21 Dec 2012
David Dayton
David Dayton

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Why didn't Nintendo include levels from the Arcade games for the retro tracks in Mario Kart 7 (or Wii or DS)? Is it because of Namco? Do the arcade levels not meet Nintendo Quality standards? Or do they not want to call into question their numbering of the games? They would have fit in especially for MK7, considering the arcade version has already gone underwater. A couple of those would certainly make the retro cups a more exciting prospect to this websites demographic, who have already played all the older games. Those arcade machines are rare. If I had my druthers, the next Mario Kart would include the track from Brawl, complete with kirby to block your path, or maybe courses from Mario Party minigames. That would be rather silly.
Actually, I think the next Mario spinoff should just be blooper racing, like in Galaxy (or Sunshine). It would sell better than Waverace.
- Cheeseball701

MEGAߥTE: As the arcade games were developed by Namco, Nintendo doesn't consider them a real part of the series. While it would be nice to have the tracks playable at home, in my limited experience, the tracks aren't very good, so we're not missing much.

The Chef: The track from Brawl is based on Figure 8 Circuit from Mario Kart DS, so that would be really redundant.

BP: How about a capture-the-flag shooter where the guns are Bloopers, and you unlock special inks that do different things like set your opponents on fire? And you can also unlock hats... for your Blooper...?

Kimimaru: I agree with MB on this one, but I also think it won't work out because the Mario Kart Arcade GP games have drastically different karts, characters, and items, making them quirky additions to future Mario Kart installments.

CrossEyed7: I've never played the arcade games, but from what I've seen, there's some pretty cool elements in them. The items and general gameplay are definitely pretty different from normal Mario Kart games, but if they could remake a couple of the tracks as Retro courses for Mario Kart U (possibly DLC?), I'd be up for it. And Blooper racing could totes be a thing. Mario Water Ride as a successor to Kirby Air Ride?

The Chef: I actually have played the arcade game (the second one) and I can say that the game is absolutely 100% "for arcades only" by design. The tracks are, as MB said, nothing special. They're all just basic race tracks with very wide roads, few complex turns and absolutely no obstacles whatsoever. They'd barely fit in a normal arcade racer let alone a Mario Kart game. In addition, the item system is largely based around the fact that the game is a sit-in-the-chair-and-steer-with-a-steering-wheel game. Almost all of the items have an effect that either blocks the screen, messes with the wheel or finds some other way to moderately annoy the other player rather than deliver a massive blow to their lead. Simply put, Mario Kart Arcade GP is an entirely different beast than any of the games on the systems and likely wouldn't work as a simple home port of any sort.

David: I never liked the controls for the arcade game. If we're talking about wacky changes to the series, why not Super Smash Kart?

The Chef: Because then it wouldn't be Mario Kart anymore. If they did have to make a Nintendo crossover racing game, I'd rather it not be tied to Smash Bros. It's already bothersome enough on it's own.

With in-depth wikis like, do you feel like the Mariopedia is necessary these days?
How often do people email you saying they found the secret page?
Omigosh, I finally found the secret page! That thing has been buggin me for years. Almost a decade I think.
- Sebastian

The Chef: Mario Wiki may be in-depth but its still really poorly written and poorly organized in several areas, not to mention the amount of misinformation if not outright conjecture it incorporates into many of its pages.

Sapphira: Mariopedia needs to be seriously updated. I think if it were overhauled and updated, it might have a real shot. I forget what it was, limitation-wise, that was holding us back. I think it currently has a wiki feature, but no one's ever used it.

BP: MarioWiki also has a really fuzzy manual of style, if any. How come Lucas has his own article but Mike Tyson doesn't?

Kimimaru: As much as I like mariowiki, sometimes it simply does not have what I'm looking for. It's also hard to find some specific things that you want. I think the Mariopedia can improve upon it by making information easier and more convenient to find as well as having even more in-depth coverage.

David: The Mario Wiki guys and gals do a good job at what they do, but I do think the Mariopedia does a better job at its entries. We just need to finish it up... I should really write a few more things.

CrossEyed7: If we're going to compete with MarioWiki, what the Mariopedia really needs is for us to preface every statement with "It is interesting to note that...".

Hello. My name is Kara and I just stumbled across your website. I browsed your merchandise catalog, and noticed that you don't have a listing for the Super Mario/Zelda toy chest. To the best of my knowledge it was manufactured at some point in the 80's. I have one sitting in my room right now, and it was made around the time that the Mario and Zelda trash cans were made. The trunk is also featured in Nintendo Power magazine Vol. 188 if you need to see a pic of it. There's also two on ebay right now. If you'd like to include it on your site I'd be happy to take pictures of mine and send them to you. Just thought that your site was missing a very important collectible. Thank you for your time!
- Kara B.

Kimimaru: Very interesting; thanks Kara! I didn't know such a thing existed.

The Chef: I remember seeing a picture of this on either the forum or a previous mailbag...

David: I remember this.

CrossEyed7: Would that be this one? The picture on top there looks like the same Peach/Toadstool design as the Famicom cover art for SMB (that one with the blue Bowser). I'm always entertained seeing how much mileage Nintendo got out of that one picture of Mario jumping and holding a thing with the weird misplaced leg, including using it as Luigi on the side there.
There's another one over here where one of the Zelda sides is replaced with an SMB3 side, though using the King Koopa design from the cartoons and comic books rather than any game designs. The link to the eBay auction for that one is expired, though.
It is interesting to note that on that SMB3 panel, the mushroom coming out of that ?-Block that Mario's tailing has the red-spots-on-white coloring that mushrooms have in your inventory in SMB3 (and also in Superstar Saga), and that mushroom's proximity to [a] Toad makes it look very much like a severed Toad head.

No idea what this is but looks fun! Either fan based art or new product tests?
Want/need either way!!!
- Trev

The Chef: That looks like it could be a really really well-made fake.

Sapphira: Mario Matryoshka dolls, very cute. Someone should make and sell those in real life.

David: I think it might just be a test of someone's CGI skills.

CrossEyed7: I want to believe.

Hey guys, I designed and built this lamp because, well, I thought it would be awesome:
Other people seem to like them, so I'm offering copies and kits for anyone who wants a little 8-bit action in their everyday lives.
- Bryan

Deezer: Now that's what I call a "bright" idea!

The Chef: Just make sure it doesn't set off a bomb scare this time.

BP: Oh, I've seen this before. Everyone loves it.

Kimimaru: First time I've seen it and I'm in love with it! Very creative!

Sapphira: Whoa! Sweet! What a clever idea! I like how it makes a 1-up sound on the 8th tap.

David: It's hanging by a cord. Everyone knows that real ? blocks hang in mid-air.
Sky hooks.

I wasn't sure where else to send this, there seems to be an omission on the Super Mario Kart (SNES) Japanese to English page. I've noticed, in the Japanese SFC version of the game, the menu selections when starting the game (i.e. 1P/2P game, type of match etc.) isn't saved when turning the game off, while in the US SNES versions those selections are saved (my SNES cart still manages to remember my last race was a 1P TT!). You can confirm this, if you'd like.
- Carmen

BP: That used to blow me away when I was little. Like the game was reading my mind.

The Chef: It makes flipping through menus even quicker. More games need this feature. Some games even have it as part of the options menu.

David: I almost thought there was a difference in the way the two dealt with saved ghosts, too...

How is everyone doing?
I'm JazzyLuv on your forums, though I hadn't been around for a looong while. I miss putting up Koopasta art and playing the "let's count to ___!" game. Hopefully I can return soon.
Really, I just wanted to say you guys are awesome for maintaining this site so well! It's so good to see that some Mario-related websites are still here, kickin' and all. I'm loving your station STILL, because every time I do art studies or the comic, if I listen to it, I just get so happy!! Totally inspired by your selection of tracks!
Have a great week!
- JazzyLuv

The Chef: (o ^_^)b

Kimimaru: Great to hear from you again, Jazzy! I hope you return to the Fungi Forums soon! I should really listen to WTMK one of these days...

Sapphira: Hey, I remember you!

David: Feel free to record a fanatical promo for WTMK. Please.

CrossEyed7: Yes, we are awesome.

Happy holidays, guys. I'm a huge fan and I have a question. Is there a secret door in Paper Mario: Sticker Star?
- Reginald C.

Sapphira: Merry Christmas! What exactly do you mean by "secret door"? Are you thinking of a specific one? There are secret doors in pretty much every level of Sticker Star. You won't be able to access them right away, though...

CrossEyed7: You can buy secret door stickers at the shop in 3-6. Every level except 4-4, 6-1, and 6-3 has exactly one place to put a secret door sticker.

David: It all depends upon how zealous you are and the size of your hacksaw.

Hey there! I'm a huge fan of the Paper Mario series and in Sticker Star, there are some Wiggler segments. So, is there a quiz show in this game where you can get one and what's the name of the quiz?
- Reginald C.

Sapphira: Yes. In Stump Glade (World 3-10). "Snifit or Whiffit."

CrossEyed7: I haven't heard of anyone else unlocking this yet, but in World 7-9, there's another quiz show, "Human or Fumin'." It's hosted by Human, with his studio audience full of Humans, and every time you get a question wrong, Human lights you on fire.

Sapphira: XD He's totally lying, but that would be hilarious! Alternatively, it could be called "Guy or Fry."

The Chef: I've always wanted to create a story where the main cast is a bunch of animals or aliens or some other type of creature, and there's one human in the group simply named Human. I think Adventure Time sorta beat me to it though.

David: Since when did Sapphira get a 3DS?

Sapphira: About a week before Sticker Star came out. I got a good deal from GameStop through Club Nintendo. :D

CrossEyed7: Sapph, you've had Sticker Star since launch and you still haven't unlocked World 7?

Sapphira: ...I'm not sure how to even respond to that.

Yo, sup?
Deven here. Just wanted to ask a few questions:
1. What do you think of the new SSB4 title that is to be fully revealed?
2. What do you think the graphics will look like?
3. Who would you like in the game?
4. What sort of connectivity do you predict will be available with the two versions?
5. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
- Deven247 (AKA Deven711)

Kimimaru: Hey Deven! I'm not sure what to think of the new SSB game yet, since we have so little information about it. I just hope it plays more similar to Melee than Brawl. I'm not picky about graphics, but I'm sure they'll be better than Brawl's. I really think Waluigi would be a good contender; he has developed a variety of moves over time in the games he has appeared in. I believe they'll have a character editor or something similar in the 3DS version, which you port over to the WiiU. A Klondike Bar...I probably wouldn't do too much XD

CrossEyed7: I love Waluigi. And if he is ever featured in an actual game, he will cease to be Waluigi. The essence of Waluigi is "that creepy loser who's never been in an actual game (other than Mario DDR I think?)". He must never stop being a creepy loser.

The Chef: 1. I think it will be a Smash Bros. game.
2. I think it will look like Brawl, except even more current gen.
3. I would like a lot of things, including more characters and stages and whatnot.
4. I predict that the Wii U and 3DS will be able to connect. What for I have no idea.
5. I would go to my fridge and get one.

BP: 1. Hope the characters talk more than in the previous games. Trash talk!
2. Well, they better not copy and paste models from Wii games to make the stages! Brawl did too much of that with GameCube models... and New Pork City recycled Game Boy Advance graphics of all things, how much lazier can you get? Other than that, Brawl already had pretty nice graphics as far as the Wii was concerned. And all the characters were on-model, more so than in Melee anyhow. Moving up to a system that can handle more polygons, fancier animation and bump maps, good things can only be expected.
3. Little Mac, Dillon, Scrafty, and the Prince of Sable.

David: I'd answer questions about the new Smash Bros. game; however, as you haven't provided a Klondike bar...

Hey there! I just heard that New Super Mario Bros. U won an award so, which award and which category? Thanks!
- Reginald C.

CrossEyed7: Best Supporting Actress.

Sapphira: Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction.

Deezer: Best New Super Mario Bros. Game With "U" In The Title

The Chef: Nobel Prize in Physics

BP: All Super Mario Bros. games have "U" in the title!

David: Deezer must prefer it to the others, then.

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