World 1-1

The second enemy in the game, a Venus Fire Trap, was replaced by a standard Piranha Plant.

This added Question Block holds a coin. The wood blocks moved up and are now in line with the top of the blue block platform.

More blocks were added here, cutting the gap in half.

SMA4 gives you more room to jump through the split pipe.

World 1-2

One Question Block was added before the "T" pipe structure. The new block contains a coin.

The bonus room has 32 more coins inside, all at the top. You'll have to fly to collect them all.

In SMA4, you can speed down this hill without fear of getting a fireball in the face.

World 1-3

Toad's hidden house has all the basic Mushroom House changes. In Toad's message box, the adjective "faraway" is now spelled correctly as one word.

World 1-4

Many platforms in SMA4's 1-4 were lengthened, decreasing the difficulty of the jumps. We'll let most of the pictures speak for themselves.

The changes here make it much easier to collect the 1-Up from the third block in the top row.

Another extended platform. The highest block was also removed from first L-shaped block formation. Above the second "L," the three coins were lowered.

The highest coin was removed, probably to leave space between the top of the screen and the column of coins. (Another coin was added at the end of the stage to keep the coin total the same.)

As you can barely see in the above comparison, the set of three brick blocks moved up.

One coin was added to compensate for the one removed a bit earlier in the stage. Combined with the lengthened platform on the left, the extended wood platform makes this gap even shorter.

World 1-Fortress

World 1-Fortress is the first time we see clever changes to keep a stage as close to the original as possible on a smaller screen. For example, the bottom row of blocks is not shown, letting us see as much of the top as possible. Since the lava was on the bottom row, it was moved up to the "new" bottom row.

The first "staircase" has another column of blocks added in SMA4.

The third block platform got a makeover.

Along with the lava, this suspended platform and Question Block were both moved up by one block.

The first Roto-Disc in the stage was moved up into the ceiling. As a result, you can now safely duck under its lowest point.

The last Podoboo in the level moved closer to the Roto-Disc's platform.

Another column of blocks was added before the Question Block here.

A few changes to the middle of the falling spike ceiling room decreased the difficulty yet again. In SMA4, you can safely stop on the middle platform because the spikes directly above it were raised two blocks higher. Also, the gaps flanking the middle platform were shortened.

World 1-5

Near the pipe leading to the exit, a short green Piranha Plant replaced a tall red Venus Fire Trap.

World 1-6

The gap between the first and second platform shown was shortened. The shrubs on the Koopa Troopa's platform moved to the thick platform before it.

Not only was this platform lengthened, but it also moved up. You'll also notice the Question Block moved left and up to stay directly above the pole.

These platforms were lengthened and centered on the pole.

More extended platforms...

This platform change bumped the Koopa Paratroopa a little to the left.

World 1-Airship

At the ship's rear, the portholes moved up one row, and the first piece of the rope handrail was removed.