04 Jul 2004
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Happy 4th! J.J. was not included in this mailbag because his holiday was 3 days ago. Or he missed the cut-off date.

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Dear tmk,
I love the mailbags, but I have a few suggestions... DO ANOTHER MAILBAG!
- Chris

MEGAߥTE: We've got you covered here. I'd also like to announce v0.1 of my automatic mailbag generator. This will enable us to complete bags much faster. We might even be able to get back to a weekly schedule, but don't hold your breath. What's with this "love" stuff again?

Chupperson Weird: That was only one suggestion.

David Dayton: Hey, I -try- to do more mailbags...

Deezer: With this new format, it will be interesting to see how long the replies get.

Lizard Dude: *lengthens the reply*

Hi, I've been following your site for about a year and I find that is is the most informative Super Mario site on the internet. I love WTMK! (and from listening to it for a while, it seems that you guys (and girl) really like M&L!
- JohnDog

Deezer: Numba' one in da hood, G.

David Dayton: Another happy WTMK customer. Deezer, when do I get a raise, again?

Sapphira: Well I probably WOULD like it if I could get the chance to play it... It looks so incredibly awesome.... ;__;

Dear TMK,
1. Here is a picture of my custom Mario Bros. skins for The Sims. Whaddaya think?
2. In 'Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?' episode two {Electric Boogaloo}, Robot's friends play a game called 'Monkey Kong Jr'. Coincidence? I think not. You can watch it here.
- 3 Links Theory

Deezer: 1. The picture was not attached.
2. I don't think that episode is still available. :-\

David Dayton: Why are you playing The Sims, again?

Lizard Dude: Probably the same reason you play Animal Crossing, David.

Chupperson Weird: Animal Crossing > The Sims

Lizard Dude: Not in sales. ;)

David Dayton: If sales meant anything, Enter the Matrix would be one of the best games of the past few years.

- Saggi the clown

Deezer: Try p2p programs like KaZaA.

MEGAߥTE: Your computer is correct.

David Dayton: You could always buy them, you know. You can get several of them on Amazon now.

Sapphira: My, my... So many "rules" broken in just this one email...

Hi, you guys @TMK: I was playing SSBM and completed event matches 1 thru 30 without skipping any. But instead of unlocking more events (there are 51 in all, you know) the game just told me "Congrats! you cleared 30 1P event matches" and the other events were still not avalaible. Please tell me how to unlock the rest of them, since I really want to play them. P.S. if you received my weird SM64 pictures, i'd rather you post them that this question.
- Owlwize--Kaepora Gaebora

Deezer: Pretty sure you have to have all of the secret characters unlocked also.

David Dayton: From David Dayton's Nintendo Code Book:
->Event Matches: As you progress through the game, additional event matches become available, until all 51 are available. Earn secret characters and complete the prior matches until more events are available.
* Stages 40-50: Beat 30 matches and unlock all the characters in the game to make stages 40 through 50 available.
* Stage 51: Beat stages 1-50.

I love your site. I just wondered if you know when the Mario 128 came out. PS: In Super Mario Sunshine during when FLUDD is looking at Mario in the bottom lefthand corner is a cameo from Super Mario 64, it's Mario spinning Bowser.
- AC64

Deezer: So far, "Mario 128" is only a GameCube tech demo. The real game is still in development, and will probably either be released for the GC or Nintendo's next system.

David Dayton: I find it funny that a playable demo of Super Mario 256 was at e3 this year. Heh heh heh.

MEGAߥTE: Wow, David can do math!

Great balls of fire! Why are they (the fireballs) green in the mushroom houses in SMB3? Was It on purpose, or was it just an error? Thanks peoples,
- Koopaslaya

MEGAߥTE: They are green because Toad's House has a different palette than the levels. I don't know if the green "fireballs" were intentional (so that you couldn't fireball Toad), an oversight, or they just didn't care.

David Dayton: I vote for the "not caring" part.

i ve seen an ad in an old nintendo power of mine, it was a japanese retailer. What puzzled me was that it advertised a japanese version of Mario64 2. I was baffled when you didnt have it posted on your site, Is it real or just a fake?
- Soulskater887

MEGAߥTE: Super Mario 64 2 was never completed or released. I do not believe any pictures or anything besides the tentative name was ever released, either. (It's hard to put up a page about a game for which nothing exists). It is likely that the game was moved to GameCube like many other N64 games were (i.e. Eternal Darkness). If you take a look at Super Mario Sunshine, you can see that a lot of the textures are muddy. This indicates that SMS might actually be, or at least contain portions of SM64 2.

David Dayton: There's always a chance the "ad" dealt with the SM64 Shoshinko rerelease... in a sense, that was Super Mario 64 "2".

Deezer: Is David talking about the rumble version?

David Dayton: Yes.

Yo, TMK!
Here we go...hope you've got some time...
1. Have any of you people ever played the SimCity game on the 64DD? If so, how DO you get the Mario statue thing?
2. What's you're fav Mario game? ( it be OK if there is not one)
3. Do you people Stanley the Bugman should return? I think so.
3b. Stanley was a trophy? Wow. Can you post a pic?
4. Do you think that Nintendo should make a REAL, OFFICIAL, and TRUE Super Mario Bros. 4? I think so. Continue the tradition and cut the 'Advance' series.
(Although, SMA4 was always a good thing...)
5. Is Mario VS. DK just another remake of the classic Donkey Kong with SMB2 and SM64 thrown in? Even so, the game rules the handheld world.
6. Do you hate United Airlines?
7. Super Mario Bros. 5=Super Mario World 2-Yoshi's Island?????????????????
8. Which is better-Donkey Kong or DK94?
9. You'll notice, in Mario VS. DK, when Mario grabs the hammer, the special OLD music comes's FLATTENING! (bad pun intended)
10. Secret page....TELL!!!!
The site is really the BEST Mario site out there...keep it up!!
P.S. How do you become part of the TMK crew?? I need to know...
- L. Riccocupp AKA Luigi Dude

MEGAߥTE: 1. No. 2. Super Mario World, as I've said before. 3. Doesn't really matter to me. 3b. Yes. 4. As I explained before, SMW IS the REAL, OFFICIAL, and TRUE SMB4. But, yes they should do another old-school SMB. It seems that's what NEW Super Mario Bros. for the DS is. 5. No. It's sort of like a sequel to GB DK. I don't think it rules the handheld world. It's much easier than GB DK was and the graphics look pretty crummy. 6. I have no reason to. 7. No. 8. DK'94 (GB DK) by far... it's one of the best games on Game Boy 10. DIE. P.S. You don't. But in general, as is stated on the staff page, we'll contact you if we want you to be staff. That's it.

David Dayton: 1) No clue. 2) SMB3. 3) Yes, he should. 4) I'd love a new Super Mario -Bros.- game. 5) It's a sequel to GB DK, but with some of the neater stuff removed. However, it is good in its own way. 6) ? 7) Nope. 8) GB DK / DK94. 9) Ok. 10) Yes, there is one.

Lizard Dude: 1) I also do not know, but judging by other SimCities, you most likely just need a certain population and/or amount of money. 2) SMRPG 3) He should be a character in the next SSB. 4) Sega knows what's up. They release all the old Sonics on one GCN collection and then aggressively release new 2D Sonics on GBA. 5) I really liked Mario vs. DK. "Mmm, bananas, mmm!" 6) No comment. 7) I'd say no because you can't be either brother. 8) I'm not qualified to say. 9) Nice pun. 10) Clues are out there.

Deezer: 3) I'm sure Stanley would reappear if they made a game featuring heroes from unpopular games. 5) It's pretty similar to GB Donkey Kong except MvDK relies heavily on hitting switches to make colored blocks appear and disappear. 10) NO!!!! P.S. Asking to be staff is a good way not to become staff.

Chupperson Weird: 2. Super Mario RPG or Super Mario 64. Maybe. Super Mario Sunshine is up there somewhere too. What kind of question is that, anyway? It's like asking someone what their favorite Mega Man game is, or something. 3. What for?

Sapphira: 1) No. 2) Paper Mario and SMRPG; I've never played M&L so I don't know if that will be one of them or not. 3) Sure, why not? 3b)'s not on the SSBM page. Hey, since we're adding DK series stuff (right?), shouldn't it and the other DK series trophies be added to the page? 4) SMW was in Japan... What MB said. 5) Haven't played it. 6) Umm...? 7) It's a prequel, Luigi is a minor character, and Yoshi is the star, so no, I wouldn't think so. Hmm...Kinda like Wario Land 2 actually being Super Mario Land 4, or something. 10) I am so sick of this... P.S. Why?

Hi. I'm a long time reader and a first time writer. I'm just here to say that in The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker, one of Tetra's pirates look's exactly like Professor E. Gadd! (Except he's in a pirate suit of coarse.) There's also another guy on Windfall Island (The guy who posts those love letters) looks like Mario. Oh, and on the Japanese site for Donkey Konga, there's a movie you can download which has the Super Mario theme. ^_^
- Rory

Deezer: The pirate character was first pointed out in this mailbag (with pictures). The resemblance is most likely intentional, but I remember JJ dismissing this idea based on the fact that the swirly-glasses look is popular in Japanese art.

David Dayton: I don't think it's a cameo at all... it doesn't look similar enough, in my view. He has glasses and a round nose... now, if he had the visible front tooth, no sideburns, and didn't have a cracked lens, I'd be more apt to treat this as a viable cameo.

Just thought I'd tell you guys that has Donkey Kong for the TI-83+. Those with an 83+ should check it out Oh, and I love your site blah update the mailbag more often blah.
- PlaidPhantom

MEGAߥTE: Yes, that site has a large number of Nintendo ports. The TI-89 games are especially good with full grayscale graphics and sometimes even sound... I used to play them in class all the time. I may start an archive of them, but Deezer says I can't do it here because of potential copyright concerns.

David Dayton: KILL THE PIRAT... Er, as you were.

MEGAߥTE: Ports, not ROMs.

in mario vs. dk do they have any changes
- Calvin Cook

MEGAߥTE: Changes from what?

Deezer: Hmm. The Japanese version has some changes. When Mario goes through a keyhole, you see the timer follow him inside and add itself to the timer for the second part of the stage. And the intro has Japanese subtitles.

David Dayton: Interesting... why wasn't that in our version?

Lizard Dude: That timer animation would have really helped me figure out what was going on with the timer earlier than I did.

Dear tmk,
I just bought a used nintendo entertainment system from a yard sale. (NES). I recieved 6 regular controllers, an arcade type controller,the sytem itself and three games for my $13. Now the intresting thing is this it only works when I remove the top half of the plastic outer shell, and the inner metal covering. I assume these parts have no funtion other then protection from damage. Ifeel blesed to have come upon this "diamond in the ruff" which works perfectly. I want to know excactly how many games there are for regular nintendo and there names. I only know for sure super mario brothers 1,2, and 3. I assume there was a kart game before super mario kart on the super nintendo. Are there any other good or obscure mario games I could get for it. I'm weird about foriging for old mario games. (I own just about all of them for super nintendo). Last are there any really good games for nes you would recomend getting.I Hope there are no hard feelings from before. I now understand you all.
- Joey Hamilton

MEGAߥTE: If it's working perfectly, then why do you have to remove the top half of the outer shell?! There are hundreds of games for the NES, so there's no way I'm going to list them all here. If you mean only Mario games, then check TMK's NES section. There was no Mario Kart game for NES. For the NES, I recommend Kirby's Adventure, Star Tropics I & II, TMNT II & III, Wario's Woods, the Mega Man games, Bubble Bobble, and Duck Tales to start off.

David Dayton: Don't forget Bionic Commando.

Deezer: Castlevania series, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Contra, Contra 2.

Lizard Dude: Blaster Master, The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Chupperson Weird: Captain America and the Avengers is fun too.

On your page, you have a small "Cover" picture of the whole SSBM cast, hidden characters included. I have one without the hodden characters; do you know where I can get bigger version of you picture?
- Owlwise, duh.

MEGAߥTE: Right here.

David Dayton: Isn't MB a great guy?

While going through your box art section, I see PAL versions of games. What is PAL?
P.S.: Your site is the most informative Mario source on the internet that I've found so far
- J and D Lewis

MEGAߥTE: As I've said before, PAL is a different television format that is used in most of the world except North America and Japan. For Nintendo games, this is Europe and Australia, in particular.

David Dayton: I'm still annoyed that the PAL version of Luigi's Mansion doesn't support a 60hz mode. Doshin the Giant does..

Hello, and thank you for your time.
I recently looked in the Box Art section of your site, and I noticed the Nintendo 64DD Mario Paint boxes. I was wondering: Would the 64DD play if connected to an American N64? If so, where would I be able to obtain a 64DD, mouse, and games?
Thank you for any help, and thank you for your time.
- Daniel

MEGAߥTE: As far as I know, the 64DD should play fine on either system. However, any extra cartridges that go with the disk games will not fit into the US N64 without cutting notches into the cartridges or removing the blocking tabs from the system. You can usually find the 64DD and accessories on eBay, but they do not come cheap. At all.

David Dayton: Doesn't the 64DD load up some sort of system on the N64 itself? I've not heard of any lockout via the add on hardware, but you never know..

Dear TMK:
I recently read your section about betas and debug menus. I found it very insightful. But I think that I may have found an even greater debug menu, one for Mario RPG. I first discovered it a long time ago when I was playing with my snes and it fell about a foot from the stand it was on, and the game turned off. When I turned it on the saves were all erased.(This had happened to me before with SMW) But to my incredible interest the games were not lost. The screen was sort of glitchy one slot said "World Map" another said "Mario's Factory," and the third was too glitchy to read. So I chose the first one the world map. This put me in a room I had never seen before, it had a simple grassy with dirt paths ground scheme. A message popped up saying "the world map, talk to the person of the place you wish to go." An incredible shock hit me when I noticed I was controlling Mallow (though he was glitchy likely because he didn't have all of the sprites, perhaps this was a function at one point in development) There was what appeared to be a dummy Mario sprite a Bowser sprite and a few mushroom retainers. Bowser and the retainers (except one) ask you to go to some of the map areas, (all are for spots late in the game) but the one other retainer pulls up a menu it says:
Next Page, Save, Oops talked to him
Next Page, Treasure Seeker (gives you signal ring), 999 coins
Next Page, Princess Joins Party, Bowser Joins Party
Next Page, World map on (makes all points accessible), World map off
End (exits menu), Star Menu Test (makes him jump up and down you can no longer talk to him), Ending.
I have no idea what the star menu test did, it was apparently torn out of the game, or you needed to do something first to access it.
But this is all more than a worthless anecdote. Since I am fairly fluent in PAR codes, after reading your beta section I worked hard trying to make a warp code to take you to this area. Here it is: 7FF40400, 7FF40501. I believe that this is an invalid location and the game cant load anything so it takes you to the world map. (Exactly like the Houlihan room in Zelda Link to the past)
I hope you find this interesting.
- Submerger326

MEGAߥTE: Yes, this was first reported to the TMK mailbag when somebody accidently used a Game Saver + to get to that room. Since that time, the room has been found and documented (with the same PAR code that you mention). A more detailed FAQ can be found here and will be covered on TMK in the future.

David Dayton: Nifty.

Lizard Dude: Yet another reason to drop your consoles.

Sapphira: O_o ...Wow, that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard. Even weirder than Chupperson. :P Hmm...yet it also sounds strangely familiar; I think I may have seen similar screenshots before somewhere., I had no idea it was a debug in the game...

Is the secret page the "1 x 1 pixel" at the top of the home page that connects you to If not, why the heck is it there? Thanks. And just so this has something to do with mario, I'll say "MARIO RULES!"
- Joe K.

MEGAߥTE: No, those were inserted by GameSpy. Lately, those seemlingly innocuous 1 x 1 pixel images have morphed into giant evil 640 x 480 pixel or larger ads. I was not amused.

David Dayton: Well, Gamespy does provide us with free hosting. I suppose they DO need to attempt to rake in the bucks somehow... In a related story, I've noticed that we've had a constant main page ad for the NES Classics series for quite a bit now... and always for Super Mario Bros.. Someone must be doing targetted placement.

Lizard Dude: If anyone rich really likes this site, send us a lots of money or small amounts of money at even intervals and we will remove the ads.

Well, it's a' me!......Again!.......again.....Anyway, I have seen the Mario movie several times, taken notes on many parts and nearly wrote its own script. I really don't have a life. But combining the cruddy film with several theories of mine and stories from guides, I have created one whopping big theory that kicks the shizzle out of Power Shoes story. If you do not wish to read it, press 1.......if you would like to read the whole dang thing, press 2.......If you would like to read it in part, press 3.....
P.S.....please dial 3 !!!!!!
Your friend,
- Yoshi Mastar

MEGAߥTE: *presses 2 and hides*

David Dayton: "Power Shoes" story?

Lizard Dude: "Power Shoes" story.

Yo,Tmk can ya help a collecter in need?Where can you get a super nintendo without getting ripped off like the jerks at the flea market do.And for monsior Deezer,when the guy told about FF2 references,Culex IS a FF2 charater.
- itsamemario07

MEGAߥTE: You can probably get a SNES on eBay for a reasonable price. CULEX IS NOT IN ANY FINAL FANTASY GAME. If you can prove otherwise, do so, but don't make unsubstantiated claims.

Chupperson Weird: Well MB basically said everything I was going to say, except that it makes me mad that Nintendo Power keeps substantiating the claim that Final Fantasy IV is FInal Fantasy II, when everyone knows it isn't.

David Dayton: Chup, FFIV -is- FF2, in the they are partially right. I've never seen them claim that the SNES FF"2" is the same as the NES one.

MEGAߥTE: FFIV Easy Type is FFII US. Not *quite* the same game.

Chupperson Weird: Alright, but the latest Nintendo Power does try to make you think they're releasing FF "2" in the FF I & II GBA thing. Just look at the letter of the month.

David Dayton: You still read Nintendo Power? I'm waiting for a suitable bribe to come with a subscription... I didn't need the extra Zelda Collection disc, and there was no SSBM concert soundtrack type gift this year.

Chupperson Weird: Well, I like the Zelda disc, and I can thank Watoad for it.

Sapphira: Yeah...If it weren't for that Zelda disc, I would've only played two Zelda games EVER. Well, one, actually, since my enjoyment of the Collector's disc is what influenced me to get LttP/FS...yesterday, actually. XD

Hello! It's just one of the many appreciative first-time-writers.
In Animal Crossing's SMB, do the glitches still apply? And, can you save, like in SMBDX?
Speaking of Deluxe, where did all the Boo sprites come from? The "You Vs. Boo" entry icon looks like YI, and Boo himself and the top-of-screen marker (the one you see if Boo is off-screen) from SMW, but I'm not sure. Oh, and what about that Luigi icon for the Lost Levels?
I recently acquired Wario('s?) World, and prided myself on having all American (not NPC!) Mario Gamecube games, including Pikmin and Animal Crossing. But then Ninty had to come out with that ****ed Megagames! Is it worth my money?
Also, is there any word about Mario Party 6?
P.S. There is some site that is named for another Black Yoshi. It's not mine. In fact, I don't know it's URL, so I would appreciate it if you could find it for me.
- Black Yoshi

Deezer: 1. Everything still works in AC's SMB because it's the exact same game. It saves when you quit and go back to AC like all the other games. Note: If you save after beating 8-4, all Goombas will change to Buzzy Beetles permanently.
2. As far as I know they are exclusive to SMBDX.
3. I hear WarioWare for GC isn't that much different from the GBA version, save for the multiplayer aspects. But it is only $30 or something...
4. Nothing on MP6 yet.

MEGAߥTE: Mario Party 6 is supposed to allow play without the standard controller. I believe that this may incorporate the GameCube camera. See this forum thread for more info.

David Dayton: In case anyone is wondering, the NES Classics Series SMB cart for the GBA is the same as the Animal Crossing game. Oh, buy Wario Ware: Mega Party Game$. It's good. As is Microgame$.

Lizard Dude: Buy the GCN Wario Ware if you A) Do not own the GBA version B) Already own the GBA version but have friends you game with.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Half-Life beat Super Mario Bros. 3 in the Title Fight Championship?! That can't be possible! Super Mario Bros. 3 should've dominated! First, Mario lost to Link and Sephiroth in the GameFAQs Tournament and now this time it's Half-Life! Dear god, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Very unexceptable in my opinion! Super Mario Bros. 3 was a classic hit in the past and is still popular today! Gordon Freeman may have a gun and you may be able to frag people in that game. But stomping goombas and koopas and saving princesses from evil kings is better than those crappy Half-Life games! Stupid voters who have never heard of or hate SMB3. Half-Life is a bomb! SMB3 is the bomb! AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So unfair!!!!!!!!!
- Deven711

MEGAߥTE: This just shows how stupid those "fights" are anyway.

David Dayton: I somehow doubt that Half Life will be rereleased in 10+ years and sell as well as SMB3 did on the GBA.

Lizard Dude: There are worse games to lose to. Half-Life is essentially to the FPS genre what SMB3 is to platformers. Both raised the bar to extremely high levels and are still played on massive scales to this day. Trust me, more people are playing Half-Life right now than SMB3.

Chupperson Weird: ... I don't trust you.

MEGAߥTE: Hard to say. I guess it depends on how many illegal copies are being played. SMB3, including rerelease, has sold 19 - 20 million copies whereas Half-Life has sold over 11 million.

Lizard Dude: If sales meant anything, Enter the Matrix would be one of the most played games of the past few years.

Sapphira: This Deven person scares me... *blinks* Hmm...Matrix and I just experienced dj vu... Now I'm REALLY scared... O_o

I have just two questions for you. 1)Do you know anything about Animal Crossing 2 and when its being released? 2)What is the "Secret Site"?
P.S. Great Site!!!!!!
- Shelbydog64

MEGAߥTE: 1) I have no information on AC2, but there is going to be an Animal Crossing game for DS. 2) Secret.

David Dayton: AC is coming for the DS... perhaps it will be a new AC game! At this point, "Animal Forest" has been released three times, with minor upgrades each time.

Sapphira: 2) I've said this several times before, but, we have a secret site?

Lizard Dude: The secret site kind of just went out of commission, but the secret page is doing just fine.

1)Why wasn't FLUDD and Luigi's vacum in Super Smash Bros. Melee. 2)Why weren't Toad and Wario is SSBM? 3) My favorite characters are Luigi, Wario, nad Toad.
- Mr. Wario

MEGAߥTE: 1) SSBM was developed before SMS, so they probably wouldn't have known to put FLUDD in there. 2) Toad is in SSBM in several places, just not playable. Wario is a trophy. I'm not sure why Wario wasn't a playable character as they were obviously thinking about it, adding Wario's colors as one of Mario's color scheme options.

David Dayton: 1) Luigi's Poltergust -is- in SSBM... there is a Luigi w/ Poltergust trophy. 2) We need Wario in the next SSB game.

Sapphira: Wario would've made a whole lot more sense than Dr. Mario, or even Young Link, for that matter.

Mario and Luigi is a great game. The only thang that could make it better is Wario! Why have E Gadd, but not Wario?
- Mr. Wario

Deezer: Wario (and other Nintendo characters) appear in unused text from the game.

David Dayton: E. Gadd is going to be appearing in a few more games, it seems. He's been seen in the e3 demo of Mario Party Advance, and I do believe he's also in Mario Pinball for the GBA.

Sapphira: -_-'

There is *another* Mario allusion in Uniracers. I don't actually have a screen shot, unfortunately, but I'll tell you about it anyway. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the game, but I'll try to explain as best I can. When you get a bronze or silver medal on any "tour" (Crawler, Runner, Shuffler, etc.), you'll be taken to a screen where your unicycle is shown recieving the medal. However, when you get a gold medal, you'll be taken to a screen where the golden "ghost" unicycle you beat meets various dooms, such as getting blown up or getting killed by a 10t weight, etc...depending on what tour you beat. Anyway, when you get a gold medal on "Bounder", you will see your unicycle and the gold one approaching each other from opposite directions on a track. Your unicycle will jump and hit a brown block, and you'll hear a Super Mario World-type sound, and this white object will pop out. Your uni will grab the object, get a SMW-type cape, jump on the gold unicycle, and flatten him like a Mario enemy.
- Lemon Wedge, Saskatoon

Deezer: Thanks for the info. I don't think I'll be able to get screen shots myself...

David Dayton: I don't feel up to playing all the way through Uniracers, just for that screenshot.

I once read somewhere (Gamespot, i think) that there is a 5th Super Mario Advance game on the way. Could this be another port or an all-new game? If it is a port, what past Mario game is left that hasn't been ported to the GBA yet?

Deezer: Yoshi's Story? I hope I'm wrong.
Or maybe Super Mario Advance 5: Mario Bros. (With Mario Bros. mode, of course.)

David Dayton: Yoshi's Story is the only logical one I can think of... It's a good enough arcade game, but much more shallow than the typical SMB games.

MEGAߥTE: Back before they finally decided to rerelease SMB3, there was talk that Yoshi's Story would be rereleased. That, and the fact that Yoshi's Story was partially implemented as a tech demo (that's been posted here before), made this likely. However, I don't see how that would be a Super Mario Advance game.

Lizard Dude: Super Mario Advance 5: Mario's Time Machine ?

Sapphira: AAAH! Hmm... SMB is the most logical game I can think of, but then again it's already a GBA game in the Classic NES Series...

Hidy ho mammels! I have a Gogurts box with Mario on da side. U could win a Game Boy SP or a backpack with the Nintendo logo on it. Plus on da tubes is either a Mario Bros Battle remix maze or a Yoshi tongue twister dat says "mini Mario makes many bricks break."
- Yoshi Master

Deezer: Somebody should come out with a type of yogurt that actually tastes good.

David Dayton: I like real yogurt. "Da"?

For once, I'm positive that's I've found a mistake in Super Mario World! You know how at the end of the game, they show all of the baddies and their names? You know that last scene that shows Bowser and the seven Koopalings, also named? Well, if you look closely at Ludwig von Koopa's sprite in this scene, you'll notice that he is shown with 4 fangs. When you fight him in his castle, he has only one fang in the center of his mouth. All of Nintendo's artwork shows him with one fang as well. It looks to me like Nintendo went out of their way just to make a mistake!
- Atticus

Deezer: This reminds me of one of those interesting quirks in cartoons: A cat smiles and he has nice, squared teeth; he opens his mouth, and has all sharp fangs.

Chupperson Weird: Where do they get off saying cats have human teeth, anyway?

David Dayton: Ludwig has fangs. The exact number appears to be a mystery. A better question might be the relationship between Donkey Kong and Lanky Kong.

Sapphira: Hmm... Nice observation! But I think we only see his one fang because it's most prominent... Oh yeah, and I think that "credits sprite" is the same one used for when you defeat him. Also, I think maybe Morton and Roy's colorings are off in their normal sprites and the ones in the credits (um, ignoring completely the fact that basically all of the Koopaling's sprites are off from their artwork colorings, i.e. Lemmy having a yellow shell in the game and his art having a green shell...). If someone could verify the Morton/Roy sprite colorings with some screenshots, I'd greatly appreciate it; I'm not completely sure about it.

MEGAߥTE: Yes, the SMW ending sprites are the same as the in-game sprites. The SMB3 sprites matched the original artwork, but for some unknown reason, the SMW sprite artists decided to choose their own colors for the Koopalings, in addition to being inconsistent with Ludwig's teeth.

dis is ultra mario in da house and i would like to point out some glitches in mario and luigi: superstar saga. at this one part in the game after u get fire and thunderhand if u go wandering around beanbean region u'll fun into a puzzle u have to fill up with water when mario is up front and use thunderhand when luigi is in back when ur close and facing a flower and mario will spit out water anyway the glitch is when luigi gets a mouthful he will just spit it out on his own but when he does it, it sounds like someone is talking to him very kool.
the other glitch is when u go to the beanbean int'l airport (u have to have the thunder hand for luigi.) a beanbean body gaurd comes up and tells u that lady lima wants to see him and u go down and she tells u about piranha plants in the way of the landing/take off road wwhile luigi is trying to pull one out. (conisiderin they're HUGE!) and mario is asking y haven't they been doing repairs but the glitch is that its in LUIGI'S voice.
of course i thought u might want to hear this so i sent it in. i would of sent a pic and sound wav for luigi and the spitting glitch but i don't have that kinda stuff on my computer.
well, dis is ultra mario sayin peace out and hi =) and saph keep up the soap and J.J. tone it down... alot
- ultra mario

David Dayton: Bah. More stuff I'd have to go all the way back in the game to check!

In Big Boo's Fortress near the end there is a room where you hit the balloon boos until they pop and give a ! switch. destroy the first one to see this glitch easier. hit the balloon boo until it it's one more hit til it pops. stay near the wall that comes from the ceiling to the right. when the boo is "in" the wall (but has a bit of it out of the wall) hit the boo and the ! switch will go through the wall till there's no where to go. wow!
- Herald Jang

David Dayton: Actually, getting things stuck in walls isn't all that uncommon in 2D Mario games. It's still a glitch, but not one that I'm hopping about over.

Hey TMK people,
I noticed that this SML 2 glitch wasn't on your page yet. When you're in Wario's castle go to an Lava pit and spin-jump in to it. Instead of the Dying noice you'll hear a "break a block" sound and mario will die but the music will continue untill short after. There's also an glitch when battling wario. When Wario hovers in the air Jump REALLY high so you can hit Wario. Wario will float further and Mario will be stuck between Wario and the roof.
- Dave

Deezer: Interesting, I'll check it out. Lots of bugs to add...

David Dayton: I remember there being some sort of glitch in the game... if you paused just after you died, then unpaused, the level animations would continue... or something like that.

Glitch time! In any level with hopping cheep cheeps, with the Green switch e-card scanned before hand, you can pull double giant vegtables. Just time it so when A cheep cheep hits you from below while your still pulling on the veggie your holding A. You get blasted up with a giant Veggie and one stuck on the ground.
- Juschicsan

Deezer: Even more bugs to add...

David Dayton: This will be handy for all 10 of us who purchased an eReader and the SMB3 cards.

Hiya! Meowrik again. Before I start. I'd like to state the general majority of the people writing to the mailbag seem to get stupider everytime...
Anyway, I came across two glitches in Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 that I believe I have discovered, which are not on your site and I haven't seen on any others. However, I'm not sure if they are in the original SMB3 or on SMAS...
Koopa Through a Note Block
In one of the World-e stages, "Magical Notes Blocks" head to main portion of the stage where the floor is completely note blocks. As any Mario besides small Mario, go to one of the koopa troopas walking along he blocks, and jump into one from the side. If you hit it correctly, you will be damaged like normal, but the koopa troopa will slide through the floor and fall through.
Discovered by: Meowrik
Crouching Mario, Hidden Dragon
In any stage with note blocks, (easiest in World-e stage, "Magical Note Blocks") head to a portion of the stage which contains note blocks while any Mario besides small Mario. On any ground besides note blocks, begin to crouch. While crouching and holding down, jump onto the note blocks. Mario will continue to crouch as he bounces along and will be stuck like that forever until he lands on ground besides the note blocks.
Discovered by: Meowrik
Taken straight from my site, you heard the word. I also have Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land glitches not on your pages either...
Disappearing Hat
In any stage, as any Wario besides small Wario, kill yourself instantly by jumping in a pit, being crushed by a moving wall, hitting lava, etc... As Wario falls down towards the bottom of the screen, pause the game and you will see his hat disappear. If you unpause, his hat will return.
Discovered by: Meowrik
"Invincible" Enemy
As either Bull Wario or Super Wario, grab an enemy from any stage. Go a few steps away from a wall and throw the enemy at the wall. Before it bounces back at you, quickly dash at the enemy. Instead of defeating the enemy, you will slowly catch the enemy and begin to hold it again.
Discovered by: Meowrik
- Meowrik

Deezer: So... many... bugs... *dies*

David Dayton: I knew about the hat one, but never really bothered mentioning it... it is such a minor glitch (and a purely graphical one) that it is rather forgettable! Heh.

MEGAߥTE: Regarding the first SML3 bug, I think everybody knows about that... it's so obvious. As for the second, I never thought of that as a bug... it seemed intentional.

Sapphira: *gives Deezer 1-Up Mushroom then feeds him bugs*

Hi Chup, David, "Dezzer" -my personal baker- Megabyte, sapph, and jj... wow.. I didnt really have to name you all did I???? ok, to the point, in the first mailbag you had a link to a Nintendo Power article said there were only 4 backgrounds which there are obviously more... Is it only like that on the famicom or what?? (I already bugged chup about it.. what a help he was...) and... a few blahs to go along with mad... and now for the show! I mean er...
Why is wart Jr brown? and I cant believe I havent noticed him in my players guide. wel... I am bored now, so Ill stop annoying you with this cheapness... I mean message thing.
PS, to chup - "2 little corns and a pair in a portrage pair tree!"
- nwk

Deezer: What the dukar is going on here.

David Dayton: Backgrounds to what?

Lizard Dude: *cough*

Chupperson Weird: Sup WK. *gives LD a cough drop*

Sapphira: *bes confused* Hmm..."nwk" is Wheel Kirby?

I would love having a mini mario. one or two inches high. wink there back key and they walk for about a foot then say "mama mia"
- Joey H.

Deezer: Mini Mario wa kawaii~! ^___^

David Dayton: I'll add this to my list of things to bug NOA about.

Lizard Dude: Mmm, bananas, mmm!

Chupperson Weird: Bahahaha.

Sapphira: That is just scary, Chup.

MEGAߥTE: More Lauren Girls stuff. Is that what they meant by "more mature Mario"?

Hey there people of TMK,
I thought I would share with you all the awesome news that I (seen as Mario), along with my friends Ally and Glen (seen in the pictures as Peach and Luigi) won this year's costume contest at the annual Pittsburgh Comic Con. Old school gamers that we are, Glen and I decided to go with the original SMB look. Ally's Peach costume is completely hand made by her except for the wig (neat, eh?). The competition was stiff, we were up against Ghostbusters with move accurate proton packs and a guy dressed as Wolverine who could have easily passed for Hugh Jackman's brother. I threw in a pic of us with him so you can see how eerie it really was. We didn't think we had a chance, they had already announced the second and third place winners when we heard, "The plumbers win it!" and walked on stage to collect our $50.00 gift certificate to the convention. I used my third of the winnings to buy a Toad t-shirt, the logo on which everyone mistakenly reads as "toro." Anywho, here are the pics. Enjoy!
Group 2
- Dave H.

Deezer: Congrats!

David Dayton: Ah, Pittsburgh... I traveled there many a time, in my college days.

MEGAߥTE: Scary...

Lizard Dude: It's always comforting to hear about other people who make money by dressing up as Mario.

Chupperson Weird: I liked Wolverine.

Sapphira: Whoa, awesome! Heh...if I dressed as Peach I wouldn't even need a wig ^_^ ...despite what JJ once said about me... ;_; ...Although my hair is less "poofy" as I believe CW said. Eehehahaha...anyway...

Dear TMK,
Being a longtime Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country fan, I was happy to see you guys include the DKC section to your site. However, I noticed a few mistakes in the DK bio. For one thing, you refer to Cranky Kong as the modern DK's grandfather. While Donkey Kong Country 2 refers to Cranky as DK's grandfather, that was back when the family relations were still unsure. By DK64, it became established that Cranky is actually DK's father, thus making Cranky DK Sr. and the modern DK the adult DK Jr. Evidence that proves this can be seen here:
* Cranky's first words in DK64 are: "Well if it isn't my good-for-nothing son..."
* DK Jr. is growing older in Super Mario Kart and Mario's Tennis (Virtual Boy).
To explain Cranky calling Donkey his grandson in DKC2, many of us DK fans just assume that Cranky slurred the words "grand son" together. Either that or he was not in the right mind. Also, just as Baby Mario and Mario can exist together in Mario Tennis (N64) can Donkey Kong and Baby Donkey Kong (DK Jr.) exist in the same game at the same time. There must be some time traveling involved.
In addition, Diddy is most definitely NOT DK's nephew. He's a monkey, not a gorilla. According to the DK64 instruction manuel, Diddy is "DK's nephew WANNABE.' He is just his 'little buddy' who is so close to the family that he is accepted as a member. I hope all this information helps.
On another note, it would be interesting to see a map of the "Mushroom Dimension" with the Mushroom World, Kitchen Island, Dinosaur World, and DK Isle (in the Kremisphere).
- Some Guy

Deezer: Well, since the page was titled "Donkey Kong Country" we were focusing on DKC and not Donkey Kong 64. The DKC manual explicitly states that the DK starring in the game is Cranky Kong's grandson.

David Dayton: Actually, Donkey Kong Country clearly refers to Cranky as the grandfather of the current DK... DKC2 merely continues the trend. Cranky's use of the term "son" in DK64 isn't meant to be construed literally... you might have noticed that many older folks use the term "son" as a term of endearment towards young guys, and I think that it is in this light that Cranky's comments should be taken... besides, aren't we all trying to forget DK64 as best as we can?
Yeah, DK Jr. is in a few games prior to DKC and in at least one released after DKC... the fact that DK Jr. appears in a different form (full jumpsuit) than the DKC DK seems to imply that they are -different- characters. (Not to mention that the DKC manual -says- he's a different DK).
Who said Diddy was DK's nephew? He's some sort of relation to DK... possibly a cousin... chimps and apes ARE distant relations, you know! Heh.

MEGAߥTE: "grand son" is the dumbest thing I've heard regarding this. Anyway, Nintendo says DKC DK ("Super Donkey Kong") = grandchild of "Arcade" Kong. Do you question Nintendo?

Lizard Dude: I'm just glad we don't sit around and try to make sense of the Zelda storyline. This doesn't really apply to the Rare games, but Miyamoto has said that he doesn't want his characters tied down with canon storylines.

Sapphira: Actually, the DK universe storyline contradicts itself. Obviously Cranky is the original DK, but whether or not the current DK is DK Jr. or III is quite confusing; as I said, it contradicts itself. In the DKC manual, actually, Cranky is refered to as DK's "pappy"--or father. But then, I think as you said, DKC2 says he's his grandson, and I think DK64 contradicts itself by saying both. The GBA remake of DKC DEFINITELY says "grandson." I've always just gone with the impression that DK is Cranky's grandson, and so his father is DK Jr.--simply b/c of how old Cranky looks and that the games and such have said both at times. "Father" and "son" doesn't need to mean literally; it can mean decendents and ancestors. "Grandpa" and "grandson" are very specific, though, so...yeah...

1) Of all the Mario games coming out this year, which ones are you most looking forward too (For me, it is Paper Mario 2, Mario Tennis, and The New Super Mario Bros)
2) Who among you is best at playing Super Smash Brothers?
3) Specifically to Lizard Dude: You rock on that piano. You've inspired me to start playing. I'm not very good (yet), and I too focus on themes from Mario Games (I'm addicted and everyone in my town knows it). How long have you been playing?
4) Did you know an older version of your site is still online. I found it at (the extra "tmk" is no typo). I found it on accident. Just to tell you.
5) To she or he who is not J.J.- What is your favorite Super Mario Bros. Super Show/ SMB3/ SMW cartoon episode?
- Luigi2024

Deezer: 1) Paper Mario 2. 2) Until we have a TMK staff SSBM tournament or something, I would guess MEGAߥTE. 4) I remember making in case people made typos (it redirects to the splash page). Not sure why I never did that with

David Dayton: 1) Paper Mario 2. 2) Me, of course. 3) No clue. Heh. 4) Fancy that. 5) I hate them all equally.

MEGAߥTE: 1) I'm looking forward to Mario Tennis, as long as there's an actual regular tennis mode in there. Mario Tennis isn't coming out this year, though. Not sure about NSMB, either. I guess that leaves Paper Mario 2. 2) Deezer guesses correctly.

Lizard Dude: 1) Donkey Konga 2) MB, but I can't prove it. 3) Thanks! Nine years of lessons, but I don't take them anymore. 4) Wacky. 5) The one where the whole episode is rap.

Chupperson Weird: 1) Most likely Paper Mario 2. 3) I've been playing violin for 12 years. 5) Never seen any of them. Go me.

Sapphira: 1) Paper Mario 2. Definitely. 2) I don't know, considering none of us have played against the other. 3) Bah, I've never had lessons and I'm pretty good on the keyboard/piano, and I play Mario songs all the time--melody AND harmony; anyone can play melody--and I figure it all out by myself, without the aid of reading music. >:P (I have GOT to make a recording or something of my playing Mario and Peach's Theme from PM...) Umm...I hope I don't sound like I'm bragging... >_>; 4) Craziness. 5) I don't remember any of them; I only remember watching some of it as a little kid. It was probably either SMBSS or SMB3, since it was before the SMW video game came out...I think...

I just wanna say in the 22 Aug 2003 mailbag JJ rocks out loud, everyone does love David Dayton and in the 36th-ish submission ( the one about Peach's voice ) I would like to add that Peach sounds like an owl in MK64. Especially when she says "Here we go ". I hate whoever did that voice, it haunts me at night until I am forever enslaved of having it devour my sanity until the end of time. So great site and have wonderful day! ( =^P
- Yoshi Mastar

Deezer: I wonder which one it was...
She also voiced Peach in Super Mario 64. These days, Jen Taylor is the voice of Peach (and Toad).

David Dayton: Peach sounded decent in SSBM. She's sounded terrible in nearly all other recent games, and I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's just havoc being played on the female voice when compressed?

Sapphira: Jen Taylor also does Daisy and Toadette, but that's probably a no-brainer.

Duh, uh, oh yeah, the SMB3 DVD has a cover...and on the cover has a background, and the background is from an SMB3 episode that's not in the DVD. That's false advertising or copyright infrinchment or something. Them cheap skates.Yeah, the backrounds from the episode with the desert and the mine and the Mouser and the Bowser. Thats all I got 2 say + I typed this up in like 2 minutes.
PS: You mammals must be so comfy in your air conditioned semi cold houses just laughing away, but here on Kappa Mountain it's @#*$%?& burning! My scales are practically melting off! Have a great summer! Stay cool! HAGS! Call me!
PSS: Where do U think I should spend my vacation in: Sherbert land, Iced land, or D false.
Your opening sentence challenged friend,
- Yoshi Mastar!!!

Chupperson Weird: 1. That's "P.P.S." 2. There is no "Sherbert" Land.

MEGAߥTE: I'm not surprised. The Mario cartoons have a long history of poor production. I noticed the new SMBSS Mario Mania DVD just reuses art from the Mario's Greatest Movie Moments release.

Deezer: Yoshi Mastar has officially taken over this mailbag.

David Dayton: Too many Yoshies....

Lizard Dude: D false.

Sapphira: I know what "HAGS" stands for, but I still can't help but think (s)he's calling us hags, which is just plain mean. ;_;

The Classic NES Series Games on GBA is already out. Please put up some... SMB and Donkey Kong were already out.
- Stan97531

MEGAߥTE: Umm, thanks for not actually visiting our site and looking at the updates... (this mail was received on 6/15)

David Dayton: Yes, they are out.

Hey tmk. I was looking thouugh your soundtracks and stuff and I saw Super Mario Compact Disco. WArio had a yello shirt and red overalls. Was this the orignal design?
- Chris C.

MEGAߥTE: No, I don't think so. However, Wario wasn't shown on the SML2 boxart and the manual only used black and red ink. In the commercial, only his head is shown. In the NP Mario vs. Wario comic, he had his pink pants. The red ones must be his "funk" pants.

Deezer: I would say this is the original design (scroll to bottom).

David Dayton: Well, purple is sort of a reddish color, isn't it?

Hi. This is my first time writing, and you have a great site. (I bet if you had a coin for each time someone wrote that to you, you could each afford 30 extra lives. Or a nice house with a view of Peach's castle.) I've self taught myself the Underworld & Water themes (and invincibility), but to complete my SMB repertoire I need the 1-Up Collect ditty. (Oh! and Bowser's Castle/Flagpole would be nice.) Lizard Dude, do you think you could help me out? I'm pretty happy, as not only is it the last day of school, but yesterday I cleared every game in the GC WWI. Go me! Oh, and David, I have the MicroSizers Yoshi. Pbbbt.
- MetalYoshi, the Obsessed

MEGAߥTE: The 1-up theme is: EGecdg (lowercase represents 1 octave up). Deezer's VGJam should show you those other two if you can read or figure out how to read tabs.

David Dayton: Send it over, please.

Lizard Dude: Ironically, I learned the 1-Up Theme because someone in school showed me a printout of the tabs from VGJam!

For my previous mailbag, that was posted on January 11, 2004, I was previously stating that Siglud (more commonly known as Sigurd) from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu was my favorite Nintendo character, under the question "What is your favorite non-Mario Nintendo character?" (question no. 5), but that is actually false. My favorite Nintendo character is actually Ira (more commonly known as Ayra) from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, which was marketed exclusively in Japan on the Super Famicom in 1996. I found Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu to be my favorite game ever published by Nintendo Co. Ltd., even though Japan-only. I have been evidently playing Seisen no Keifu through emulation recently. As I have said before, I prefer Final Fantasy, SaGa, Seiken Densetsu, Chrono, Dragon Quest/Warrior, and Fire Emblem over Mario and Zelda combined. I used to be a big fan of Super Mario. I was disappointed that Super Mario Bros. 3 beat Final Fantasy I in the 8-bit division of Best Game Ever poll; I prefer Final Fantasy I over Super Mario Bros. 3. However, Final Fantasy VII won that poll, but Final Fantasy X is really the best game ever. Now, all I do about Mario is listen to Mario music or play Super Smash Brothers series. I pretty much grew out of Mario nowadays and becoming a big Final Fantasy fan. Mario Kart: Super Circuit was my last Mario game. Super Smash Bros. Melee is the only GameCube game containing Mario that I played. I have also submitted mailbag to Double Dragon Dojo, another site. Also, I heard that the Legend of Zelda is returning to realistic texture computer graphics (as opposed to cel-shaded graphics). I have a lot of SPCs and PSFs on my computer. I downloaded my SPCs from Their Tetric Attack SPC archive includes the songs that were exclusive to Paneru de Pon, which are listed first in the archive.
Here are some questions:
1. Are their any minorities at TMK, as far as race and religion? (I hate Jehovah's Witnesses, my old childhood religion.)
2. Has anyone at TMK played the Fire Emblem game that was released in the U.S.?
3. Do you like Marth and Roy in SSBM? (I prefer Marth.)
4. Where were you when the 9/11 attack occurred? (I was at my parents' home.)
5. Does anyone at TMK have a non-Nintendo game console?
6. Do you support or oppose the war in Iraq? (I am neutral.)
7. What Final Fantasy games have you played? (I played Final Fantasy I-VIII and Tactics Advance.)
8. Have you ever been banned from an Internet message board before?
9. Do you prefer Marth or Roy over Yoshi in SSBM?
10. What was your first game console ever? (Mine was the Atari 5200.)
11. What is the first game system you ever purchased? (The GBA was the first one I purchased, and the PS2 second one I purchased.)
12. What character from any Nintendo game do you most want to appear as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 3? (I most want Ayra from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, a Japan-only Super Famicom title, in the game. She is my favorite Nintendo character ever. )
- David Hill

MEGAߥTE: Dude, why are you telling us your life story? We don't care. Freak... 1. Yes 2. No 3. I don't play them, usually. 4. Sleeping 5. Yes (TG-16 and PS1) 6. Oppose, but that's a complicated issue that I do not wish to discuss here. 7. I - IX, Mystic Quest, Tactics, and Crystal Chronicles 8. No 9. No 10. Atari 130XE 11. SNES 12. I would have said Mike Jones, but he'd probably be too much like Ness. Umm... Pit? Little Mac? What I'd really like to see is Ganondorf with actual Zelda game moves, rather than a crappy Captain Falcon clone. Chris Houlihan should be a trophy.

David Dayton: 1.) Goombas are a minority on The Mushroom Kingdom these days, mostly as almost all of them betrayed the kingdom and went with Bowser. 2) Yes. 3.) They are neat to have, but I never play as them. 4) What does that have to do with Mario?? 5.) Sure. 6.) See answer 4. 7.) The good ones, and VIII. 8.) No. 9.) I prefer Yoshi. 10.) The 2600, I believe, although I didn't own that... my parents did. 11.) The NES. 12.) Wario.

Lizard Dude: 1) Canadians. 2) Yes 3) Yes 4) Sleeping 5) Yes 6) Oppose, I suppose 7) I, VI (fav), VII, VIII (ugh), IX, Mystic Quest, Tactics Advance, Crystal Chronicles 8) No 9) Yes 10) SNES 11) Game Boy Color 12) Mario

Chupperson Weird: 4. Asleep. 5. I plan to get a PSX soon. 7. 1-6 8. No 9. No 11. NES 12. Krystal.

Sapphira: 1) Obviously yes. In fact, there really even isn't one "main" "race". 2) No. 3) Eh, I don't like 'em; I don't hate 'em, but rarely ever I am them. 4) In my 2nd period class at school. 5) I don't, but there is one in my house owned by another family member. 6) What MB said. 7) None of them. 8) No. 9) Heck no; Yoshi's my all-time favorite character of all the video games EVER. (But I'm mostly Peach in SSBM since I'm best with her and she's my 2nd favorite character ever.) 10) SNES. 11) It may have been N64 and split the price half-half, but it may have been a gift, so I'm not sure. I know I DEFINITELY paid for half when I got a GCN. 12) If you mean of ones that are not in the others, Dixie Kong. (Don't get smart, guys; I mean playable, not cameo as a trophy.)

T-shirt 1 T-shirt 2 T-shirt 3 T-shirt 4 T-shirt 5 T-shirt 6 T-shirt 7 T-shirt 8 T-shirt 9 T-shirt 10 T-shirt 11 T-shirt 12 T-shirt 13 T-shirt 14 T-shirt 15 T-shirt 16
- TahoeDeepBlue

David Dayton: T-Shirts might be handy, at times.

Deezer: Not sure where those pictures are from, but has some of those shirts (and more).

Chupperson Weird: I wish I had enough money to buy all the Mario, Mega Man, and Zelda shirts that are out right now. I almost got one at a Star Trek convention this year...

MEGAߥTE: Umm okay, I don't know where you got those from since you didn't say anything. Some of those shirts were featured in earlier bags and can be obtained from Hot Topic. Too bad those images are such low quality... the ones from are much higher in quality... we'll need to add them to the merchandise section when we get the change. I particularly like #15 ;-) Also, if you're in Japan, The King of Games has a lot of retro Nintendo T-shirts, like this bizarre rendition.

I've been sending you some stories about The Adventures Of Toad for the fan fiction site and I will also be making a movie on it very very soon which you could hopefully post. It'll be a while yet,we still need to find a cast, so far we've only got me, my borther and Jamie on the roles. So enjoy the story!
Anyway, I played the legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask and I'd like to say that is one of the worst games ever but I did notice on the mask persons backpack a Mario mask but I can see that you've already got than on.
That's all I want to say to you for now. Keep up the good work!
- [Toad7]

David Dayton: You obviously have no taste when it comes to video games... but I'll be awaiting your movie, anyway!

I have a technical question regarding Nesticle movie files (NSM). How in the world do ou splice them?!? I have an excellent movie I made but it's in four parts and I've heard of this being done before. Couldj'a let me know?
- Jason West

David Dayton: Duct tape.

Lizard Dude: Baling twine.

MEGAߥTE: Okay, NSM files have three parts, the save RAM, the machine state, and the button sequences (120 samples/second). All you have to do to splice the files is remove the save RAM, machine state data, and movie sequence header (0x18 bytes) from the files that come after the first one and paste the remaining button sequence data to the end of the first file. You can tell how much you should remove from the beginning of the files by making a save state (STA) and adding 0x18 bytes for the movie header. This STA is made up of the save RAM (SAV) and the machine state. I didn't check every game to see if their save RAM and machine state were the same in NESticle, but if they are the same as Super Mario Bros., just remove the first 0x59E8 bytes from files after the first one. You'll need a hex editor, of course. Also, you must be in exactly the same position in the game between the end of one file and the beginning of the other or you'll likely get a movie that doesn't do what you want. If your separate movies are not directly one after another, you'll have to try to record what should happen in between segments and paste that in as well. i.e. since NSMs contain only one state and then button presses, you can't have it jump to different portions of the game to make a non-continuous movie.

 #OOOOOOOOOOOO#    ##oooo#oooo#   @@8888###@88#
   ##OOOOOOOOOOOOO#   #ooooo#ooooo#  @#8888###@88#
PLLLEEAAS I LOVE  ITTOo# #ooooo# ##ooo## #@8888#88888@
##OOOO##ooooo#@  #ooooo#
#oOOOO##oooooo#   #oooo#
   #OOOOO#### @#OOOO##oooooooooooooo##@88888888##
   #OOOOO# @
  #oOOOOO#      ##O###ooo#@     #oooo#@888@#
#@888##OOOOo# ##ooooooo#####
  ########            ###           #######
############   #######@


MEGAߥTE: Somebody's been into the Magic Mushrooms again. Remember kids, don't do drugs...

David Dayton: Go away.

Lizard Dude: What is it, JOE GANN? Did little Timmy fall in the well again?

Sapphira: This email has put my mind into a complete disarray. Good thing this mailbag's over.

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