World 5-1

Fly up at the start of the stage to access this strange room. The unique steel-plated background was replaced with a sky background. SMA4 has more "steps" leading down.

One step down, we can see the bottom of the taller middle blocks in SMA4.

SMAS has a hidden block along the high step to help you jump back up. SMA4 has shorter steps, so the hidden block was removed.

Here's a better view of the taller middle blocks.

We're finally out of that weird room and inside the "dome." Right under the P-Switch that makes these coins appear, the bottom half of the "3" moved up because a line of coins was removed from the middle.

The other "3" was changed to a "4" for Super Mario Advance 4, of course.

World 5-2

Inside the vertical room, the rightmost column was chopped off.

At the bottom, the third pipe was moved left.

World 5-3

A hidden coin and 1-Up were added along the right wall at the beginning.

World 5-Fortress 1

The last Thwomp was lowered to fit on the screen, while the floor and ceiling were lowered to keep the spacing the same.

Because of the lowered floor, one more step was added to keep the door at the same position.

World 5-Tower

Going up the tower, the brick blocks connected to the pipe ends contain coins in SMA4.

Similarly, going down the tower, the brick blocks underneath the pipe contain coins.

World 5-6

All five cloud platforms in World 5-6 were extended.

Here's the last cloud platform.

Partly visible in the above comparison, the two highest coins were moved down to fit on the screen.

Directly underneath the P-Switch, the three brick blocks were changed to four wood blocks. Unlike brick blocks, wood blocks don't turn into coins when a P-Switch is hit, making it much more difficult to fall to your death here.

World 5-7

In the ground portion, a cloudy background replaced the blocky background. All the wood blocks leading up to the pipe were lowered.

Not only were all the wood blocks lowered, but they were also moved closer together.

The last brick block was also lowered a bit, but it's no longer lined up with the wood blocks in SMA4.

The pipe leading back to the cloud portion was extended by four blocks.

In SMA4, the brick blocks under this pipe contain coins.

Similar to the change above, the brick blocks under the cannons now contain coins. Another brick block on the right side also contains a coin in SMA4.

World 5-Fortress 2

The starting room is smaller with a shorter gap between the pipe and the wall.

The lava ceiling had to be lowered to fit on the screen.

The next four comparisons show that bridge platforms four through nine (of 15 total) were all lowered.

World 5-8

About halfway through the level is the first change: A lowered cloud platform.

The last Question Block and platform underneath it were lowered.

Also lowered was the long platform leading to the exit pipe.

World 5-Airship

SMA4 has slightly shorter platforms at the beginning.

The cannons were moved left by two blocks. One slab of wood was removed underneath the cannons to lower them.

The first crate was moved left and expanded to a square.

One wood platform underneath the first cannon wall was removed.

Just like in the first four airship stages, the first piece of the rope handrail was removed.