World 8-Big Tanks

One of the identical fourth and fifth tanks was removed here. The change cut 11 game seconds from this auto-scrolling level.

The two tanks after the power-up were removed. This cut another 22 game seconds.

Steps were added to the left side of the pipe tank, making it much easier to jump onto it from the ground. When the auto-scroll stops in SMA4, the timer shows 195 instead of 162 because three tanks were removed earlier.

World 8-Battleships

The second cannon near the power-up was chopped off.

World 8-Hand Trap (Hammer Bros.)

The second half of this wall of blocks and everything after it was moved up.

All three Hand Trap levels have the same treasure box room at the end. The ceiling is lower in SMA4, and some blocks are missing under the treasure box.

World 8-Hand Trap (Podoboos)

All the bridge platforms and coins were moved down.

World 8-Hand Trap (Cheep Cheeps)

Everything was moved down, except for the lava.

World 8-Airships

The fifth and sixth platforms were removed, which cut seven game seconds from this auto-scrolling level.

After the crate, the first platform was moved down and right.

The second and third platforms after the crate were moved closer together.

The fourth platform after the crate was moved down.

The sixth platform after the crate was moved down and right.

The seventh platform after the crate (first platform before the exit pipe) was removed. This cut four game seconds. Also, the jump to exit pipe platform is now a little longer in SMA4.

When the scrolling stops in SMA4, the timer reads 247 instead of 236 because three platforms were removed from the stage.

World 8-1

The platform with the first pipe on it was shortened a bit; notice the lack of space between the bush and pipe. A note block was added in the pit on the right side of the platform.

The first pipe in the pit was moved up.

The second pipe in the pit was moved up and is now taller than the pipe on the platform. Its short green Venus Fire Trap was replaced with a tall red Piranha Plant. The floating pipe was moved up as well.

By comparing the backgrounds around the pit, you can see that this platform (and several others after it) moved up, probably to minimize vertical scrolling.

On this platform, the pit was filled in, and the Bullet Bill cannon on the bottom-right was removed.

The pit after the long gray block wall was shortened. The tall green block platform was shortened, and the Question Blocks above it were lowered. The low Bullet Bill cannon was flipped and now looks like it's actually attached to the block.

A pipe was added to the next platform.

Again, by looking at the backgrounds around the note block, you can see the platform on the left was moved up. With this shorter jump to the pipe in SMA4, you don't have to perform a tricky jump off the note block to get across.

The platform at the goal area is back to normal height. A pipe was added here, probably because coming from the left you can't see the platform when scrolled up, but you can see the pipes and know there's something on which to land.

World 8-2

Except for the first coin, all the note blocks and coins by the Angry Sun pit were lowered.

The last note block above the pit was lowered even more, and is no longer the highest block here.

After the large pit, the first Venus Fire Trap was replaced by a normal Piranha Plant.

In the pit before the goal, the first note block was moved left.

World 8-Fortress

Side A

At the beginning, the ceiling was filled in a little up to the Roto-Disc.

Part of the right wall around the enclosed door was removed.

Above this Roto-Disc, the door and wall were moved left on a lengthened platform.

By the next Roto-Disc, two blocks were removed from the wall after it near the floor.

The remaining changes to the starting side are small lava pools added inside some of the thicker walls:

Side B

At the start of the alternate side, another column of blocks was added in the lava. The closest conveyer belt was also lengthened.

By the Thwomp, everything was shifted to the left to make it fit on one screen; one brick block on the left was removed.

This lava pool is a bit wider because the left wall was shifted in the change shown above. The conveyer belt is a little longer to compensate.

A block was added to the left side of this platform. The Podoboo was moved left to keep it in front of the platform.

Right before BOOM-BOOM, a large piece of the wall was removed and a Question Block was added. Since you can see this Question Block after you take the decoy secret door from the other side, it was most likely added to clue us in on the existence of the other secret door. Although this would have been a perfect spot for another continuous Starman, the block contains a coin.

Blocks without spikes were added here because—you guessed it—that is where the wall closes up for the BOOM-BOOM battle.

World 8-Super Tank

A piece of wood was added next to the second overhead cannon, probably to make it look less like a floating cannon since the high platform didn't fit on the screen in SMA4.

World 8-Castle of Koopa

The floor and low ceiling in the dead-end room were both raised.

Although the floor was raised, the door stayed put, and now sits in a small depression.

In the solid platform path to Bowser, the floor, lava, and platforms were raised.

Two of the platforms near the end were lengthened.

A block was added above the Bowser statue so that you can't duck and fly into the gap and slide through the wall. The door was not raised with the floor, so one step is now missing.

In the Donut Lift path to Bowser, the lava and Donut Lifts were raised. More bricks were added to the steps directly in front of the lava.

The third-to-last donut platform was lengthened, and the second-to-last platform is now closer to the others.

A block was added above the Bowser statue so that you can't duck and fly into the gap and slide through the wall. The door was not raised with the floor, so one step is now missing.

The right column was removed in both of Bowser's rooms, so the doors were moved to the left.