11 Nov 2011
David Dayton
David Dayton

On November 2nd, we put out a call for questions about Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart 7. Those submissions appear in the second half of this mailbag.

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To TMK staff:
If you had a really cool weapon or two based on everyday objects, what would they be/what would they do? Would you use them for good or for evil?
I'd take a pair of cool shades with lasers, maybe, or a huge spatula with an electrical field. I'd use them for good, of course.
- BP

David: What does this have to do with anything?

The Chef: Are you planning to answer yourself, BP?

Luigison: I'd take a keyboard so I could [Esc] any situation, go [Home] anytime, or [Delete] anything. Another cool everyday object might be a volume knob. With it I could mute anything or even turn really cool music up to 11.

BP: David, this is the kind of stuff that really, truly matters.

So which of you guys is running this Twitter feed?
- @NinDB_Fry (Mark Kelly)

David: You're implying we TMK folk would stoop to manual labor. The Twitter and Facebook feeds are being pulled automatically from RSS.

The Chef: He means I'm running it. :B

I will ALWAYS love TMK--you need more pics of characters in the Mariopedia BTW
- @FyreeTSG (S.A. Nathe (Fyree))

David: Hey, Deeeeezer....

Deezer: Up next for the Mariopedia: SMB3 sprites!

This glitch i discovered is calked the "no time for keys" glitch
To do this, get a key, have yoshi eat the key, bring yoshi over the keyhole. e.g. on a platform above keyhole. If you still have time, spit key out. when little time remains, position yoshis head directly alligned with keyhole still above (a good level is forest of illusion 3 in the pipe) when you eat the key, die. Marios body should touch the keyhole and beat level without actually dying!!!
- steven9wii

The Chef: I thought we killed you.

BP: He touched the keyhole and beat the level, without actually dying.

David: Mario is a plumber, so I suppose he would use caulk.

I wanted to note something for the mailbag. In Germany, the club nintendo (possibly their version of nintendo power) included comics that had Mario and other Nintendo characters at the time. The first link has an upload with many scans that were collected. The second link is a site where someone takes on these projects and translates them. They finished several comics but not nearly all of them. The third link includes links to several downloads of the comics but they are still in german. Just wanted to include these for you guys so you could look them over and maybe find someone to translate some of them like Warios Weihnachtsmärchen. =)
- Jimmy W.

Kimimaru: Pretty cool! Unfortunately I don't know German, but I hope someone can translate these someday. Thanks for sharing, Jimmy!

David: Ver ich dein Mario Broder.

I found some glitches for the GBA game Mario vs. Donkey Kong.
Monchee Glitch: On the 2nd half of W6-2 with the Mini Mario, you'll notice the Monchee (monkeys with tails you can grab) up there with yellow switch blocks. Hit the yellow switch at the right time to where the Monchee is stuck on a tiny platform and half of him is hanging off. (if he falls, you didn't time it right.) Get over to him and climb up his tail and position Mario to where he would be reaching for another vine. Press A. Mario will die and jump off all at there same time. Mario falls to the ground like normal, but the 'lose a life' jingle plays as if Mario kicked the bucket. Since the game thinks Mario's dead, the time won't go down and you can't pause and exit, but Mario's standing like normal, so the game freezes because it doesn't know what in the world just happened! All you can do is reset.
Pick Up Nothing: If you throw something into the air and land it on top of something else and pick it up right when it hits it, sometimes Mario will hold nothing, and often he'll act as if he were hit by something and be knocked over.
Glitchy Boss Battle: On one of the World 4 boss levels, if you grab a Boo Guy after it becomes a normal Shy Guy, wait until another one becomes normal, then jump on top of it, throw the one you're holding up, (UP + B), and pick up the one you're on top of , and pick it up at the right timing. The Shy Guys will go off the screen like normal, but Mario will suddenly be holding a rapidly animating upright Shy Guy. Then things get crazy. As long as Mario's holding the messed up Shy Guy, he can walk off platforms without falling, and is sometimes invincible. You're fair game once you throw the shy guy.
Flying Hammers: On the 2nd half of W3-4, hit the switches to where there's nothing between the hammer there and the ground. Grab it and fall to the bottom. Walk off into the lava pit. Mario will die, but the hammer will fly away and go off the top of the screen without stopping, even when everything else does because Mario died.
Bottomless Pit: Avoid picking up the Mini-Mario and go to the exit door. Goof around until time starts to run out. When the time says zero, walk off at the right time, and the time up message appears, Mario flies backwards and into a hole in the spike pit beneath him. There's no end to this pit, and since the level won't start over until Mario lands, (which he can't), you'll have to reset. This bug is on one of the world 5 plus levels, I can't remeber which one, but I think it was 5-2+.
- Austin S.

Deezer: Neat, I'll have to check these out.

I found a glitch in Super mario bros. 3! In world 2-5, when you take the pipe west of clouds, go in as small mario then exit small. Hit the mushroom, then let it follow you to the exit and beat the level with the mushroom still onscreen. if you grab the mushroom OFF screen, you will appear onscreen then grow followed by normal running east!
- steven9wii

Deezer: Good one, thanks! (Check out this glitch in our SMB3 bugs section.)

Some important MK7 stuff I'd want to know...
If you bounce sidewise off of a wall, do you lose your momentum, or bounce comfortably?
If you fall off of a cliff while carrying an item (are there cliffs any more?), do you lose it, or keep it? And same for being hit while carrying something.
These have been disappointing trends in the later Mario Karts, and I'm wondering if they're still happening.
- Fifth

MEGAߥTE: These features act the same as the more recent games. There are still cliffs with bottomless pits, however, there aren't water pits anymore -- you just drive underwater. It is a bit strange playing some of the old tracks with the new physics, especially now that there are gliders and underwater driving involved.

David: Actually, while part of me dislikes the "lose your items when you get hit" aspect of Mario Kart Wii, I have to admit that it DOES prevent us from using the time honored "get in last place, grab a blue shell, and save for the next 3 laps until your opponent is about to cross the finish line right in front of you" technique.

MEGAߥTE: There are different degrees of attacks in this game. For instance, the fireballs don't deal as much damage as some of the other items, probably since you can throw a lot of them. And the fire flower and leaf are time-limited. The blue shell is back on the ground this time, barreling through everything in its path, except that it flies up and drops down in an explosion on whoever is currently in the lead. And Bob-ombs now walk away from their landing position.

Hey there! I just want to say that there are some new courses in the game and so far, I have Toad Circuit. Do you have any other courses to show?
- Reginald C.

MEGAߥTE: So far, these are the tracks we know about:
Mushroom: Toad Circuit, Daisy Hills, Cheep Cheep Lagoon, Shy Guy Bazaar
Flower: Wuhu Loop, Mario Circuit, Music Park, Rock Rock Mountain
Star: Piranha Plant Slide, Wario Shipyard, Neo Bowser City, Maka Wuhu
Special: DK Jungle, Rosalina's Ice World, Bowser's Castle, Rainbow Road
Shell: N64 Luigi Raceway, GBA Bowser Castle 1, Wii Mushroom Gorge, DS Luigi's Mansion
Banana: N64 Koopa Beach, SNES Mario Circuit 2, Wii Coconut Mall, DS Waluigi Pinball
Leaf: N64 Kalimari Desert, DS DK Pass, GCN Daisy Cruiser, Wii Maple Treeway
Lightning: Wii Koopa Cape, GCN Dino Dino Jungle, DS Airship Fortress, SNES Rainbow Road
Battle Stages: GBA Battle Course 1, N64 Big Doughnut, DS Palm Shore, Honeybee Hive, Sherbet Rink, Wuhu Town

David: I'm now imagining Toad going "Wuuuhuu!"

Just had a few questions regarding the new Mario 3DS titles.
Concerning SM3D Land,
- Are the powerups used about an equal number of times, or does the Super Leaf appear in most levels, like in SMB3?
- Are the powerups introduced at different times/in different worlds, or do they all start appearing within the first world or two?
and concerning MK7,
- About how many playable characters are there, if you have any idea?
- How exactly does the "Lucky Seven" item work?
Thanks a bunch!
- Jdaster64

MEGAߥTE: The power distribution in Super Mario 3D Land is similar to Super Mario Bros. 3. The Fire Flower and Super Leaf powers are pretty prevalent. You can (and are sometimes encouraged to) take powers between levels (but not items like the Propeller Block), and they aren't timed like the Galaxy games. Their introduction is also similar to Super Mario Bros. 3. The Fire Flower and Super Leaf powers come up front, but the Boomerang Flower doesn't come until later, and the Statue Leaf even later.
In Mario Kart 7, there are 16 known playable characters plus the ability to use Miis. The characters are Metal Mario, Lakitu, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Daisy, Wario, Rosalina, Shy Guy, Queen Bee, and Wiggler. The Lucky 7 gives you seven items (red shell, green shell, banana, blooper, mushroom, star, and Bob-omb), which you can use one at a time, and they spin around you like the triple shells.

Mr. MegaByte, what's it like using the Circle Pad to control Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7?
- Pigma

MEGAߥTE: It's fine for Mario Kart 7. For Super Mario 3D Land, it can take a little bit to get used to since it doesn't have the precision of a regular control stick, but it's pretty good once you adjust. Even though the levels are 3D, they're mostly made up of 2D segments pasted together. It seems like they tuned to controls to account for this, which keep you moving in a pretty linear fashion, so it only gets intense in the later levels. The control physics are closer to the 2D games as well. That means there's a bit of a lead time in getting your running speed up for jumps.

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