Map borders

With no borders on SMA4's map screens, the lands look more spacious. It also gave the designers an opportunity to add more objects around the map edges. Because of the smaller screen size, most map screens in SMA4 have to scroll vertically.

Pipe tunnels

All the map pipe tunnels were modified to fit on a smaller screen.

Wandering Sledge Bros.

No longer a recoloring of the Wandering Hammer Bros., the Sledge Bros. have a fatter look in SMA4.

World 2

Both Mushroom Houses were changed from light brown to red. The lakes around the World 2-2 panel are gone in SMA4, which is kind of a bummer because 2-2 does include a large body of water. Another odd change is the missing pyramid above the fortress.

World 3

In SMA4, all but the last Mushroom House were changed to red.

Most noticeable east of the main island, World 3's lower continent is broken up and has vegetation in SMA4. On the mushroom-shaped island, a bush was removed from the right side.

One tree was removed from the tan Mushroom House's island. On the island in the top left, a couple of bushes were added.

The far east of World 3 was updated to look even more like Japan. The small island added above the castle is Sado Island (Sadogashima).

World 5

On the sky part of World 5, the stationary clouds were removed in favor of clouds that move across the screen from right to left. The ground portion in the upper-left was updated to look more like the actual ground part of World 5.

World 6

The path to the second Mushroom House was changed in SMA4; you merely have to beat 6-4 to access it instead of the tricky 6-5.

World 8

Once you enter this part of World 8 in SMA4, Peach appears and yells for help from the pipe above. Interestingly, she yells "Mario!" if you're Mario [sound clip], but she just screams [sound clip] if you're Luigi.

After you beat the fortress, the spotlight expands temporarily when the lock vanishes.

The final map screen and Bowser's Castle were redesigned. In SMA4, the coin path-connectors sparkle, and a "HELP" word balloon comes out of the castle.

World 9

The Warp Zone has a different welcome message, and the small island on the left was moved closer to the main island.