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David Dayton
David Dayton
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This mailbag started as usual, with some replies made, but never really took off due to school, work, and vacations. It took on a new form in the hotel room at E3 2006, where MEGAߥTE, David, Chupperson, and Luigison recorded their answers, with some input from Fifth and his friend Kale. Below are the questions they answered -- we may do a full transcription in the future.

Note that MEGAߥTE sounds sick and far away, because, well, he was sick and far away.

Recorded: The wee hours of 5/12/2006
Posted: 6/30/2006
Total length: 59:01


Who's who:

  • MEGAߥTE reads most of the e-mails.
  • David talks the loudest and the most.
  • Chupperson says "LOL".
  • Luigison has a southern accent.
  • Fifth whistles.
  • Kale is the other guy.

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Is something going on with the staff?!?! Take these examples:

Lizard Dude: Or sometimes we flirt with Sapphira.
Chupperson: High School?!
Sapphira: *jabs LD in the ribs* How 'bout I tell your supposed "girlfriend" this?

Or howzabout this?

David Dayton: J.J. just needs love.
J.J.: Is that an invitation, David? Because I am so game.

Or when David Dayton's thing says

Still Single

and LDs says

Hot Or Not?

It's the second one that scares me the most. *Compares to horror movie* Hmmm.....
I have yet more mailbags to search.
These are from the same mailbag. The one where you click J.J. and your icons go crazy. What's that tune that's playing when you do that???
Yes, I'm the same guy that sent that HUGE E-mail about SMB3 (mainly). I think that was the subject too.
- Luke. NO, NOT LUKE SKYWALKER BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING!!! And it's Luke, not Lucas before you try that either!


Dear TMK,
What's the best deal you've ever got on eBay? A Mario-releated one and a non-Mario one, please.
- Grad


OK, you already know about Daisy's pot-belly, but I found another proof that shows you that Nintendo wants Daisy to stand behind Peach in matters of beauty and shape:
- select Peach in Mario Kart DS and check her weight in a random kart
- then select Daisy and put her into the same kart
- now the weight has increased...
Daisy is obviously fatter than Peach!
Please don't take this too seriously (I know you won't), I just think it could be interesting for Daisy-Fans and Peach-Haters.
And I've got a question: What means the expression "tripper" in Peach's Kart "Light Tripper"? I couldn't understand the meaning of this word... In the German Version it's called "Tanzwagen", that means "Dance Car".
- Georg


Hi, guys... well... this is the 1st e-mail I send to ya, and I wanted 2 ask ya this questions:
1.-I always loved Daisy, and I agree that she's cool and that... but I disagree in the idea she was nicer B4 she was "transformed". Well, though she looks lik e a ghost, her dress is much nicer and she's nicer.
2.-I like Mario Party 6 and 7. You'll ask why? Well the minigames R cool, the boards 2, but I especially like the taunts.
My favorite one is Daisy's, but there R some that I can't understand:
4 xample Luigi's when he gets a star he says something like, "Oh yeah, Luigi likes Toaddette"!!!!!
3.- Talking about Toadette, where the hell does she come from?!
4.-Yesterday I saw a game for DS called Super Princess Peach(which obviously features Peach) & I thought of having a game featuring Daisy, 'cause instead of putting Daisy as a second(such as Mario having Luigi as a second), it's only Peach.
- Carlos Ashley Figueroa Thompson


Being the good little Mario boy I was, I bought Super Mario Sunshine the day it came out in 2002. I had my fun with it, and beat it in about a month, putting it away not to see the light of day until now. I have had fun playing the game again, but I just had one question. How do you get back to the Delfino Isle Airport after beathing that first plant at the beginning. Can you go back?
- Alex Speer


Love the site, but i feel that there is something missing.
something that I thought you guys would have in the site for sure.
I remember the box art for smb3, but on the back it showed a screen shot of a level i never saw in the game. if i remember correctly it had buzzy beetles flying, and i think i saw grass in that same screen shot.
I am pretty sure there were some box art variations in the USA. i have searched google, but all i find is the front and the new super mario advance 4 box art.
Well pardon my horrible english but i hope you guys find it. i know its out there. =)
- Mr Kino


I have this book about classic arcade games that mentions this movie version of Donkey Kong Junior...
Mario (Danny DeVito)
Donkey Kong Jr. (Gary Coleman)
Donkey Kong (Mr. T)
Have you guys heard of it? It's not in IMDb...
- Mr. Mime


Dear TMK Staff,
Dude677 back with more questions to ask about the Mario universe and the TMK universe as well... Okay, Deezer, what did you first think about Deezer the Snowman Song? I thought the song was funny and imaginative.
I have recently started playing SM64 for some exploring, and yet, I still can't overcome my issues with the game. Okay, it may seem a little weird, and kind of stupid, but I always ran to the place i would go to in hopes of running away from Boos that would like to eat our hero. I konw this doesn't seem Nintendo-y, but if there is an enormous castle, with noone in there, then there is a problem...
Also, I would like to know what you guys like to play OTHER them Mario. ANy shooters or strategy games?
Also, what do you think about the Revolution. I, myself, will think it will be a great system, but many people, friends, reviewers at Gamespy, have doubted the Revolutions success. Some say it will make or break Nintendo.Just imagine, Nintendo GONE?!? Wonder what Deezer will do next, do an XBOX Site?
Okay, thanks for taking your time to ask the many questions you answer for mailbags, thanks for this site, and thanks for giving us Mario fans something to look foward to.
Thanks, for everything!!
- Dude677


I have just thought that the World 1 map screen music from Super Mario Bros. 3 (as well as the intro of the Mario's Pad music from Super Mario RPG) reminded me of the Sesame Street theme song. Here's a MIDI file that Chris Read ( made. It's basically Super Mario Bros. 3's World 1 map screen music being a "Sesame Street remix". Hope you like it!
P.S.,you can update the "Sounds & music" section of site by adding that MIDI,too.
- Blessranger


Dear TMK,
This is my first time writing to you, and I have a question. Why don't Nintendo bring back some Paper Mario characters for new characters? I mean, the first Paper Mario didn't do well. But Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, was, to me, the best-selling RPG of all time. I'm serious. I went to many Mario sites and I tell ya, I saw a LOT of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door fan art, especially of the shadow siren, Vivian.
- Linda Alford Alford


Dear TMK,
I pressed the wrong button. sorry.
- Linda Alford Alford


I am looking for an email contact for one of your 'voices'ATSUSHI IKUNO. If you could either pass on this message to him or send me his email address,I would be very grateful
- Cristina, Vancouver, Canada


In the last mailbag MEGAߥTE said Bowser was Oprah Winfrey in disguise.
Now of course that's not true.
Clearly Bowser is really Randy Savage. I mean just listen to him in Mario Sunshine!
- Yoshi Mastar


Sup TMK people,
I was just wondering what you are all going to do when you can download games onto the Revolution. I'll probably sell all my N64 stuff and download it back. But there's no way I'm getting rid of my SNES. I've had it since I was 6, so my SNES is like my brother. I probably shouldn't ask about how much the downloads will cost... By the time this is in a mailbag we'll probably all know XP Umm... Bye!
- Bird Person (I'm having a Fungi Forum withdrawl right about now!!!)


Hey, first things first, your site is awsome!! I'm glad you made the site...but there are some things I would change. One thing I would want you guys & girl to change is that you need to put a free trial or a demo of the game on the site so if people want to play it but don't have an old system the can come to your site and play (if you do this more people will come to your site too). The second thing I want to say, it's not about changing your site, I just want to know if you can talk to XBOX or PS to see if the will make a game with the same everything as Super Mario All Stars but as a bonus on the game the make the Star track at the end of Mario Karts on N64 (nothing changed!!!). If you do this I will make flyers and go around my highschool posting your site on every locker, every wall, every door, on peoples back, on EVERYTHING.
- jebus christ


Hi! Okay, you can delete this if you want but I just wanted to ask if you guys know why they put Link next to Peach and not Mario next to her or Zelda next to him. I mean, Zelda's waaaaay back there in the back by GANONDARF!!! Okay, see ya!
- *~Lei~*


I hope you can recive this. Okay, I know this is rather sudden, but could you PLEASE get some artwork (not fan art, the other type, official game art) of Tumble (dice) from Mario Party 3? PLEASE I'm begging you! Also, I'd like some pictures of Battle T (blue spotted orange shirted mushroom like Toad) from Mario Party 2 And 3. Can you get them? Oh yeah, and a picture of Belltop would be nice too.
- Richard Sallis


Just a couple of quick questions, as per usual.. Have you thought about putting up a Mario Kart DS decal page? Have you also thought about one for Animal Crossing (GC and DS) patterns?? I was just playing MKDS and thought about how cool it would be to come to TMK and look for decals and patterns.
- Jon Reed


Hey I have 43 mario games, and I was wondering if I could be considered an ultimate mario dude person. Also, in mario tennis why does bob-omb make the sound of shy guy? P.S. I also have ALL the nintendo systems available in north america, except for the Game boy(original), virtual boy, GB micro, and those game & watch things.
- Kyle England


Firstly, TMK rocks.
Secondly. On your site, you mention that Morton Koopa Jr. is named after... somebody. I'm too lazy to re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-check who. Actually, I read somewhere that Bowser was a nickname, and his full name is Moton "Bowser" Koopa. Hence, one of the Koopa Kids is Morton Koopa Jr. I have no idea if Ninty confirmed anything, so this is just my thoughts.
Thirdly, I can't find the secret page! I need tips! *cries*
- [signature here]
Some guy who's crazy


RevCo Embassy Pictures in cooperation with Funky Finger Productions presents.......
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door: The Movie! Join us through this extrordanary live action adventure as Mario goes head to head with the vile X-Nauts.
Louie Anderson as Mario
Jessica Alba as Princess Peach
and Morgan Freeman as Emperor Grodus!
Also Starring:
Frank Caliendo as all of Mario's Party Members
(*Directors note: Mario's party members will all be computer generated)
Tom Hanks as Luigi
and Christopher Lloyd as Prof. Frankley
with a special guest appearance by former President Bill Clinton as the voice of TEC!
Don't miss this exciting opportunity!
Currently playing at Stanky Joe's 5-cent ciniplex and The Auto Zone Theater for the Performing Arts in Dothan, Alabama.
Copyright 2006, Fakename Enterprises Ltd., all rights reserved
With Love,
- Mega Toad


Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 were the best Mario games ever made. Playing these games is a true joy and is best being played on the NES. Not everyone has access to one, and it's hardly a portable convenience. The world needs to play these games again, and not these watered down versions of classic games, such as 'Super Mario Advance 4.' I don't think anyone wanted to hear 'lucky' or 'just what I needed' every time Mario gets a power up. Plus being able to save the game whenever you want just takes away all the challenge and fun the original game had to offer. What we need are absolutely direct gba ports of these games. No saving, no sleep mode, no new sound effects or power ups and not forced into wide screen like the 'classic nes series.' Please tell me Nintendo has some plans for portable perfectly emulated nes games, not on the computer or 'Nintendo Wii.' The idea of Super Mario Bros. 3 on gba sounds just perfect...
- Superchris129


Dear Toaster Muffin Kitchen,
BOMB! I'm back! After the longest time of having absolutely nothing to say, I now have some questions for you. Thankfully less than usual this time but just as "good" nonetheless.
(1) When I played Mario Party 5 for the first time I noticed this big, goofy-looking tornado named Tweester and it was weird for me because I had never seen him before in a Mario game. Was MP5 his first appearance as a new character or have I missed him somewhere before?
(2) Main question. One day as I sat on my bed and thought about... stuff that I can't remember right now... something caused me to think about the old show Unsolved Mysteries. I don't know about you but that show used to scare the willies out of me as a kid! Anyway, I remembered the spooky theme of the show (doo-doo-DOO-doo, doo-doo-DOO-doo) and after that my brain wandered and I thought about Super Mario World. Then I thought about the Ghost House theme and suddenly my brain short-circuited and my jaw hit the cushions. They sound almost exactly the same!! At least the first part of the Ghost House theme. I don't remember the UM theme exactly but... isn't it somewhat similar?! Gaaaaah!!! Or maybe I just don't watch enough horror movies.
(3) When the Revolution finally arrives (after we have all gone insane from waiting, banged our heads, cried, and almost bought a different system) what games do you guys want to download? So far I was thinking I might like Mach Rider and some of the Zelda games because I never played those before.
(4) Finally... I had to share this idea of mine, which is probably either already taken or stupid or both, heh heh. If TMK ever had a gang hand sign for some reason, I think it should be two upside-down peace signs next to each other to make an M for Mario. Like... ah go walkin' down da street, ya see, an den ah see o' Chuppason ova dair lookin so tough and coo and ah walk up ta him an I'm all lawk "Sup, ma bro Chuppason!" /\/\ ! Nah, that will probably never happen. I'm not even cool enough to talk to him. As you can tell from my bad jokes.
That all I got. Thanks again! You guys R0X0R ME AND MAKE ME ROFL! XD Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Sincerely, the one and only, last of its kind
- Yoshisaurus Rex (=(: )@)


It's been a while, but it's me, the ol' Marionater sending you another Q-mail.
So we are getting close to the Nintendo DS online(this letter was sent on 11-1-05) and to the end of the year. What has been your favorite moment? What was your most dissapointing? What about the most suprising? What has been your favorite game this year?(could be off topic if you like) Which one are you going to get this year or possibly next? Will you get a Revolution or a different system?
I have some answers to these questions myself. My favorite moment this year was probably when I went to the Anaheim Convention on October 22 & 23. They let me play Mario Kart early,(although you guys played MK at E3 of course) and it was awesome, a must buy indeed. My dissapointing moment this year though was buying a DS. The cool thing is I got it at the the launch. The reason why I'm dissapointed was because they are selling a red-flamed DS with a copy of Mario Kart on November. Nonetheless, I got a cool system, the classic Titanium's cool. My most surprising moment though, was finding out that DS wi-fi were going to be at McDonalds. You pretty much have a McDs everywhere, so it won't be hard to find one.
Well...I guess that covers my moments...but the coupe de grace for my letter are the games. My favorite game this year was RE4 for the GCN...but if it had to be a Mario game, it would be Mario Superstar Baseball. I'm hoping to get Mario Kart, M&L:PiT, and even Animal Crossing for my DS. I might get a Rev., but my bro has been really poking me in the eye a lot about getting a 360, so I hope to get something good in the end. November really is this year's hot month, lot's of of stuff will be released including some hopefully popular Mario games, DS going online, and the first brother of future gaming(360), will take its steps on the street.
These has always been MY thoughts...but now I want somebody else's thoughts. A true gamer. Somebody that'll give me a comment on all this talk. Which is why I thought of TMK as my answer. Please TMK...lend me your ear!!!
- Marionater

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