14 Jun 2003 (circa 2001)

Mailbag by MEGAߥTE

J.J. needs to make me a new picture

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MEGAߥTE: Wow, two posting in one month, you say? Well, not exactly. You mean MEGAߥTE's alive, you ask? I meant to post many of these questions on Christmas eve... 2001! Some of the questions were supposed to be posted several months before that, even. Oh well, here it is now. Note that many of the questions are far outdated, but at least you can see what I was going to tell you. I'm sure you'll find some questions you never thought would get answered! I was going to add some answers to new questions, but there was practically nothing but trash when I logged into the mailbox last week. J.J. cleaned some of it out last week. Don't expect another mailbag from me if the questions all look like that again. I do promise, however, that I will get my E3 experience page (with pictures!) up sometime this summer.
Also, I wanted to clear up the Kid Icarus 2 confusion I inadvertently caused in the 3 Aug 2001 mailbag. I originally saw the description and screenshot on Martin Nielsen's NES World back in '97. The reason that I couldn't find it again was that in '99, it was realized that the screenshot was a fake. Here is the reasoning behind that conclusion along with the faked screenshot.

That Kid Icarus 2 snapshot is a total fake. The NES can only display 4 colours in a 16-pixel region, and that title screen violates that limitation with the "Kid Icarus" lettering appearing in front of the temple. Even if this "game" used sprites to make up for more colours, only 8 sprites can appear on one row of a game screen. And the title definitely looks larger than 8 sprites (64 pixels.) That "2" graphic looks like it was ripped from Gremlins 2, or something.
-Chris Cowell

Just shows that you can't trust everything you read on the Internet.
One more thing. I just wanted to note that Super Mario Bros. The Movie DVD is available from for only $6.30 with free shipping!
And one more thing. I finally got around to fixing the search engine. You're welcome. Now on with the crusty old mailbag...

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
I went to Target today and was looking through the toys and found three Game and Watch games that Nintendo has re-released. They are Mario's Cement Factory, Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. They are much smaller than the originals, but game play is exactly the way I remember it. Do you guys know about these? If not you should check them out

-Terry Norris

MEGAߥTE: Yes, I have seen them.
(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
Why was Toad the life of the party?
Because he's such a fungi! (fun guy).
Thought you'd like that one...

MEGAߥTE: You plagiarist! That joke was featured in Adventures of Super Mario Bros. Comics by Valiant
(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Yoshi, (Yoshi)
Had a very shiny nose, (like a Pokeball)
And if you ever saw it, (saw it)
You would even say it glows. (like a TV screen)
All of the other Yoshis, (Yoshis)
Used to laugh and call him names. (like a Pikachu!)
They never let poor Rudolph, (Rudolph)
Join in any Yoshi games. (like Smash Brothers!)
Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Mario came to say, (Here we gooo!)
"Rudolph with your nose so bright,
"Won't you guide-me to-the Princess tonight?"
Then all the Yoshis loved him, (loved him)
As they shouted out with glee, (Yosh-ee!!)
"Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Yoshi, (Yoshi)
"You'll go down in his-tor-y!" (Like Shigeru Miyamoto)
-Season's Greetings from SJ64

MEGAߥTE: But Yoshis are Jewish!

where can i see, download and print or buy, the entire "SUPER MARIO BROS. ADVENTURES" nintendo power comics?
-Jesse Salazar

Is there any way to get Mario Comics? If so then tell Me Ok?

MEGAߥTE: You can buy them from Nintendo's online store.

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
A response to Josh Nickerson (or whatever his name is cuz he said that wasnt it) You should have a little respect for people!
Geez you shoulda just E-Mailed him back instead of putting his letter on your website! If you have something bad to say dont say it at all! Check this out where he posts!
some people have somethings to say about it! Dont put someone down to make you look good! I WANT YOU TO RESPOND!
-Rene Fahlman

MEGAߥTE: If an e-mail is sent to the mailbag its use is at the discretion of the TMK staff. We will not respond to mailbag e-mails directly; they will end up on the mailbag page.

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
I was wondering about something. Are Mario games just so good that they aren't meant to take a long time, or am I rushing through them? I beat Luigi's Mansion three times in one week. I have every character and every level in SSB Melee, and I've only had it for a week and a half. I don't mind being "good", if I may venture there, but I kind of wish one would come along that was really challenging, kinda like SM64 was.
Mario Sunshine looks like sunshiny goodness.
I hope you don't reply with some sort of rude comment, even though saying this just guarantees it. I only am saying this because I recently read through a few mailbags, and you seemed quite "angry" at the writers.
Anyways, no hard feelings.
Don't you just love those neat and tidy mini-discs for the GameCube?
- Super Mario (That's how I'm known off in the 'boards. Yep, that thar's ruff contry, in dem boards, dere. We got us a few 'Sama ladens hidin' in them text-o words!)
Note: I am allowed to do hick humor jokes because I used to be one! I spelled it "contry" on purpose.
Cape Whip attack! Kick! Kick! Throw!
-Mario Mario

MEGAߥTE: Actually, I think that the minidiscs are the one big disadvantage to the GC. It only holds 1/3 the amount of data as a DVD and the later Final Fantasy games were already much bigger than that!

I believe what Italiano328 is saying with "explicit material is not as bad as long as it is not involving sex" is that explicit material such as extreme violence, massive profanity, and some sections of nudity is more acceptable in Japanese culture than it is here.

MEGAߥTE: Who gave you access to Italiano328's brain?

If there's a Question of the Week for the December 21st mailbag (if it's on time), it should be "What Mario products did you get for Christmas?".
That way, whoever posts the December 28th mailbag can show us the results.
What do you think?
-TK n Happy Ness

MEGAߥTE: Hmm, I don't think that will work quite right.. its Dec. 24th.

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
Hey again, TMK.
I think it was the first letter in the fourteenth of December's mailbag, written (Or typed, whatever floats your boat.) by Josh Nickerson, that reminded me of something that I watched on some television show. In some random gaming store, they had three kids, and three consoles. Gamecube, X-Box and PS2. Each kid got a chance to play each console. Of course, their ideal choice was: X-Box. (No, really, you have to tell me you saw that coming.) They all gave every single console all good comments (None bad, thankfully.), but their choice for X-Box was: The games are more fun, it is faster, the graphics are better. I know I shouldn't be offended by such comments, but I know that's untrue. My friend's brother played X-Box, and said that the graphics get choppy, because of glitches, the games are just like any other (Especially the sports games. This means boring for those of you not paying attention.), and it is certainly not as fast as PS2, and OBVIOUSLY not as fast as Gamecube. Now, see here. I find myself to be a biased gamer, I don't touch Playstation systems with a ten foot pole. My vote would always go toward any Nintendo system (Cartoony game fan here.), save Game Boy Advance because most of the games for it are originals, only enhanced, and I don't find those to be any more interesting than when they didn't have them enhanced. But I digress. The point of this was, it peeves me off how most of the "mature hardcore I'MA KICK YO @SS MUTHAEFFA'" gamers who love X-Box do so because "it's SO superior over Gamecube because Gamecube is for babies" or "X-Box is ten times faster than the PS2 (Said by Billy Bob Gates himself.)." That was just my opinion for people to read and feel important because another person other than themselves have the same opinions.
...Or not, that's fine with me.

MEGAߥTE: I have a friend who got both an X-box and a Gamecube. Now he's not a biased gamer; he really hasn't had any game systems recently. He returned the X-box immediately. One reason was the absurdly designed controller. Another reason was all of the crashing horrors that he has heard (though he did not experience any himself.) The problem with Bill Gate's statement is that he is comparing processor speed (which AMD has easily shown is not a valid comparison.) Keep in mind that X-box is still only a 32-bit system; the others are 128-bit. This shows numbers are mattering less and less. It will come down to marketing and quality of game development. Game development is supposedly easiest on the Gamecube, I just hope that the minidiscs don't turn developers off from it.

(Answered by Deezer on 28 Dec 2001)
two questions please.
1. are you sure that ther is a super mario advance 2 and 3?
2. If Bowser has red hair in the games, how come come he's bald in the cartoons?


MEGAߥTE: I think you mean two answers?
1. Yes.
2. Perhaps you should ask Michael Jordan?

(Answered by Deezer on 21 Dec 2001)
Hey whatsup TMK,
I got a weird mario reference from the show "The Amazing Race" on CBS.
This guy named Frank said "Its on like Donkey Kong!" I'm not sure what he meant, but its a reference all the same, right?
Great Site!!!


MEGAߥTE: You're streching it..

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
Hey TMK guys What is the deal with Tatanga? Is he in any other games besides Super Mario Land 1 and 2? Wasn't he in the Mario comics? And is he gonna be in any new games? I want you to put him in the charecters section with Daisy...

MEGAߥTE: He's a mysterious space man... Actually he did appear in a comic by Valiant.

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
Hey TMK, what happened to the site Mario Mania? It was on Nintendoland.
Whenever you try to open it, it says the page is gone. Did the site close down?

MEGAߥTE: You talk as if we run that site too..

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
whould you link your site to an non populer site named
the sar kingdome the link is (deleted) whould you if yes but it on your site please
-danny joe

MEGAߥTE: If your e-mail is that incoherent I'd imagine that I'd not want to link to your site

Yes, another cameo. Screenshot from EarthBound: Ness is facing a DK Arcade!

-Pishi Toroshi

MEGAߥTE: Nice spotting.

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
Dear Classic Gaming,
I have some interesting information for you. On Long island in New york. There is a mall called the south shore mall . Its called now the Westfield shopping center. In this mall there is a store called Software etc. that sells Old Nes games from $1.00 to $13.00. I was thinking this could be important because if anyone wants to collect the old Nes games. They could go to the WestField shopping center on Long Island , NY. To purchase these antique games.
Please let the public know about this.

MEGAߥTE: How dare you call us "Classic Gaming"! There is a Software, Etc. near me, too. In fact, they are everywhere. They are part of a larger company, which includes several well known companies, GameStop, FuncoLand, Babbage's, Software Etc., and Planet X. In fact, this conglomerate is now owned by none other than Barnes and Noble! Btw, I bought a GameStop discount card for 10% off my used items purchases, it was $10 and I got that money back the first day I went in there. Oh yeah, they give you a game magazine subscription too. But anyway, my point is that they are everyone; there is nothing special about your mall.

(Answered by Deezer on 21 Dec 2001)
Hi. This is my first time writing. Great site, blah blah blah. My question: What is that picture on the WTMK page from? My apologies if this question has been asked/answered in a previous mailbag.

MEGAߥTE: I believe it came from the BSX version of Super Mario Bros. 3

(Answered by Deezer on 21 Dec 2001)
How come the ESRB rating system change K-A to E?
-a puzzled Vidgmchtr

MEGAߥTE: It makes more sense.. less letters.

(Answered by Deezer on 21 Dec 2001)
I found a reference to Mario in the December '93 issue of National Geographic World. Do you wanna see it?
-The Menard Family

MEGAߥTE: Sure..

(Answered by Deezer on 21 Dec 2001)
First of all, I'm making my own Link's Awakening strategy guide.
Second of all, nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
Third of all, isn't "Withywindle" a GREAT word? It's the name of a river in "The Lord of the Rings."
Fourth of all, I still don't have a GameCube!!! But I want one.
Fifth of all, is it true that Marin is one of the trophies in SSBM?

MEGAߥTE: Fifth: Yes.

Hey, you guys are doin' a great job over there. Anyway, I have a question.
I was lookin' at some pics from SSBM that you had up, and I saw one with a little guy called Mr. Saturn. Who (or what) is that thing?

MEGAߥTE: A character from Earthbound. (I can't believe there are so many people that haven't heard of Earthbound.)

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
are you guys and ign rivals or something?
-Savage Baggage Master

MEGAߥTE: Well, we're guys at least...

What are the controls for Player 2 in NESticle?


(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
i have an idea! for a new fan fic! its called plumber academy!

MEGAߥTE: I hope! you didn't get! an aneurysm thinking that one up!

Hey, i have some questions:
1.What ever happened to Megaߥte2.
2.from all these people, which one(s) are nintendo fanboys:Deezer,david dayton, J.J.
3.Aren't you glad SSB:M is out?

MEGAߥTE: 1. Megaߥte2? There's another one of me? AHHH!
2. D. All of the above.
3. Well I will be very glad if you send me $300 so I can enjoy it..

I have a feeling that Mario and Sonic will join together to be the most ultimate force.(So many good guys cool) For those who don't like sonic play Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 that will change your mind. I have a Question to the mailbag guy?????? In SSBM who will be your favorite character and one more Q! Is Jigglypuff in the game because I will get mad Jigglypuff is a waste of character or should I say waste of gigabyte(hahaha) Later..............Mario is gonna rock in SSBM oh and Peach too.......

MEGAߥTE: Yes, that fat ***** is taking up space again in SSBM.

I'm almost certain Jigglypuff isn't a character, and Sheik isn't a secret, Zelda tranforms with one of her moves, creatively named 'Transform.' And in SuperMarioRPG, Culex from some Final Fantasy game, i forget which when, is in that locked door in Monstro Town. You need the Shiny Stone from the girl in Moleville to open it. He's pretty hard, and is with four crystals- Fire,Water,Earth,and Air. Thought I'd let yah know!

MEGAߥTE: You're wrong twice! Jigglypuff is a character and Culex was not in any Final Fantasy game.

(Answered by David Dayton on 8 Feb 2002)
David Dayton, in a previous Mailbag you said that you can take screenshots of a game by simply using Silly Putty. Is that true?
-Quick Man (aka QuickManX)

MEGAߥTE: Well he didn't use play-dough.

It would have to be a game where they beat each other up

Ali: I am the greatest!

I Made A Couple Pictures of Mine They Was Saved As 256 BMP File

MEGAߥTE: ACK! Never send us BMPs again. They took up a huge portion of our mailbox.

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
Dear TMK,
I started playing Mario RPG (that I just got) when I notice something. The game play is kinda like Pokemon,like when I fight someone it looks like a Pokemon battle.WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?
-From Dis. Is Weir.D AKA- GAMEBOY2

MEGAߥTE: Because that's the way RPG battles tend to look...

(Answered by David Dayton on 28 Dec 2001)
First off, in the 11/17 mailbag, J.J. had mentioned that the GameShark was a device attaching to the back of the controller, much like a Controller Pak or Rumble Pak..
Isn't the Gameshark, like nearly every other 'game enhancement device', designed to connect between the console and the game? At least mine do..
As for that question on 'Who my favorite Mario villian was and why', I'd say Bowser, hands down. Not only is such a viscious-looking beast being so cunning so awe-inspiring, he'd likely toast me if I said my second choice, Kamek.
-Capt. Snarf, Aspiring Fungiomancer

MEGAߥTE: No. Newer game enhancers, such as the GameShark tend to fit into other slots, such as memory card slots. There is a simple reason for this: how are you supposed to put something in between a CD and the reader for the other consoles. Also, the N64 has anti-piracy technology which tends to make it more complicated to design something to go in between the cartridge at the console.

In the last mailbag some guy asked what Luigi's voice actor in the SMW cartoon was. Acording to The Internet Movie Database Tony Rosato did Luigi's voice in the SMB3 & SMW cartoons, while in the SMBSS Danny Wells did Luigi's voice & played him in the live action skits of the show as well. (I liked Luigi's SMBSS voice better) I personally think Nintendo gave Mario a really crappy voice in the games. (The cartoon voices were sooooo much better)

MEGAߥTE: What do you think of this guy?

He was featured in Nintendo commercials for the Atari systems.

(Answered by David Dayton on 2 Feb 2002)
Before I reply to the topic, I would like to thank all of you for a fantastic site, and especially David for hating Playstation and answering all those mailbags.
Now I reply to the topic and various matters:
The answer is simple, mothers scream that their kids need it first and our 100% nicer than the other evil children in the line. (But my mom's not like that, cause she knows that I'm much nicer than those other evil children.) The actually players of Gamecube brag to others in line who is better at games that they've never heard of or don't exist, and little sisters pull on older people's arms so they can get taken to A. Bathroom B. Barbie Aisle C. go see Barney in person D. home. Now that I answered the topic....
I wouldn't be so sure about that Wachibi and Watuna bit being fake, heck even Captain Syrup. Look at these attached compelling like screens from Smash Bros. Melee.

New quote from the Simpsons episode (when its rerun, I will record and send it to you.)
By the way, ¡El baño es de hamburguesas, o narajas, pero yo no sé!
Oh yeah David, don't put off them people at Nsider who said that Dr. Mario was in it. They promised, if they were wrong, they would eat A HAT!!! You don't say things like that and lie! Ok...I could be wrong...Mr. Game and Watch sounds pretty dumb... Oh yeah they're wrong. Hyuk I forgot.
Some advice, buy a neuralizer, or a flashy thing. You know, so all those people that learned about the secret site will forget. It won't hurt them (go ahead and erase my mind too, even if I don't believe in that page) if they never knew...hehehehe.
Advice: You can get most information from the Japanese site using Babelfish before IGN does. But you have to be willing to read "According to the mali, don't you think? But the under and b of the transformation of the ~~~~ and in there we can matter of speaking."
P.S. Go play Gamecube at Toys R' Us, even though this letter will get to you around the time it comes out. Oh yeah and that kid who said Advance Wars almost made him forget his homework needs to play it until he does.
-Daniel Dinkos

MEGAߥTE: Dr. Mario and Mr. Game and Watch are in SSBM.

Hi this is my first time talking to you but i want to send you another smb2 overworld theme its in an organ style
-Adam Jackson

MEGAߥTE: That's a cheap rip-off of the original. Only the instruments are changed (and now it sucks).

Greetings Once More.
Woody Shavings here again. I was wondering if Mario and DK would be in another one of their classic games together. It has been awhile since the Donkey Kong arcade-style game has made any new additions to the VG library (not counting the DKC/DKL games). I hope so, and do you think Nintendo will be planning to make any new classic DK/Mario games? Slim chance, although I would like to play another one of the games. It would, of course, have bigger barrels, more complex levels, etc. etc., you know the deal with the new technology.
Oh yes, 1 more thing,
I would like to say a few words to some rather rude comments made about me in the last mailbag.
Mr. JCF1110, where did I actually say that Peach didn't like Mario? As for me being a fungi, it was a JOKE. Do you really think mushrooms can type?
I mean really, an ID? PAH!....
-Woody Shavings

MEGAߥTE: I wouldn't be surprised if such games show up on cell phones sometime in the near future.

Hey MegaByte you still haven't answered my question! Is Smash Melee,Luigi's Mansion, and Game Cube going to be realeased on the same day which is Nov.5?
Oh and by the way you can see I have used the question mark thingie


They broadcasted the What Would You Do For A Gamecube Contest on TechTV today. It was nuts! Here's a pic:
[See response]

A= A guy that shaved his head, painted himself blue, and ate bugs to resemble a Pikmin.
B= A guy that dressed up as Mario and he saved the Princess. It seemed lame at first, but then the guy proposed to the girl!
C= A guy who painted the Gamecube logo using ketchup with his tongue. (he sprained it)
D= A guy who dressed up as Mario and he juggled Nintendo consoles.
The one on the right that I forgot to label was a girl who shaped Spam, cat food, and chocolate syrup into the shape of a Gamecube, and she ate it.
All the competitors recieved a Gamecube, but Mr. Pikmin recieved a check for $5,000 and a Gamecube.

MEGAߥTE: Regrettably, this message was apparently deleted and I did not save the picture. If you could provide us with the pic, that would be great. Thanks.

MEGAߥTE: I don't remember why I was going to include this (scanned from Game Informer, January 2002).

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