15 Jun 2007
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Dear TMK
The following is a numbered e-mail that I know you all will enjoy answering
1) Will the TMK staff be finding a loophole to be able to join the press box at this year's craptacular E3 now that you are not much at all affiliated with IGN anymore
2) If you have completed Super Paper Mario: How long did it take you to finish in game time
3) If you would like to receive more e-mails like this in the future, please check here [ ]
This minimally punctuated mailbag e-mail has been brought to you by your neighborhood chat moderator
- Sunbun

MEGAߥTE: 1) IGN wasn't our sole source of entry into E3.

Luigison: 2) I've played about 36 hours, but I am far from completing everything. I've been on the last world for a while now and could probably beat it fairly quickly, but have been spending time on completing maps, cards, recipes, etc.

Deezer: 2) It was a little over 20 hours with a good amount of exploring and no sidequesting. Now I'm at about 48 hours and everything done except cards and recipes, which I am not going to attempt to finish.

Hello, I'd just like to say a few things, and ask a few things, And I thankyou ahead of time for your eyes even glancing at my subject title.
1. You people are fine enough to dine with the gods. Just sayin'
2. I was one of the winners of your t-shirt contest you had withSplitreason, and this basically made my life pretty much complete, otherthan the fact I need to get ever new/old mario game that is/comes out, And Ithank you so much. In fact so much That I am actually willing to take abullet for you guys, unless at the exact same time and same room Mr.Miyamotois also being shot,ummm... I'd be sorry for your death if that happend....
3.I have a different Mario shirt for everyday of the week, and wear oneeveryday of the week. I also Have been wearing the same Blue Super Mariowristband for the past 2-3 year.
a)Do I have a problem? is this fine and a regular thing to do?Or do I reallyjust need a life?
b)My wristband is kinda worn out... Should I get a new one(with mario stillon it of course) or should I keep wearing my current one?
4. Well, this is just my curiousity, but Since Birdo is sometimes considereda male, does this mean that in M&L:SS, that Birdo wanted to have ahomo/Bi-sexual relation with Popple?Because If I remember correctly, Birdohad a crush(or an emotional problem) over Popple? Bascially to shorten thisquestion.... IS BIRDO GAY!?
5. Is it just me?Or in 9-volt and 18-volt's intro in Wario Ware: SmoothMoves, 18-volt seems to be either laying a coin/using the coin for pleasurein the top-left corner, when it shows him in SMB.
P.S. I know I said you guys were fine enough to dine with gods, but I'mgonna correct myself and say, You guys are fine enough to slap gods around.Also if you see any bushes rustling as you walk by them, yah that'd be me.
- ndsgamer

Chupperson Weird: Maybe it's not always the same Birdo.

Deezer: 2. Congrats!
5. It's just you. I hope.

MEGAߥTE: 5. Actually, it's not just you. There was an entire Japanese website dedicated to Mario squatting over the coin at the top of the screen. They had even come up with names for the positions, and it seemed like these were somewhat well known. I can't find the website right now, but I believe that they did notice 18-Volt's intro... the bigger question is whether the developers were aware of this odd bit of pop culture and intentionally included a tribute.

Lizard Dude: 1. That reminds me, I have a five o'clock dinner date with Heimdall tonight.
3. a) Nah, it helps people remember you if you always wear the same stuff. b) Keep the same one, for tradition and good luck.
4. Aren't we all just a little gay, deep down on the inside?

Suffix: 3a. Consider yourself fortunate!
3b. Not unless you can find one.
4. I can't remember a time since Super Mario Brothers 2 that Birdo was said to be male. Perhaps I will just take Chupperson's approach.

Sapphira: 1. Um, 'kay.
3a. A bit obsessive, I'd say. Nothing wrong with having lots of Mario shirts, but I'd get some non-Mario (even non-Nintendo) shirts to keep things fresh. That way people will be like, "Oh, what a cool shirt!" when you wear one, rather than, "Dude, is that all you like? That's all you ever wear."
4. LD is gay! I knew it! Anyway, actually, it seems there are two different Birdos within M&L:SS--the one whose voice was stolen (and apparently never given back), and the other who battles alongside Popple (and doesn't speak with explosives). This would show that Birdos are a species rather than just one individual (which was actually apparent since SMB2, with pink, green, and red variations). Perhaps the Birdo from SMB2 is male, and the Birdo (Popple's rookie) in M&L:SS is female (and possibly the same one from more recent games). So yeah, an expansion of what Chup said.
5. O_o
P.S. *Dropkicks Mars*...*and Tyler*

Deezer: 5. OK that looks like it hurts.

Is there any real plot for Super Smash Bros. Melee? Something pertaining to the different single player modes, Master Hand, or Giga Bowser? I've always wondered if they had a plot, and could never find it. Is there one?
- Tony

Chupperson Weird: The plot is, some kid is playing with figurines of Nintendo characters.

Deezer: Plot: Nintendo stars clash in a tournament of PURE AWESOME.

Lizard Dude: What Chupperson said, except in the end the figurines revolt against their cruel overlord and beat his hands to a bloody pulp. It's kinda like Toy Story!

Hey all, awesome site! You get it a lot, but in case no one told you for this batch of mail, I might as well.
I was playing Super Paper Mario and had this odd feeling of deja vu. In Chapter 5-3, there's a large room with many blocks, pipes, and Spanias. Aside from the obvious change of enemies, I realized (with help from TMK, of course) that this room was a huge replica of stage 2-1 of the original Super Mario Bros! Sadly, I don't have any pictures of this, but if you run through real quick you can't miss it. Just thought I should let you know in case you hadn't picked up on the cool reference.
P.S.: Is J.J. gone for good? It's been awhile since he's done anything or been mentioned at all. What happened?
- Mogknight25

Chupperson Weird: He's actually been the subject of several low-budget TV documentaries and fled further into the underground caverns of Canada to escape his newfound popularity. He was last seen participating in a revolutionary mind control experiment as one of the first 13 volunteers (the first 13 got extra retirement benefits). He hopes to eventually be able to move large boxes of styrofoam packing material with the sheer force of his will. Unfortunately, since it's mind control (and not control via mind), he's being brainwashed instead.

Deezer: I noticed it too. It made me smile.
P.S.: He is actually helping us out a little with the Mariopedia relaunch.

Hey, It's me, from the chatroom and the forum. I wasjust wondering,what do you guys think of the Metroid series? Ipersonally like them alot, although I've only really played a few.
Thanks and have a pwn-ey day,
- BriGuy92!

Chupperson Weird: I like the music from Super Metroid.

Lizard Dude: Zero Mission is one of my favorite games of all time. They're all pretty nifty. Say, that reminds me: where's my 2D DS Metroid?

Deezer: My favorites from the series are Metroid Prime, Metroid Zero Mission, and Super Metroid. I've never played Metroid 2.

Suffix: I had enormous amounts of fun with Metroid Prime. The game just suited me well, I think. I also have Metroid Prime Hunters, which I am fairly talented in.
I, uh... I've never actually owned one of the 2D adventures. *glances downward*

Sapphira: I don't have any of the Metroid games, nor have I played any except for a Metroid Prime demo... >_>; That game was fun, though, and I've thought about buying it...eventually. So, um, I guess I'm indifferent to the series, in general. I need to play more games.

Hey Mushroom Kingdom!
Being a Mario fanatic (but I'm sure that's not new to you) I was browsingaround the web. Being bored I was wondering what site I should go on. Iaccidently went onto a Mario related site and spent some time there. I readup on the Lost Levels of SMB3 there and followed a link here. Hello!I know of this site and have visited a few times. I read up on your LostBytes section and came to Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door section.Now, I read the whole thing and I think (although you might've alreadypresumed) I have the answers as to why some of the badges don't exist andstuff.
Firstly, the unused P badges. The flower ones are likely to left out becauseyour Partners don't have their own supply of FP like they do with HP. FPDrain isn't used because it reduces your partner's attack and it's moredifficult to increase you ally's power than it is Mario's (there are plentyof badges that help Mario's abbilities but not many for Partners). PityFlower P is left out because of the first point. If you needed it, you'dequip the Mario one. Happy Flower P the same. All or Nothing P could've beenleft out because it's a very good badge (you find the original in Chapter 8remember) and uping your partner's attack is supposed to be harder to do(that's why some P badges use double the BP than the original and the PowerPlus costs more at the Badge Shop). Lucky Day P is left out for reletivelythe same reasons as stated.Next, the PM1 badges not carried over. I'm guessing these have been scarpedbecause in TTYD you're supposed to equip two of Power Stomp or Power Smashto increase attack power (as well as the FP). I'm also guessing the samestory with the Triple Dips. Equip two Double Dips could give the same effect(though, I haven't tried it myself).Now for the unknowns. I think these have been scraped as well because youcan just equip two of the orig and get the same effect though it mightdiffer slightly. As their names and attributes, here's what I thinkThe first one I'd say would go around the name Super Damage Dodge or asimlar name making it sound better than the first. Likely if you succeededan Action Command, to take off 2 or possible 3 damage from the total ofattack if you didn't defend yourself.Second I'm almost certain it's name would be Super Charge. Charge up yourpower to add 4 or 5 to your next attack. Likely to cost 2 or 3 FP.The third I'd say would be Frost Power or some name like that. This one mayhave been scraped because there aren't enough Fire enemies in the game.
Just for laughs I remember trying to get the Ice Power badge and was drivingmyself crazy wondering. It turns out I simply needed to press R and fallthrough the gap in the bridge! Can you believe it?Well, that's my point of view on that. I hope you'll post up some of my info(and credit me of course!).Oh, and just so you know, I'm from Australia and own the PAL version. Iwonder if that contains any hidden clues...Anyway, reply if you like any of my ideas or are going to post up some of myideas!
- Mush Man

Lizard Dude: Dude, I had the exact same problem with that stupid bridge.

Deezer: Me too. That stupid bridge outsmarted me.

Chupperson Weird: Even though I haven't played The Thousand Year Door, I still gotta say... that stupid bridge!

Sapphira: Interesting... Hey Chup, don't you OWN that game? And you still haven't played it? WTD?

Chupperson Weird: No, I do not own that game. That said, however, there are many games I own and have not played.

I think they might have planned to have a Super Mario World style Bowser battle in the E world. Was that ever done?

- No one

Luigison: You might be right. I loved the e-World levels and was very disappointed when they didn't release series 3 and 4. I hope they are somehow released for a new VC channel or as some sort of DS download.

Deezer: Oh man, that would be pretty cool. They could sell the e-Reader for like 1000 points and e-Cards for 100 points each or something. And then everyone could buy Mario Bros. again!

"Birdo's shooting is also feared by most goalkeepers, as he can score at will. His Extreme Egg can beat any goalie, resulting in quick goals."
With love,
- Nishi

Lizard Dude: Yoshi is horrified by these recent developments.

Suffix: Oi! Those Europeans are trying to cancel out what I said earlier! I now face a brutal decision...
Yeah, I'll just forget I ever read this...

Chupperson Weird: Oh, what an excellent way to go about things.

Sapphira: It might be because he/she/it is a generic Birdo, not THE Birdo. You know, there were multiple ones in the first Strikers game. Many times if one's gender is unknown, he or she is referred to as "he"--as opposed to "it," because that objectifies one. Regardless, Nintendo is crazy with all this gender switching.

MEGAߥTE: Often when game publishers want to keep a character ambiguous, they'll not use pronouns at all.

I believe that Mario was in Big Ape City not Brooklyn,NY.
Now for the actual question...
Do you believe that Mario & Sonic at the Olympics is the best direction for Nintendo andSega?
- Russell Soverns

Suffix: Frankly, I think it's just silly. Just... plain... silly. That being said, I don't think it will harm either company.

MEGAߥTE: Mario used to be in Brooklyn or at least New York City until the story was retroactively changed circa Yoshi's Island. It's not clear how Big Ape City factors into the story of Mario's early life.
As for the Olympics game, I don't know about "best" direction, but it's not a bad one. I'll reserve further judgment until I actually see game footage.

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