World 7-1

World 7-1 is another vertical room of pipes that was reduced in width. Many objects were moved to the left or shortened.

These pipes were shifted to the left.

The hidden 1-Up was moved left and above the second coin block.

The small gap between the two small pipes is now centered.

Because the note block was moved next to the pipe corner, SMA4 actually has a longer jump here.

Above the note block, the lower wood blocks were moved to the right. Another wood block was added alongside the pipe.

The pipe leading to the Koopa Troopa room was also moved left.

Inside the Koopa Troopa room, everything was shifted to the left.

The right platform is lower, and the pipe dropped down to keep the same spacing.

Since the hidden 1-Up block was not moved, it is no longer directly above the gap where the Paratroopa flies.

World 7-2

The coin cache was shifted two blocks to the right. This brought the P-Switch a little closer to where the coins appear off-screen.

This low pipe's top was raised up a little.

The Question Block containing a Super Leaf was moved down, and the sand platform underneath was changed to four wood blocks. The pipe end on the right was also lowered.

World 7-3

At the beginning, Mario starts in a deeper valley with a lower Question Block.

The three hills at the beginning of the stage were lowered. So were the pairs of Question Blocks before hills number two and three.

Hill number two:

In front of hill number three:

In SMA4, there is a bit more flat ground before the ramp at the end of the third hill.

World 7-4

The other side of the wall at the beginning has different steps leading down.

Underwater, most everything was lowered, including the background. In addition, all the coral reef structures were changed.

Moving on to the Jelectro "minefield," the first Jelectro on the top was moved down, the second on the top was moved up, and the first two on the bottom were moved up.

The last Jelectro on the top was moved down, while the last on the bottom was moved way up.

More coral reef and platform changes...

Two platforms near the end were removed entirely: One under the large coral reef structure, and another underneath the last Lava Lotus.

World 7-5

The first room's ceiling was dropped down to fit on the screen.

In the room with the L-shaped block structure, the ceiling was lowered again...

...but space was left around the second pipe.

SMA4 has an invisible 1-Up at the goal area.

World 7-Giant Piranha Plant

The first enemy was changed from a short green Venus Fire Trap to a tall red Piranha Plant.

All of the skinny pipes were lowered. The fourth pair of skinny pipes was changed to a normal pipe.

This upside-down Venus Fire Trap was also replaced with a Piranha Plant.

The floating pipe was shortened for reasons unknown.

The pipe leading to the treasure box room now goes through the pipe floor. This makes it a little more obvious which pipe is the exit.

World 7-Fortress 1

Inside the lava room, all the platforms were moved down.

All the platforms on the right side were also moved closer together, probably to fit them onto one screen.

World 7-6

Just like 7-1, this vertical level is missing a column. Most objects near the right side of the screen were moved left.

Right after the wood block staircase, SMA4 has an extra note block between the two donut lifts.

There is an extra donut lift near the first horizontal pipe in SMA4. Directly to the left, the Question Block and note block were moved down.

The highest question block in the stage now holds a Super Leaf. It originally contained a coin.

World 7-7

Fly up to the top of the right wall at the beginning to find a cut-out with a hidden 1-Up inside. (SMA4 doesn't show the block ceiling here.)

The long Muncher invincibility run was shortened by six pipe lengths in SMA4. First of all, there are two less pipes between the third Starman and the first upside-down pipe. A little after that, there is one less pipe between the second and third upside-down pipes.

Then, the fourth (last) Starman was moved closer to the third upside-down pipe, and there are two less pipes between the third and fourth upside-down pipes.

Finally, there is one less pipe between the last upside down pipe and the tall pipe right before the exit.

At the goal area, SMA4 has a hidden note block directly underneath a new brick block located just off-screen. In SMAS you would see brick at the top of the screen at this part. The brick block contains a 1-Up.

World 7-8

This tricky jump is a bit easier in SMA4, where the pipe before the pit was lowered and the green Piranha Plant was removed.

After the pit, the Question Blocks, block platforms, and tall pipe were all lowered. The block platforms and tall pipe were also shifted to the right, creating more space between the brick blocks and Question Blocks in SMA4. The Starman was moved from the first block to the second block.

On the other side of the tall pipe, one brick block and the red Piranha Plant were removed. In SMA4, there is less floor space between the pipes (see above).

The pipe next to the white block platform was shortened.

The Nipper Plant located after this set of three pipes was removed in SMA4.

At the Muncher area, the two pipes in front were lowered. The third bridge platform was lengthened, which shifted the others after it to the right. The second Nipper Plant was removed.

Here's the second half of the Muncher hazard. One Muncher from the group of five was moved to the left into the spot where the Nipper Plant used to be. The Piranha Plant was removed from the pipe at the end.

Two brick blocks were added above the green block platform.

Near the end, one brick block was added to each row of blocks. The first Question Block in the bottom row was changed from a coin to a Super Leaf.

World 7-Fortress 2

Right at the start, SMA4 has one more block on the top row to give Mario some extra running room before the jump.

One block was added to each side of this Roto-Disc's column.

More floor was added under the brick block containing a Starman.

Thwomp #1 and the pipe underneath were lowered. The next pipe was also lowered.

Thwomp #2 and the entire platform underneath were lowered.

Inside the checkered floor room, the first column was moved to the left, leaving more space between the two Roto-Discs.

One row was removed from the long block platform leading to BOOM-BOOM, but another row was added to the ceiling above it.

Three columns were added to the end of the long platform. The final column is part of the wall that closes before the BOOM-BOOM battle.

World 7-Giant Piranha Plant #2

The first series of skinny pipes were all moved down, along with the normal pipe at the end.

In the set of four floating pipes, the first two were extended downward.

The third note block was lowered.

At the end, the tall skinny pipe along the right edge of the screen has a wood block on top instead of half of an Arrow Lift.

World 7-Airship

The second Question Block was lowered, and the top three rows of the floating platform underneath it were changed.