10 Jan 2010
David Dayton
David Dayton

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Hey guys (and girl), i was wondering if you guys could help me here? Im making a SMRPG Theme and im having a little trouble. Do u know of any cursor or theme making programs? It may seem like cheating but i just dunno how. Any tips or help ill gladly take it. I trying to make my theme as extensive as possible, like having cursors, icons, msn/Windows Media Player Skin etc. any help or if anyone has anything to help it along plz send it to Thanks for reading and of course... UR SITE ROCKS!!!
- sammy_lambe

David Dayton: Well, all you really need to do is collect the appropriate icons, images, and sounds. The icons are the hardest part, if you are trying to create them from scratch. I'm not sure if there are any freeware icon creation tools anymore.

Since there is an unlimited amount of children, Mario shouldn't die. As long as there's child labo- um I mean helpful kids, the Mario franchise will never end. And for Bowser Jr. in SMS, you can replace him with each Koopaling. This completely eliminates the mysterys for Bowser Jr. thus making the world safer again.
Let us mail you sprite comics! Many people don't have access to a scanner!
It's March 10 today, you know what that means.... Happy Mario day! For anyone new to this abbrieviate March 10 and put it together to get Mar10. MAR10, MARIO. Oh yeah. I first found this in an old March issue of National Geographic Kids, on the calender part. Happy Y2K+5, it still exists and is getting more powerful! And your site would rock more if you allowed sprite comics. Not everyone can draw, believe me, I've seen the things people send in.
These are some pics of a famecon japasneeze animay mainga comick.

Don't you wish all messeges were as to the point as mine, but with spell check?
- Yoshi Mastar

David Dayton: Ah -- the ability to combine several e-mails into one. Such is the miracle of the computer age.
I don't recall ever telling people to send or not send anything.

Chupperson: You didn't. >:|

Sapphira: Using spell check is probably better than quickly getting to the point. Remember, kids, spell check is your friend!

BP: I like Bowser Jr.

MEGAߥTE: I got a hold of one of these manga recently, in particular, Super Mario World #3 by Kodansha. I wish I could read more of it because it looks full of humor, with things like Yoshi making Mario carry him. Luigi even dies. There appear to be two separate stories. The back is full of fan art, and there's a color insert with maps and guides to some of SMW's levels in the front. There's also a random page in the back with King Koopa from the US cartoon. His text bubble says "My name is American Koopa!"

Hello TMK! I have a few questions regarding the Test Level in Super Mario Sunshine:
1) The giant yellow monster that shoots out enemies. There was something like this in the Alpha trailer. You can see the trailer here:
The trailer features a brown version of it. The yellow version of it can be found at around 8 minutes and 12 seconds into this video:
My belief is that the giant monster was replaced by Shadow Mario. Also notice the beta green graffiti on the floor of the test level. This can't be washed off in the PAL version. The giant monster probably shot out that graffiti in the Alpha version.
2) The purple pianta. Why do you think he wasn't included in the game? Go to around 53 seconds into the video.
3) A soccer ball that was in the trailer, a wierd gas tank, and a strange cart can be found in this video at around 1:27 and 3:58:
These are very interesting and I hope that they make it into the Lost Bytes section of TMK if you didn't already know about it. I saw your preview on Super Mario Sunshine and some of these things aren't there. Also, the NTSC version has the purple pianta and the PAL version has the gas tank, the soccer ball, and the cart. I'm not sure about which version the giant monster is in, but it might be in both. I hope you can think of some ideas for these.
- Kimimaru

MEGAߥTE: There is a lot of debug stuff left in GameCube games, but getting at it is a little more time-consuming than older games (David and I are the only ones with the proper equipment to capture the high resolution screens), so we haven't had a chance to add the information to the Lost Bytes section yet. Also, those Youtube narrators make me want to stab myself.

DavidDayton: I may have to dig out my Action Replay and try to get some images for you some time... that or try the "digging through the code" method, but MB is the guy for stuff like that.

Super-Jesse: I want green, water swimming Yoshi pals. Why would that have been so hard?

Sapphira: Me too. When it comes to Yoshis and water, I say Isle Delfino's water is cursed or something. Or the Delfino variety of Yoshis are cursed (and not green).

Luigison: Thanks for reviving my interest in the reason I bought a Game Cube, Super Mario Sunshine. I really want to play it again with "proper equipment" and my Action Reply, which hasn't seen any "action" since I play around with the test levels in Wind Waker. 1) I can't imagine why Nintendo wouldn't have include a creature pooping/birthing enemies considering all that they've done with Birdo. /s 2) Maybe the purple looked to dark. 4) Super-Jesse?!

Deezer: Yeah Luigison, SJ answered a loooong time ago.

Howdy TMK!
About 6 or 7 years ago, I got a Strategy Guide from eBay called 'How to Win at Super Mario Bros.' as far as I can tell, it's official because I think it had a message from Howard Phillips in the back. It had a picture of him, at least. I remember that much.
Anyway, it had maps of each stage and interesting anime-style artwork. I included some scans attached to this message. I hope the files aren't too big.
Keep up the good work!
- Chris G.

DavidDayton: I kept wanting to snag a copy of that at some point, ages ago when they were clearing them out in old Nintendo Power backissue listings. Sadly, I never did.

>> How do I get out of the Forest of Illusion?
> Your problem might be Forest of Illusion 3. Go down the last green pipe in the level. There's a key down there, but you have to be "big" Mario to reach it (you have to spin jump through blocks). The key will take you to #5 Roy's Castle.
*If you're not big, you'll need Yoshi's help. Have Yoshi grab the key with his tongue through the wall, and when he pulls his tongue in, jump at just the right time so that the key hits a yellow block. The block will start to spin, allowing you to fall through it.*
- David N.

DavidDayton: If you're not SUPER. Mario is super, not "big."

Deezer: Er, the second part was a quote from the site. I'm fixing some stuff on that guide as I type this.

Dear TMK,
In Mario Super Sluggers, the music for Wario City sounds like the music for Stardust Speedway (present) from Sonic CD!
Wario City
Stardust Speedway (Present)
Another question for the staff is: Who are your best Brawl Characters? Which characters do you guys use the most?
- karatekid1717

DavidDayton: Hmm. Who -do- I use the most? Interesting question... at this point, I think it would be Toon Link. I should really go check my stats and determine that, though.

BP: Ness, Yoshi, Wario, Pikachu, Snake, Mr. Game & Watch, Captain Falcon, Ice Climbers, Squirtle, King Dedede, Link, Mario, Zelda, Toon Link... Pretty much everyone who isn't Lucario.

Sapphira: Whoa, Stardust Speedway at 0:47 does sound similar. The rest of the song, not really.
On a related note, I recently realized there's a striking similarity between the epilogue song from SMRPG and Pachebel's "Canon in D major", which is a common wedding (and Christmas) song. They pretty much have same harmony/chord progression.
Moving on... I'm best with Peach and use her the most. I'm probably second best with Mr. Game & Watch.

Suffix: I think both of these are similar in style, but the 0:47 in Stardust Speedway and the 0:39 in Wario City having similar rhythms and a descending melody is clearly coincidental. They aren't perfectly the same in any respect, and outside of that small part, they're not strikingly similar to me. Meanwhile, Sapph, those feel similar in pace, but...

Sapphira: Try humming SMRPG's melody to Canon in D. It totally works.

Suffix: Still, a striking similarity? Perhaps I've got tougher criterion, but a compatible melody is not a similar melody, discounting key and tempo. I need Chupperson's professional-sounding verdict!

Sapphira: I said the harmony was similar, not the melody.

MEGAߥTE: I use Pikachu the most/best, a tradition kept since the original Super Smash Bros. I play well with most of the characters, however.

Ok TMK I've been an avid lurker of the website for a long time and even at one point in 2002 or so posted quite a bit on the story forums. I just have one question that pertains sort of but not really to mario games. What is with Nintendo and its recent trend of Wii-fying old games and expecting gamers like myself that still own the gamecube version of the game to even think about buying it? I for one do not enjoy gimmicky controls and prefer instead the good old feel of a GC controller to the Wiimote I bought my Wii for two specefic purposes 1. No More Heroes I support everything I think its awesome. 2. Twilight Princess. *cough cough* yea it was horrible I enjoyed the GC version so much more it was insane. Im just wondering if I am the only Nintendo fan let down by this recent slump in creativity from a company that used to be my bread and butter for gaming. I mean even the new zelda game looks kind of lame I mean seriously it seems to me that its basically LOZ PH with trains. I mean really Nintendo? You couldnt do any better?
- Lost and Dissillusioned.

DavidDayton: I like the Wii version of Twilight Princess. Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii more than justify my purchase.
With regards to tacking on motion controls -- Metroid Prime Trilogy does an excellent job adding Wii controls to a GameCube title, and NPC Pikmin isn't bad. To be honest, there are relatively few Nintendo Wii titles I dislike due to Nintendo development groups tacking on controls. Yes, badly done wiggle controls are annoying, but those generally seem to come from the third parties...

BP: Twilight Princess is pretty lame, thanks to Midna. Here's hoping that Link's next Wii game doesn't feature an astoundingly impersonal cast and setting, all stolen by a giggling blue elf. The Wii is worth it though, for Punch-Out!!. There are other must-buys, like WarioWare... but if nothing else, there is Punch-Out!!.

Sapphira: Hmm, I'm still debating on whether to get Twilight Princess for Wii or GCN. Considering I tend to vastly prefer "classic"-style controls, and how much juice the Wiimote sucks up, I'm very much leaning toward GCN TP. Thoughts?
I think the reason Nintendo is "Wii-fying" old games is more for people who never played/don't have the GCN versions. Kind of a neat concept, but lazy.

Suffix: How jaded, Bird Person, how jaded! I can't say I don't think Midna's giggling isn't annoying (I assume those negatives even out), but there were a number of interesting characters in Twilight Princess, and the game itself was very enjoyable. Prospective buyers, allow me to assure you the game is worth your money-- even if it's still $45 or so.
Meanwhile, Sapphira, shooting arrows with the Wiimote is too fun to pass up. Also, get some sort of rechargeable battery thing. I had Nyko from the get-go, and they still have a decent battery life.

Dear Themushroomkingdom,
I have a super mario ball that i got as a "happy meal" in 2007.
i don't have a photo of it.
it was a special "get animated" theme ('playing catch")
- Steven

DavidDayton: I think I have one of those, somewhere.

Luigison: I have two.

Super Mario 64. That page looks done, but there's actually many more differences between the versions. For one thing, there are many more glitches in the original Japanese version due to lack of polish. I remember plenty of secrets saying, "Japanese-version only". Secondly, there aren't nearly as many sound effects, making the game seem... barren. For instance, the opening has a lack of "whoosh" from Lakitu's cloud, the pipe and camera don't seem to have as many sounds (judging from the opening), there's no 'mystery fanfare' for Lakitu. Some sound effects are different entirely, such as the Chain Chomp (it sounds more like a 'hiccup' than a dog), Mario says "buh-bye" when tossing Bowser (different sound clip than NSMB), and I don't think Mario dreams of pasta. Speaking of voices, Mario doesn't say anything on the title screen or select screen, and Peach, for some reason, has NO voice at all (she also doesn't sign her name "Peach" on the letter, it's all text). To add to that, there are less/different game demos when waiting on the title screen, and I think some textures have changed - I've seen a YouTube video of what appears to be the Japanese version, and instead of the symbol of the Shy Guy mask on the later snow level, there were Japanese characters.
I think the bigger thing you're missing is the Rumble Pak re-release in Japan. Your page for it says it's probably the same thing as the original but with rumble support and text in the bottom right. This is actually not true! What it is, is actually the NA/EU version of the game, with the language set back to Japanese! This is probably something that should be mentioned on the Japanese-to-English page. So what it is, is basically a re-release in Japan of the more "complete" version of the game, plus Rumble support. So ALL the changes in the American release seem to be brought over to this release with the Japanese text ported over - Peach signs her name and voice, Chain Chomp's voice, sound effects, Mario's additional clips, and even, yes, the Dire Dire Docks picture from the international release was included in this Japanese re-release! So it'd actually be more fair to compare the Rumble Pak version to the American one, since it's basically the same, or compare all three at once.
In the time I've played the Rumble Pak version, there is only ONE change I remember kept from the original release (other than the language) - when Mario tosses Bowser, he still says "buh-bye" like in the first release of the game. This is the only change I remember, and it makes sense since he calls Bowser by his name in the alternate clip, and the Japanese don't call him Bowser... But this is strange to me, because since Peach's voiceovers are included, she still calls herself "Princess Toadstool, Peach". Now, I don't read Japanese, but since you see "Peach" signed ala the American version, I think (not sure) that the text was changed to accompany the voices, meaning she may actually write "Toadstool" in Japanese. Other than that - the Rumble Pak re-release is the same build as the international version. This isn't an uncommon practice in Japanese game companies, it seems. The Rumble Pak version is basically "Super Mario 64: International."
Other notes... Well, it's known that the Virtual Console doesn't support vibration, so I don't know which version is there in Japan, if it's the original release or the re-release with the support taken out. There's also the DS remake, which... I didn't personally like since it made the game too easy, but strangely it seems to be a mix of both versions. The sound effects in the opening seem to be there, as are Chain Chomp's noise. Leslie Swan reprises her role as Peach (although it's obviously a different take). However, Mario no longer dreams of pasta (I guess due to the other characters), and the Dire Dire Docks painting is back to the bland one from the initial Japanese release. Such a strange mix-n-match.
Well, now on to mailbag-ish things... Ohh, what do you guys think of the return of the Koopalings in NSMBW? I saw the airships in the SMG2 trailer, so do you guys think they'll return in that as well? If Bowser Jr. comes back in SMG2, we need a one-on-one boss fight as well. He was tiny in Sunshine, moderate in NSMB, and in Galaxy, he's HUGE (hard to tell, but he towers over Peach). Oh, and what do you guys think of the two Toads as playable characters in NSMBW? At first I thought they were placeholders, then the fact sheet confirmed it. It just seems odd to me to see two generic Toads fight alongside the Mario brothers. I was hoping it'd be the main Toad and Wario (since he was in the prequel's mini-games). Maybe you unlock other characters as you go? The fact sheet also mentioned other characters, but it didn't say if they're playable or not.
Well, time to sign out. Have a good one.
~ From someone who pays attention to detail.
- Mister Breakfast

DavidDayton: I think the airships will make a comeback. (6/10/09)

DavidDayton: Wow, aren't you impressed at my powers of prediction? (12/07/09)

Deezer: I predict that David will correctly predict that airships will make a comeback. (5/5/08)

Sapphira: I predict that Deezer will correctly predict stuff. (9/8/07)
Koopalings in NSMBW = WIN. Generic unnamed Toads = LAME. They should've at least had the Toad. Although I guess they kind of did, just not as a playable character. Regardless, they should've officially given the Blue and Yellow Toads real names.

Suffix: Not to crash this prediction party or anything, but it's worth recalling that Leslie Swan, who provided Peach's voice, was part of American localization team. The fact Peach's voice wasn't in the evidently unpolished version isn't just due to time constraints. That, folks, is your reason. Nowadays, Peach and her female lookalikes have actual voice actors, of course.

Hi! Just wanted to throw a few things about the Japanese/English translations at // your way. I'm not fluent in Japanese by any stretch of the imagination, but I noticed a few things, including some really rancid puns, in the names and thought you might be interested.
Puyomeba --> Amoeba, "puyo~n" (bounce) + amoeba
Bomuhei --> "Bomb Guy?" I wonder if "-hei" means something like "guy"
8 biito --> Pun on "8-bit" and "bee" as well as the hachi/bi pun
Nanjaro (Chester) family --> variants on "What (the heck) is this?"
Wanwan (Chomp) --> onomatopoeic for a barking dog, but...
WanTsu (Chomp-Chomp) --> "one-two"
Hai Inu (K9) --> "High Dog," and...
Hai Inu Dorai (Chow) --> "High and Dry" maybe?
Buburu --> Fireball, onomatopoeic for bubbling lava?
Kuribo --> Goomba, "chestnut"
Mame-kuribo --> Mini-Goomba, "Bean(-sized) Chestnut"
Shanderiwan --> "Chandelier-Wan" (Kinklink), "Lamp Chomp?"
Teresa --> Teresa/The Big Boo, and Hai Teresa --> "High Teresa," but called Li'l Boo though stronger?
Ton/Ten/Kan --> Hammer enemies, onomatopoeic for hammerblows?
Takoron/Takobeda --> Octolot/Octovader. They got this one right :)
Unihei --> Oerlikon, "Claw Guy?"
Chuutarou --> Rat Funk, "Squeak Son?"
Gureibi --> Reacher, "Grave-y?"
Hai Bomb --> Rob-omb, "High Bomb"
Togehei --> Spiny/Spikey, "Thorn Guy?"
Nokohei and Nokohei Red --> Terrapin/Terracotta, "Unconcerned Guy?"
Chanko Pata --> Tub'o'Troopa, "Chanko" is a kind of sumo food.
Yuminpa --> Bowyer, yumi = longbow. "Longbow Father?"
Kurisutara --> Culex, "Crystaller?" Culex is the genus name of mosquitoes IIRC...
Karibaa --> Exor, "'calibur" (as in Excalibur)
Jakkii --> Jinx, "Jackie Chan"
Kamezaado --> Magikoopa, "Kame (turtle)" + "wizard"
Reiho --> Greaper, "rei (spirit)" + Heiho (Shyguy)
Kaiten Shuuzu --> "Spin(jump) Shoes?" Given he can stomp spiky things with them...
Chou-binta Guroobu --> "Great Slap Glove"
Kirakira Otoshi --> Star Rain, literally "Sparkling (Things) Drop"
Tsukidero Boboon --> Not entirely sure, but "tsuki" probably = "thrust"
There are a few others I wasn't sure of because they're only in kana, like Helio, which I was wondering whether it was supposed to be "Fire Cutting Bullet" or "Fire Wind Bullet" (ka + zan + dan). Or even "Fire Wind Egg," in keeping with "dan" as the Chinese for egg?
Just came across it and thought I'd email. Thanks for looking!
- Hazuki Azuma

DavidDayton: Someone should make a list of all Nintendo-published titles with references to Jackie Chan in them.

Sapphira: I would say noko in "Nokohei" relates to it being a Koopa, not "unconcerned." Heh, I remember pointing out "Kurisutara" = Crystaller? to Deezer. Interestingly, lot of the names were actually translated differently than usual: "Reiho" (Greaper) is usually Boo Guy, "Tondariya" (Shy Away) is Beezo, "Patapata" (Sky Troopa) is Koopa Paratroopa, "Baburu" (Sparky) is Lava Bubble/Podoboo, "Mucho" (Spookum) is Snifit (whereas Booster's lackeys should be different), and "Doku Kinoko" (Bad Mushroom) is usually Poison Mushroom. Magikoopa (and Kamek) is normally "Kamekku" in Japanese, so "Kamezaado" might actually be a different character. This brainwashed Magikoopa is red in battle, while I think the normal blue Magikoopa was originally intended to be in the game as different enemy, which would explain the name difference. The Goby/Cheep-Cheep and Boo/Big Boo stuff is already in the J->E page. Maybe this stuff should be included, too? ;D
Here's some other interesting stuff: In Japanese, Mallow's Star Rain attack shares the same name as Paper Mario series' Shooting Star item: "Kirakira Otoshi." Same for Mallow's Shocker and PM's Thunder Rage: "Kaminari Dokkan." And Peach's Sleepy Time = PM's Sleepy Sheep: "Nemureyoikoyo." And Wilt Shroom = PM's Dried Shroom: "Shinabita Kinoko." But considering what the attacks/items do and how most of those consist of actual words, not made-up ones, they make sense.

Deezer: "Bomuhei" is more like Bomb Soldier. I'm just starting to work this translation into the Japanese to English specials.

MEGAߥTE: Some of those names are pretty clever since you really need to have English and Japanese knowledge to get them! Also, I can't wait for our Mariopedia to take into account international names.

Sapphira: Me neither. I also can't wait for it to be non-broken. O_o;

Dear TMK,
What are the rarest games you own? As for me, Mega Man X4 for the Sega Saturn (was about $50 when I got it off eBay and still sells for that), and Ikaruga for GameCube ($40 from GameXChange).
- Nathan

BP: I have a preordered Majora's Mask cart with the trippy, holography label. Walked into GameStop some years back and there it was. Other than that, I don't really have any rare games... except Banjo-Kazooie!

DavidDayton: I have to check on that... I know I have a few somewhat rare titles, not to mention the almost-complete Virtual Boy collection.

Sapphira: Hmm... The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, I suppose. I also have the version of SSBM where Daisy has a third eye, but I don't know if that's rare or not. I bet MegaByte owns the rarest game(s) of all, though.

Hi, TMK! just a submission to your errata page.
In the Star Battle Arena, if you reach Bowser's Warped Orbit (the final level), Here's an excerpt of Bowser's dialogue:
"If you can somehow beat all of my loyal slave, I'll give you the Star Rod! Impossible, I know!"
All of my loyal slave? You must only fight one of Bowser's minions (either Hammer Bro or Blooper), and it looks like the translators accidentally added an "all of my" to the sentence probably due to lack of sleep or something. Attached is a screenshot of the spelling error. Is it a mistake? Or does Bowser just have a new accent? You decide!

- Genogenesis

DavidDayton: Bowser fail English?

Suffix: Don't leave a single bit unbeaten.

Look at this. Seems someone was murdered, but only in the Japanese game. The white marks and dry blood (paper bleeds?) are missing from the other versions.

- No one

BP: I'll notify the police immediately!

DavidDayton: The Mushroom Kingdom needs better first responders.

Sapphira: Someone killed a Blooper! Those monsters!

Suffix: Looks more Toad-shaped to me. I wonder why Goombella's pointing out "Grotski Town / Rogueport's plaza."

Sapphira: That's the area where the house is located. That house is a pop-up of sorts within the area, not an area in itself.

Luigison: Too bad the rest of the world can't handle such mature content in video games, or maybe it's just that everyone else knows that the Mushroom Kingdom police don't use chalk outlines at murder scenes. Besides, Mario games have taught me that people don't bleed or die. They simply fall out of view or pop out of existence.

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