In SMA4, fly straight up in the goal area of Worlds 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, and 4-5 to find a new brick block. It contains a P-Switch that makes a column of 25 silver coins appear. In SMAS, the same goal areas don't scroll vertically.

World 4-Fortress 1

A layer of blocks was added on top of the checkered floor, and the candle and Thwomp were moved closer to the ceiling.

On the other side of the Thwomp, the blocks under the power-up were changed.

World 4-5

This set of three coins was moved down on top of the cloud platform.

The wood floor in this section was moved down by one, then a wood block was added before the pipe to keep the jump the same.

This brick block was moved down to fit on the screen.

Here's where the lowered floor ends. The jump to the giant pipe is a little higher.

World 4-Fortress 2

Several blocks were removed from the staircase at the beginning.

The second-to-last donut lift set has one more donut, and the last two donut sets were lowered.

Because of the smaller screen, the pipe maze area's width was reduced, resulting in subtle changes. Here, a column was removed from the center.

Further upward, a column was removed from the left side.

At the end of the maze, one column was chopped off on the right side.

After the pipe maze, you fall into a skinnier coin room.

There is one less open column at the start of BOOM-BOOM's room because that is part of the wall that appears.

World 4-Airship

The first section of the rope handrail was removed.