where in the Japanese version he was clearly male, but the English version censored it (though I have heard rumors that in the PAL version, most other languages keep Vivian male). It's also said that in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Yoshi is called asexual in his Trophy description when the language is set to Japanese. Birdo's gender is also somewhat referenced in Mario & Luigi, when Popple introduces him and pauses for a second before calling him a "dame". I'm just curious, what are your thoughts on this? By the way, this particular translation can be seen and analyzed at (
3. Just a few minor things about the Japanese/English differences pages. In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, there's some music that plays when you look at the list of high scores. I'm pretty sure this isn't in the English version. Also, in the Super Mario World page, Togezu should be spelled Togezo like in the game.
- Jerry Chifari

MEGAߥTE: 1. The source is the SMUSA manual, which oddly contained both Japanese and US names for the enemies and was mostly a direct translation from the US version.
2. You are correct. This was sent to us by a Japanese TMK visitor named Sayunu:

It's stated in your interesting website that Birdo is female, but it's a common sense among Japanese Mario fans that Catherine is a male. I think it'd be nice if you add some information about that on your website, like what you did for Vivian. I was surprised to read that he's now female in the English versions....
For reference, have you read the description for the Catherine trophy in SSBM in Japanese mode (which is written by that computer-game-savvy Mr. Sakurai himself)? It says "Jibun wo onna-no-ko da to 'omoi-konde' ori", which roughly means "Catherine 'erroneously' thinks him/herself a girl". "Omoi-komu" technically means just "to believe", but this word tends to be used to indicate suggestively that the belief is wrong. In this context the word is in quotation marks, so it is clear for native speakers that it is being used in that sense.
I wonder why, in English speaking countries, they rushes for a conclusion that Catherine is female. Because her name is "Catherine"? But I think that that is merely how she calls herself. I don't think each Subcon people has their legal name under something like "Subcon Naming Law". But I came to think that, even with the Japanese setting that Catherine is male, it is more proper to refer to her as 'she', since she likes that. What matters is not the physical gender but the spiritual one, I think.
Anyway, one of the reasons why gender-bending characters are more accepted in Japan may be that we rarely use words like "he" or "she" in our language, so someone's true gender doesn't matter. We generally drop subjects of sentences, refer to the subjects by their own names every time, or just say "self" instead of "him/herself". Japanese Catherine fans and Vivian fans seem not to mind the girls' physical gender.
I also have some information for you about why Boos are called Teresa in Japan, if you don't know yet. In Japanese, "tere(ru)" is a verb that means "to be shy" or "to be bashful". "Tere" is the word stem and "ru" is its end-form ending. This describes why they are so shy that they can't look at Mario's face. And I think this is meant to be a comicality that, though normal spooks spook or scare humans, they can't, and even they are scared by humans.

Sapphira: Whoa, interesting stuff.

Y-O-U are mailbag... 2 Donut Plains 3 #2 Morton's Castle Vanilla Dome 1 Vanilla Dome NOW SUPER MARIO WORLD IS OAK OK ON TOP OF STAR on top of star road you get "special" treatment it's easy without four swithc block you say how oh i see how is yosh and and and and get off and and fly with hey maybe markio does doesn't or oh which i don't KNOW DON'T LOOK AT me i'm (including Vanilla Tableland) Vanilla Dome 1 Vanilla Dome 2 Vanilla Secret 1 Vanilla Dome 2 So my question is about>>>>Daisy< is it true that you say that the prior mailbab nothing new under the sun there are no secrets to be found for super mario world it is most plabbed game everVanilla Ghost House Red Switch Palace Red Switch Palace Vanilla Ghost House Vanilla Dome 3 Vanilla Dome 3 Vaniila Dome 4
- Joe Gann

Deezer: Ganntastic!

Suffix: Is this how we're going to end all our-- I mean, the mailbabs now? And if so, can I laugh hysterically? I must say, Mr. GANN has some pretty plabbed submissions. Note that I respect his concealed intelligence, however.


Sapphira: What. The. Dukar.

Luigison: This email could have used a "(message truncated)".

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