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I discovered a glitch is Super Mario bros. 3! To do this glitch you must be raccoon Mario in world 1-3. Near the end of the level jump on the koopa troopa then hold on to its shell.Stay on the white block until you fall down then kick the shell to kill the enemies. Stat running into the darkness as fast as you can. Once your at the toad house get the warp whistle and you'll find out that your storage is filled with P-wings! P.S Have a great Thanksgiving.
- Mr.Toadsworth

DavidDayton: Did you, by any chance, discover this right after beating the game?

Super-Jesse: Thanksgiving? Geez, we need to clean these out more often....I remember I e-mailed you guys once about Halloween and it didn't get posted until summer. Tsk Tsk.

Sapphira: Thanksgiving 1990?

Normally, I would not write into the mailbag, but I think this question is most appropriate in this medium of communication.
Yesterday, I was playing Super Mario Brothers on my NES. I was in World 6-1, and I hopped upon our friend Lakitu at the beginning of the world. He fell down, as a disposed-of enemy usually would. However, when I jumped off the screen (to the top) Mario died on me. I am sure there were no Spiny Eggs crawling around up there. The game continued like usual.
This leads me to my question: was this a freak accident, or did the Lakitu re-generate out of sight? I suppose my question is in regards to the defeated foes in SMB and where they go when killed. I have seen a few videos of people who use a what seems like a glitch to re-generate enemies at the top or at the bottom of the screen in order to jump over the flagpole or preform other feats. Is this what I was experiencing?
In short: How does the enemy system in SMB work?
Yes, I know this is a loaded question. I am very sorry.
Have a great day everyone,
- Koopaslaya

Deezer: Maybe a Spiny was falling down a pit directly below you and it "hit" you. You can collect Mushrooms like that.

Chupperson Weird: I'm pretty sure that's happened to me too.

If you could create a new suit for the next SMB platformer, what would you make? I'd make an Ice suit that allows him to freeze coins and enemies, and a wind suit, that allows him to push certain objects and enemies away. ;)
- ZarkanTheSmasher.

DavidDayton: Well, there is that infamous Toad Suit we've never seen in a game...

MEGAߥTE: The "Toad Suit" was actually the Hammer Suit. Though the Ice Flower in Super Mario Galaxy doesn't do exactly what you suggested, it has the same idea.

Chupperson Weird: An electricity suit just came to mind. No idea why.

Super-Jesse: Hmm, a special suit for Mario, eh? Well, since turning main characters into a weird werewolf is all the rage now, maybe they could have it where Mario gets bitten by a Goomba (who have never used their teeth before) and turns into some sort of hybrid Mario Giant powerful Goomba. Or something.

MEGAߥTE: Have you forgotten about Super Mario RPG, Super-Jesse?

Hi, TMKers. I tried sending in an email before, but it wasn't really worth answering, which is probably why it never was answered in a mailbag. So, I'm going to try again, and write a more worthy email (although, I dunno if I'll see it answered any time soon, since the mailbags haven't been coming very frequently these days).
First of all, I recently picked up a Wii and already have Super Mario Galaxy, so I'll be getting more games soon (preordered SSB Brawl, of course). I want to know what you guys would recommend, as I have a limited budget and only want to get games that are totally worth the 50 dollars you pay for them. Yeah, I'm already planning to get Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart Wii, and maybe Metroid Prime 3, but I'm wondering what else I should get someday.
Second, what's JJ doing these days? Is he still working with you guys on TMK, or has he taken a break to attend to his personal life? Totally understand if he did, but I'd still like to see him do another mailbag someday. :)
And finally third, I think it would be cool if you added more stuff to your Lost Bytes section. By stuff, I mean more info on all the beta features in games like Super Mario Sunshine, SMRPG, and others. There's tons of cool stuff that could be added.
Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading this, and I hope your site continues to flourish! ;)
- Daniel "Zarkanthesmasher" C.

Super-Jesse: 1) I would suggest Super Mario Strikers if it ever goes budget to 20.00 bucks or so, that was a good game but you might not feel it worthy of 50 bucks unless you're me and love everything Mario (except baseball). WarioWare Smooth Moves is pretty good, and WiiPlay is a great buy for an extra controller. Oh, and No More Heroes is pretty awesome too. 2) I'd like to see him make a caricature of me. I don't know where he is, everytime I ask the staff just says something about a warp whistle and that JJ was a figment of my imagination.... 3) You know what would be cool? If I added stuff to our merchandise section...Oh wait I totally did!

DavidDayton: Zelda and Metroid.

Sapphira: 2) Have you seen the Staff page in the past several months? ...Year, maybe?

MEGAߥTE: A few third-party recommendations would be Geometry Wars Galaxies, Kororinpa, and Boom Blox (when it arrives). We're definitely going to add a lot more stuff to Lost Bytes in the future.

Dear Mushroom Kingdom,
While browsing through Super Mario Galaxy, I found a model called "Throwkikki"
Kikki sounds like Monkey in Japanese, so I opened it, to find a model of the White Monkey from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat! It's animations are all rope climbing and a wave.
(Attatched are photos of it)


- Girrrtacos

DavidDayton: That would have been interesting, I admit. Given that EAD Tokyo made both games...

MEGAߥTE: I wonder if it was a cameo that got cut or just some sort of test model. Did you see any other interesting models? We'll get around to a Super Mario Galaxy Lost Bytes special one of these days.

Hey guys,
While looking at the inside files of Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door, I came across the model c_acarin, and it was Watt, the old Paper Mario character. I remember reading this in one of your Lost Bytes, so looking at Paper Mario's japanese names, I screenshoted all the old party members. These models werent put together by me- but the actuall models.


Also, while looking at the credits files, I found this along with the other credits pictures, but this one was the last one on the list, and it seemed out of place, and very... "Adult"


- Girrrtacos

DavidDayton: You are reading far too much into things.

Dear TMK Staff,
Hello. I would like to inquire into the identity of the voice actor/actress who provided the voice of FLUDD in Super Mario Sunshine. Your response will be greatly appreciated.
- Lucas Hammer

Super-Jesse: I want to say that it was Deanna Mustard, who does the voice of Daisy in the various Mario games. She's listed in the credits, and I have a feeling it would have to be a female voice that did the F.L.U.D.D.


Ahoy, checkers of mailbag e-mail.
If you were all superheroes/villains, what would your powers be? Would TMK be a secret justice league?
- Bird Person.

Super-Jesse: My power would be to fly, hands down. Also my power would consist of having people send me awesome stuff to post in the blog, which people should totally do if they want to be in my good graces.

DavidDayton: I suppose I'd answer mailbag questions.

Sapphira: Conjuring and controlling fire, of course. And flying. And psychic powers, but I already have those.
...Aren't we already?

Chupperson Weird: Tele[portation][kinesis].

MEGAߥTE: My power would be to fly, hands up.

Um, hi I'm trying to make a Mario project but I'm short on info.
1) Can you get me the jumping physics of "Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels" (NES versions)'s Luigi like you did with Mario on Super Mario Bros. Complete Guide .
2) Using NES SMB1 Mario, can you get me the speed of Mario walking and running based on "Blocks (or pixels) per minute"
3) If you have any/both of what I'm looking for, can you show me how you did them so I can do it myself (I'm thinking of doing "Super Mario Bros. 2" and "Super Paper Mario" by myself)
Thank you for your time,
- Wario Bros.

Luigison: 1) I'm not going to go into the way TMK did it, but here is a low tech way you can get a pretty accurate measurement without software or emulators. Tape some thin paper or clear plastic to your TV screen so that you can see Luigi through the paper/plastic while playing SMB:LL. Find a location in the game where you can jump unencumbered. On the paper/plastic mark the level of the brick Luigi is standing on. Press the jump button. With your other hand mark the maximum height of his jump from the bottom of his feet. If needed you can make a VHS recording or have a friend help. Now do the same thing, but with walking and running jumps. Also mark the range he jumped. Count the pixels of his jumps based on a reference block like the wall or floor.
2) Do the same thing you did above, but don't jump. The distance should be easy to measure, but the time will be a little less accurate because of your reaction time. A VCR that shows actual seconds might help.
3) Repeat one and two above with other games.

MEGAߥTE: I'm going to assume that he probably doesn't have a Japanese copy of Super Mario Bros. 2. In which case, you can make the task Luigison outlined easier by slowing down the emulation speed.

Just thought I'd point out some more "Kongtroversy", this time from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you use Snake's smash taunt, with P2 as Donkey Kong, it mentions that the Donkey Kong you are fighting isn't the one Mario fought. It says Mario fought Donkey Kong's grandfather. Also, sweet site!
- Josh!

Deezer: Yes indeed... but it was added to the page recently. Let us know if you find more!

1.Do you think Nintendo will release Mario Paint to the VC?
2.WTMK is very cool to listen to. Thanks for creating it!
3The Kongtroversy could be ended w/ the blanket statement that the last name Kong is just a moniker, w/ exception to the original DK, & DK Jr., respectively. But even then, that woul make little sense. Your thoughts?
4.What's your thoughts on why Waluigi appears in SSBB w/ his tennis racket? I think it's odd because Mario Party {8} is the most recent game he's appeared in when compared to {Mario} Power Tennis.
5.Do online-enabled Wii games suffer from noticable lag when playing online?
6.Merry Christmas TMK Staff!
- Ron Blizzard

DavidDayton: 1. I think they MIGHT, if they ever get around to releasing the light gun games (with "Zapper" support) first.
2. See? SEE? I TOLD you it was a good idea, Deezer!
3. The current DK is Cranky's grandson.
4. Presumably because his first appearance was in Mario Tennis.
5. The lag does appear, but it seems to be entirely dependent upon the connection between the players.
6. Indeed.

Chupperson Weird: 4. Wasn't Waluigi created for Mario Tennis 64?
5. Depends on who you're playing and how good your connections are.

Super-Jesse: 1) I can only hope they do it
2) Thanks for listening, I have been bugging David to add indie bands that make covers of Mario songs to be added, as well as interviews with some bigger known bands that do video game covers. Hopefully we can get that in there sometime soon.
3) I don't really care for the Donkey Kong series or how it stands. He's done his own thing, good for him, but I'm a Super Mario fan.
4) Because Waluigi was first introduced in Mario Tennis 64, with the sole purpose of being Wario's game partner.
5) Hah, yes, especially Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
6) Merry late/future Christmas

Sapphira: 1. That would be awesome, but I'd rather they make a new game with a similar (but improved) concept.
5. I still need to get a Wii. ;_;
6. Happy...Ides of April?

Deezer: I like your use of {curly braces}.

Chupperson Weird: Wait, how is an assist trophy revealed months before release a spoiler?

Sapphira: I was joking.

Dear TMK, I've played through Super Paper Mario and although I've enjoyed the story for the most part, I can't help but feel that there are a couple of plot holes in the game. If I forgot any storyline information that explains these potential holes, please share. Obviously, this letter has spoilers for Super Paper Mario, so if you haven't experienced that game yet, DO NOT READ.
Okay, my first point deals with chapter 6 in the game. In that chapter, The Void consumes the entire dimension, from location to characters, into obliteration. Yet in the next scene we find Mario and company waking up from their unconciousness in front of the dimensional door. So...why were they spared? Everyone else in the dimension was apparently gone, why are our heroes the exception?
My second point has to do with the situation regarding the marriage between Princess Peach Toadstool and King Bowser Koopa. I was expecting the game's ending to somehow resolve or undo that wedding bond, but the ending did not wrap any of that up. So does this mean that the two are now husband and wife?! The writers could have just thrown in one little line, something like "with the Chaos Heat, as the manifestation of the marriage between Peach and Bowser, now destroyed, their wedding bond has been nullified." Do you guys have any thoughts? Are there any details I missed that could clear up these points?
- Me

Super-Jesse: Hmmm, I never paid much attention to all that, but good catches. Honestly, the best part of Super Paper Mario is the gameplay, so I would suggest just focusing on that (since the "Paper Mario" series isn't a canon series anyway).

DavidDayton: You're asking questions about plotline when other games in the Mario series feature Baby Mario and Mario concurrently playing tennis?

Sapphira: Thanks for the spoiler warning! I wish more people would provide those. I haven't played the game yet, so I stopped reading.

MEGAߥTE: More spoilers: Regarding Chapter 6, Super Mario Galaxy sort of ended like that too.

I know this is slight opinion, but in Super Mario Galaxy, the Battlerock galaxy music sounds similar to Ranbow Road from Super Mario Kart.
- Ron Blizzard

DavidDayton: We're glad to have your slight opinion!

Chupperson Weird: We are?
Come to think of it, I agree with this e-mail.

MEGAߥTE: I can see where you're coming from, but to me there is a much more obvious similarity between the Good Egg Galaxy music and the main theme of Super Mario Kart. That was the first thing I thought of when I first heard the music at E3 2006. In any case, good music all around.

Hey, TMK.
I love Mario Galaxy, and the music in it is just amazing. One thing that bothers me though is that I can't place where one of the songs is originally from. In the first star of the Toy Time Galaxy, Heavy Metal Mecha Bowser, the song changes when you land on the mecha. It definitely sounds like an arrangement of an older Mario song, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. The beginning almost sounds like an arrangement of the cave levels in Super Mario Land, but the rest of the song doesn't match up. Now I'm even skeptical if it is from another game after not being able to figure it out. Any idea what it is?...if anything?
By the way, since Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a really hot topic right now, I'm just curious about your opinions on the game. To me, it seems like they're trying to cram way too much into it instead of keeping it like any other Nintendo game where you can just pick it up and play. Between new items and powerups, final smashes, levels that move all over the place, and tons of characters, it's getting a little overwhelming. Of course, I'm a sucker and I'm still going to buy it...but I'm just curious if anyone else feels the same way.
Anyway, thanks for the help!
Best regards,
- Niko Anesti

Super-Jesse: On your first point, if you mean this as the cave music, I can sort of see a similarity. If that's not the song, provide me with a link so I can hear what song you are talking about. I would say no, and that the "Heavy Metal Mech-Bowser" theme is an original composition since none of the composers for Super Mario Land did work for SMG. Secondly, no, they haven't crammed enough into the game. I want more Mario levels!

Deezer: Must... collect... all... Mario stickers...

MEGAߥTE: I guess after enough games, you're bound to repeat musical motifs. On the other hand, the SML ruins music was even remixed for SSBB. SSBB is as pick-up-and-play as it ever was. If anything, they could have added even more characters and polished up some of the new features more.

Is the secret page still around?
- Christopher Cormier

DavidDayton: The funny thing about this is that people still seem to assume I know anything about the secret page. Deezer?

Deezer: David?

Chupperson Weird: George Washington?

Super-Jesse: Yes, the secret page is still in existence. Hm, I wish we could update it to make it even more awesome than it is already...

Sapphira: It's mostly pornography.

is there really, really even a secret page? or are you just toying with us?
I think we would've found it, by now, anyways.
but that's just my theory.
- Jesse Smith

Luigison: There really are secret pages. I'd give you a hint, but Deezer would send me flying out of this world if I did.

Super-Jesse: Yes, there is a secret page, and when you finally find it you'll feel like it was right in front of you the whole time. I'd say a good way to find it is keeping in touch with new updates. Never know what's hidden amongst them...

DavidDayton: Didn't we just answer this?

Sapphira: "Secret" would imply people don't know of it, what's on it, nor where it is.

MEGAߥTE: Sometimes, it's all about finding the right button to press.

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